A long -distance couple bracelet can touch each other, and it can also shake!

Honestly, the current manufacturers are really intimate.

Especially for couples, they broke their hearts.

In order to let the couples embrace each other, a bed with a gap was designed. Essence


I’m afraid that couples have been in different places for too long, and they have a remote artifact ~~

Of course, there are more dirty ones. Essence

The products to be introduced today are also made for couples, and the function is very simple – –

Except for shocks, nothing else will be.


Employees don’t want to be crooked. In fact, it is a shaking bracelet —



Hey bracelet is built for love couples in different places

Interactive artifact


As for how to use it. Essence


The couples put on this bracelet respectively, as long as they touch the sensor of the bracelet gently, they will vibrate at the same time with the other’s bracelets, so that the other half far from the sky can feel your “thoughts” to him. Essence Essence

Hey, I love you. Essence

Hey, good morning, get up soon. Essence


Hey, I am thinking of you, what are you doing. Essence

Hey, cheer for the exam. Essence

(Monitoring teacher: Hey, catch a cheating ~)

Hey, did you see the goal? See. Essence

Hey, Tony can’t make it anymore, isn’t this a simple vibration function? Essence

But the official said that hey is not simply producing shocks, but a feeling of simulating each other.

That kind



Feeling, do you understand? Intersection Intersection


I really don’t know very much ~~

HEY can also provide a different sense of shock based on the size of your touch to express your comfort, thoughts and encouragement for the other half. Essence

There is no text, no voice, no picture, you are sure the other half knows your mind.

Maybe, maybe the couples are rich in imagination.

Hey mobile app also records the number and various index you touch every day.

If you vibrate, you can let your girlfriend know that you are thinking about him, which may be really a good thing for male compatriots. Essence


Woman: My dear, do you miss me today? Intersection


Male: Hey, I miss you 520 times today. Essence

Male: Hey, I miss you 24 hours a day. Essence


And you can imagine, make such one

Vibration bracelet

It is a group of uncle ~~

There seems to be a secret secret in the smile. Essence


In fact, Tony feels that single dogs are also applicable, and put on a bracelet on their left hand and right hand.

When a person feels lonely, just touch each other with his left and right hands. Essence

Hey is crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a minimum price of 74 US dollars (RMB 535). Interested employees can pay attention to

WeChat public account: shit Tak Industry

Reply in the background “



“You can get the purchase link.

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