Youyou Bai Shu link Xlarge, launching the main character four T -shirts and other surroundings

Fu Jian Yibo Original adapting TV animation “You ☆ Tour ☆ Bai Book” and Xlarge jointly launched several T -shirts and shirts of the four protagonist four -person group patterns, which were released on June 15.


The patterns of these T -shirts are divided into different patterns of Youzhu, Sangyuan, Tibetan horse, and Feiying, and the patterns that can be seen are scene pictures of animation.shape.The shirt is You ☆ You ☆ Bai Shu and Xlarge’s logo decoration, which are also divided into three colors.


The price of T -shirts is 5940 yen (including tax), and the price of shirts is 15,120 yen (including tax).

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