In the older woman, I remember the principle of “4 must” in the summer to modify that the figure is not old.

There is one to say that although fashion does not distinguish between age, for middle -aged women who are old, dressing in summer can really not be too casual. Not only must you consider the style attributes of the clothing itself, but the overall shape and matching must also pay attention In order to show the elegant taste of middle -aged women.

The correct way to choose and wear is one of the compulsory courses that middle -aged women need to learn.

In this issue, I will talk to you about the “four key” principles of middle -aged women in summer. Only when you wear the right can you modify your body!

“One”: The sleeves should be wide, and the meat is thinner

Middle -aged women have a strong self -awareness of their figure. Even if they have no figure, those places that are prone to fat must be covered, such as arm.


The arms are the easiest to accumulate worship, so try to


Avoid too many clothes such as sleevelessness and suspenders

, The style with a sleeve is the best, and it is best to cut the tailoring of the sleeves, like


Lantern sleeve, bubble sleeve

Can be played

“Bloss -meat is thin”


“Two”: To emphasize the waistline, more shaped

The waistline is a dividing point that is divided into the proportion of the upper and lower body. Therefore, you need to learn to emphasize the waistline in order to wear to play a better shaping effect. In order to cover the meat, many middle -aged women will blindly choose some loose waist -style clothes, but I don’t know the effect of the upper body.


The ground is very ugly, fat and old.

Therefore, it is recommended that middle -aged women try to choose clothing with waist design, especially dresses. Waist waist can highlight the ratio of the birth section than loose waist. Also, okay

Using accessories





Come to emphasize the waistline,

Wearing a belt


“Said Jiaojiao”


The methods can be more shaped while decorating.

“Three” essentials: the legs should be wide, modify the leg shape

Tell the truth,

The era of “calf pants” has passed

, Especially for middle -aged women, wearing calf pants is very small, and it is easy to expose leg flaws.

Now wearing pants with wider trousers, such as

Wide -leg pants, wide -leg pants, smoke pants

Wait, the feeling of dangling is good, visually helps to lengthen the proportion of the figure, and

Modify O -type leg defects

The most important thing is that middle -aged women are more decent to wear.

“Four”: The skirt should be long, dignified and decent

Most middle -aged women only pay attention to styles when choosing skirts, and ignore the importance of skirt length.

The length of the skirt directly determines the size of the exposed skin area, which reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer. therefore,

Try to avoid short skirts and knee skirts, choose under knee or ankle skirt


Proper exposure is more advanced.



The skirt is not the longer the better

Like some mop skirts, they are not wearing it, and it is easy to crush the height and shorter. Women with superior height, as well as the best ankle skirt, are more helpful to lengthen the lines and figures of the legs. If you are a small child, you can choose a lower knee skirt to achieve a significant effect by appropriately increase the skin of the legs.


The older woman, the most taboo is pretending to be tender or old, so try to follow the above “four key” principles as much as possible in order to wear a high -level temperament ~

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