The detailed reissue of the late Infiniti QX50 car lifting operation

The late car lifting of the car sharing homework. In order to apologize, I shared a detailed car selection process today. I remember that I saw the QX50 on the promotional poster for the first time. In fact, it was also a coincidence. In mid -April, I went to see XT5 with a few friends. At that time, I felt that the XT5 interior was a bit rough, and the interior was not as high -level in my imagination. It was a little disappointed. Then I came out to find that the 4S of Infiniti was nearby. At that time, my friends were a owner of Acura. He believed in Japanese cars and suggested that I see it.


At that time, the QX50 was not listed yet. I went in to see the QX60. To be honest, I was very satisfied with space and interior, and the configuration was also very good. For the first time I came into contact with the Infiniti model, the impression left me was very delicate, high -level, and avant -garde. The delicateness is because the details in the car are handled in place, and the advanced level is because the materials of the interior are very kind. The soft material is clear because the aircraft is in place and feels younger.

However, I don’t want to buy seven -seat models. I feel that it takes up a part of the second row of space slightly, and the third row is not particularly comfortable. There are three people in our family, which is completely not used in seven cars. Sales recommended me to see QX50. I brought a promotional poster. At that time, I felt that the appearance of the QX50 was very handsome. This was in line with my aesthetics. The shape of the lower and lower sides of the front cabin cover felt very full. At the same time, the shape of the intake grille was very aggressive. However, because I was not listed at the time, I just took a look at the photos, and the pre -sale price was not clear, but the QX50 still met my requirements from the appearance. Perhaps this is the legendary eye fate!

Later, I followed the QX50 online, and the sales also added my WeChat, saying that the first information would notify me in time. 5.1 received a call from the sales, saying that there was already a pre -sale price and configuration list, so I had time to go to the store to see a chat. In fact, there was a small change during that time, and I went to see Lincoln’s MKC. I feel that the performance is okay, but the interior is a bit rough. Maybe the American car is the style of rough branches and leaves? I was anxious before the QX50, because there was no car for that time, everyone should understand that mentality!


Until the QX50 had a pre -sale price, I went to the 4S shop again. Sales told me that if the payment deposit can guarantee the first batch of car pick -up, and if the price is not satisfied after the QX50 is listed, I can completely withdraw the deposit. For this policy, this policy is for this policy. I think it’s reliable. Many people on the Internet said that BOSE’s audio was particularly good. At that time, there was a Q50L in the store. I got on the car and felt the sound of bose. It was really good! Many people say that good audio can make people get pregnant. It feels like the sound of BOSE is really like this. The sound is very delicate and the sound line fluctuates particularly smoothly, without a trace of ripples. I took a closer look at the workmanship of the Infiniti car. The assembly process such as panels is very good. I think that the Q50L can be the same. The newly listed QX50 will definitely be better. Then I made up my mind to start QX50. At that time, the four -wheel drive smart version was ordered, and the 20 -inch aluminum alloy wheels were selected, which would look more domineering.

So after a long waiting, I finally received a car notification from the sales of the car to the store to pay the car to make up the end. At the time of picking up the car, the 4S shop presented 5 maintenance, foot pads, car masks, driving recorders. Although things are not expensive, they are light and affectionate. There is always a lot of gifts than nothing.

Now that QX50 has been mentioned for a while, the choice of choice at the time through the car through this time is still very wise! Next photo

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