85 Ping Gang needs a small apartment, and a unique multi -headed chandelier in the living room is very eye -catching

This is a set of 85 square meters of just -needed small apartment. The overall space is not large. It is mainly simple and comfortable decoration style. It is arranged with warm and natural home. In the space of small units, it is arranged to be a warm and natural and comfortable small small small small space. Home, the overall space of the living room is warm gray wall surface, arranging gray -blue fabric sofas, a unique poly head spherical chandelier, a simple gray foundation on the sofa wall, a shelf, and a simple and elegant decorative painting.


How to decorate the living room? In fact, the design of the living room can be simple, and there is no ceiling to reduce chandeliers. The simple and open living room gives a sense of relaxation. Put some warm texture furniture, so that the simplicity has temperature, and such living room decoration coincides with the decoration style selected by the owner.


The overall space of the living room is a warm gray wall, a gray -blue fabric sofa, a unique polygonal chandelier, and a rouge pink wall on the restaurant area, which is full of a simple and natural sense of warmth.

The bedroom is the best rest space for people. It should have a quiet and warm characteristic. Therefore, the bedroom decoration must be carefully designed from the decoration of materials, color, and indoor lighting to indoor objects.


The bedroom is based on a gray space. The bedside wall is wood -colored shelves, fresh decorative paintings of powder+gray tone, and a pink sheets are arranged in the gray fabric bed. In a simple space, a romantic and comfortable relaxation is created.

The choice of restaurant lamps is equally important. The lamps can be used to use incandescent lamps. The reflector is reflected in the room with soft orange and yellow light to form an orange -yellow environment to eliminate the depressed low sense of death. In the winter night, you can choose a candlelight light source lighting, or an orange shooting light, which makes the table concentrated on the table, which will also produce a warm feeling.


The background wall of the restaurant has a blackboard wall+storage bookshelf, combined with black chandeliers and dining chairs, combination of wood color and black. Under the layout of the wooden dining table and bench, it creates a natural and comfortable natural atmosphere.

Study rooms need to be quiet and calm to allow people to study and work calmly. When designing in the study, it also needs to be matched with the overall decoration style to create a more comfortable and comfortable study room space.


Customized beds and hanging cabinets, blue sheets, creative shapes of finished desks, blue countertops+blue chairs, combined with the shelf on the wall above the desk, so that the space of the owner’s office at home also looks quiet, elegant, and elegant and elegant. Comfortable.

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