What are the A3 format laser printers worth recommending?

In many people’s impression, the A3 format laser machine is mainly used to print CAD engineering drawings, and actually A3-forming laser printers are not just the larger shape, more importantly, it is designed for longer service life, such as HP M437N, monthly print load exceeds 50,000 pages; HP 701N month print load 65,000 pages.


And the ordinary A4 format printer, the design life is generally around 100,000 pages, and the manufacturer generally does not call the A3 formation of the printer as the printer, but is called a digital composite machine, or a copier.


After reference to the data of the Internet Consumer Research Center, a total of five A3 printers are selected. According to the price from high to low, and the number of main parameters of the printer makes it easy to compare.



Konica Mini 6180EN

Konica Minolta Konica Energy 185EN copier A3 6180EN black and white laser composite machine

Konica Minoli is a Japanese company. This 6180EN is the most cost-effective one in the entry-level A3 format. It also supports wired networks and wireless network lines. Rate, support one-click copy ID card, monthly print load 12,000 pages.


[2] HP M437N


HP (HP) M437N A3 Digital Composite Machine Commercial Print Copy Scan 22 Page / Minute (Upgrade 439N)

HP’s M437N is a very flexible digital composite machine, monthly print load 50,000 pages. This 437N is a wire network function, after inserting a network, the computer in the same LAN can use this printer if you need the automatic document function and the automatic duplex feature to select M437NDA.


[3] Fuji Shile S2110N

Fuji Shi S2110N Xerox 2110NDA copier Shi 2110 multi-function machine

The S2110N of Fuji Shi is a very classic A3 digital composite machine. The host’s design service life is 1 million pages, which uses drum powder separation technology. The basic payment is S2110N, which is a wired network connection or a USB connection, and the upgrade model is S2110NDA, which increases the automatic duplex function and automatic documentation.

[4] Canon IR 2206N


Canon 2206N / AD / 2204N / 2206AD wireless A3A4 black and white composite machine laser printer scan printer integrated machine


In the high-end market, Canon’s laser printer market recognition is the highest, Canon do very well in terms of print quality of text, and in many brands, Canon’s home page output time is also the fastest.

[5] Canon IR C3120L

Canon IR C3120L

Canon Copier C3120L / C3020 / 3125 Color Laser A3 Printer Duplex Large Office Wireless WiFi


Canon’s IR C3120L is a


The A3 laser printer, the company’s evaluation of this printer is very high, in color printing, with a U disk print and a 5.0-inch color touch screen, it is more like a small computer. This price is standard for automatic double-sided function and automatic documentation. Host use life of 1 million pages.

Canon as a giant of the image industry, using the latest smoothing technology on the printer, to ensure the height restore when printing graphics and lines, and the photo print quality is very high.

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