Stering workmanship, innovative strip design, briefly talking Orico electric small series

Even if you consider it again, you have installed a lot of sockets, but it is often not enough, so the interpolation is an essential home household. Since it is hooked with electric hooks, the quality and security of the interpolation is very important, then there is no quality, the price is affordable?

The answer is of course, and the electric mini series launched in front of Orico is a high cost-effective safety plug-in board, and the value is also taken.


The author gets the most insert, 7 inserted + 2usb port, 1.8 meters long, and 4/6/8 different sockets and line long version selection, can meet the electricity demand for different families.


The entire plug is 350 ° C high temperature flame retardant PP materials, which is very textured. Although the price is not expensive, there is no cheap sense, and the surface is striped, so that the product bid farewell to the monotonous.

Orico electric small series is in line with the new national standard, the internal core is a three-core integrated copper core line, compared to the old national standard, the core is 33%, the cross-sectional area is also increased, at 2500W high power Continuous use can also be kept from softening; integrated copper strips also increased durability, 5000 plugging will not loosen, still maintain good conductivity; single hole safety door resistance 75N, can effectively prevent the child insertion .

Through reasonable layout, the distance between the two jacks between the ORO electric small series is 42mm, suitable for a variety of plugs, even if the two large plugs do not “fight”.


There is a total control switch design in the top, which is like the author to go out to power off the gospel of the user. If a button can be powered off, you can pull each plug without trouble. But a bit unfortunately, there is no indicator, can only discern whether to turn off the power by using the button population.


There are four non-slip pads in the reverse surface, which increases the non-slip skin of the interpolation and placed on the desktop more stable. At the same time, the fixed screw uses a special inner triangle. The general screwdriver is not open in the home, and the child is curious to unveiled the accident.


The two USB port output probabilities of 5V / 2.4A, 12W Max are not high for the fast charge mobile phone, can only be used, after all, if the price is cheap, if you replace support PD fast charge is not this price. The output is 5V / 2A when the author is a Mate 30 mobile phone charging, if time is still in a hurry.

[Last summary]


Orico electric small series is inserted to make a variety of work, the price of people, whether it is the appearance or safety, there is still its advantage in the discharge market. I want to solve the desktop jack is not enough. Orico electric small series is a good choice. If there is a USB small fan, a humidifier and other small equipment usage needs, remember to choose a USB interface.

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