Mobile stores have been stolen repeatedly, Zhongjiang Public Security captures robbers

Sichuan News Network Deyang, March 27th News

Recently, several stores selling mobile phones in Nansheng Street, Baishu Township, Zhongjiang County have been repeatedly stolen by criminals. Because the epidemic impact did not open the door, the owners with reduced income have encountered economic losses, and they have called for help with the Bai Shu police of Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau.

Through the clue, the police at the Pai Shu Police Station found that the criminal suspects frequently appeared in a mobile phone store in Kaijiang Town, Zhongjiang County. After fine control, the suspect Jiang Motao successfully captured at a hotel in Zhongjiang. After interrogation in accordance with the law, the suspect Jiang Motao confessed to the criminal facts of the criminal facts of the three mobile phones in the counter in the “Xiangrong Mobile” store in Parkus Township, Zhongjiang County, Zhongjiang County.

After investigation, the three mobile phones stolen by the suspect were owned by the “Xiangrong Mobile” store, and the loss value was equivalent to more than RMB 3,500. The criminal suspect Jiang Motao visited his girlfriend from Chengdu Baishu Township from Chengdu. Because of his nervousness, he found that many stores in Baishu Township Street did not open the door due to the impact of the epidemic. After Zhou Mi observing, Jiang Motao chose to start in the “Xiangrong Mobile” store, pry open the door of the shop at night, and climbed into the store to steal 3 mobile phones.

At present, the criminal suspect Jiang Motao has been taken criminal coercive measures in accordance with the law, and the case is still under investigation.

(Contribution of Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau)

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