What did the mobile hard drive look like? These four models have their own characteristics, and their personality capacity is all available

In recent years, the mobile hard disk has been mentioned less, and has almost reached an forgotten corner. There are many reasons. For example, the cloud storage on the mobile phone becomes the mainstream, the computer’s usage rate has decreased.

However, in fact, a lot of information still needs to be preserved, such as evaluating the king, taking photos and videos of more than 10GB every month, still need a storage space. And in children’s photos, two hard disks are stored, and more practical hard disks need to be needed.


So, let’s see what the current mobile hard disks look like. After watching it, you will find that the hard disk factory can no longer roll up in order to please users.


Western data My Passport Ultra hard disk.


This hard disk is a 2.5-inch mechanical hard disk, starting with 2TB, starting at 549 yuan, supports Type-C interface, support password protection, and MAC.

The design of the golden gold is particularly popular now. Although this one does not seem so noble enough, it is at least making people shine.


At least, if you throw it on a pile of debris on the table, this hard disk is easily found.

The second paragraph is the joint model of Seagate designer, with 2TB priced at 479 yuan.

This design concept comes from Koi Water Village, with 2TB capacity, USB 3.0 interface, 3 years of quality insurance. This is also mainly suitable for storing cold data, such as photos, movies, original video recorded, and so on.


The third paragraph is the My Book desktop storage device of Western Data.

From 4TB of this product, there are 6TB, 8TB, up to 16TB, 18TB, of course, it is too big. Among them, the 4TB version is priced at 7999 yuan, 6TB is 300 yuan, the price is 1099 yuan, 8TB is 300 yuan, the price is 1399 yuan, and 12TB exceeds 2,000 yuan.

It is also the USB 3.0 interface, which provides 3 years of warranty.

This sales volume is very sturdy.

Finally, look at Seagate’s desktop mobile hard disk USB HUB extension dock.

This extended dock is very creative. It is characterized by a long -term connection of a computer, which will occupy a USB interface, but it can also expand two USBs, charge mobile phones, import data, or connect other mobile hard disks. very interesting.

This is the same as the data just now. It is big and requires external power supply, but the advantage is that it is faster, faster than 2.5 -inch mechanical hard disks, and the price is good.

This monthly sales volume is not low, and sales have explained everything.

In fact, there is such a 4TB device that can indeed be stored for a while. Maybe one or two years of data is enough. After that, there should be new changes, and it would be good to buy another one at that time.

It can be seen from the sales volume that the 3.5 -inch desktop hard disk is also very popular. The 2.5 -inch hard disk mainly attracts users by appearance. After all, the 3.5 -inch version is faster. of.

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