Pro -test | Want to buy sports underwear? These professional brands can refer to it

Disclaimer: This article is the author’s personal measurement of some styles of the brand, which only represents personal opinions.

As a editor of sports underwear brands, today I will give you a evaluation of such a sports underwear. In order to facilitate everyone to watch, Xiaobian will explain from the appearance, version, shock absorption effect, fabric touch, reflection of elasticity, humidity and breathability, workmanship details, and convenience.

Varley Recommended Index: 5 Stars

A niche light luxury sports brand from London, focusing on high -quality printing, is loved by fashionistas and supermodels.

· Appearance: The core advantage of this brand is printing. I never felt that the print would be good until I met Varley. How to say, just put on your body to get unanimous praise, elegant and advanced.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Edition: I bought two of them are vests. The structure proportions are appropriate. Wearing should not be pressed on the shoulders, and the comfort is high. Moreover, the height of the side is very friendly, and the packets will not feel card and grind.

· Shock absorption effect: Both of these two shock absorption effects are good.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Fabric touch: Five stars! The fabric is very delicate and soft, with a kind of elastic silk feeling.

· Return elasticity (the efficiency of recovery after the fabric is stretched): slightly weaker, it takes a long time after pulling to recover about 90%. Durability may not be too good.

· Moisturizing and breathability: Here the editor does not do experimental data, but the upper body feels OK, sweating will not stick and stuffy.

· Details: The details determine the quality is really not unreasonable. The details of their workmanship really make me love. The zipper is smooth, and the seam wiring is also very clear and smooth.

· Constitution: Compared to the basic movement, the convenience of front zippers and back buckle types are very high, and they are very friendly to penetrate and take off.

The summary is that fashion essence has requirements for quality ~

Adidas & Nike Recommended Index: 4 Stars

These two brands say together because they buy their basic models, with high similarity and very friendly.

· Appearance: Seeing the wisdom, Nike is a logo, which is very low -key. The design of Adidas is richer and the upper body looks good.

· Edition: Basic sports circumference, I have to exaggerate the brand, the basic version of every family, they can do well, the structure proportion is super good, comfortable, thin, not glowing, not pressing shoulders.

· Shock absorption effect: Both shock absorption effects are okay, and there is no problem with the fast jogging in the C cup ~

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Fabric touch: There is no special feeling on the fabric, comfortable and soft.

· Back elasticity: The fabric elasticity is medium, the rebound force is strong, and it is basically not deformed after penetrating. Adidas’s bottom fence uses a webbing with a slightly weaker back.

· Moisturizing and breathability: The breathability is average, and it will still be a bit stuffy for a long time.

· Details: ADIDAS’s bottom fence is still very acceptable, soft and comfortable. Nike’s bottom circumference is not very friendly, and it is easy to scrape the inside.

· Constitution: The convenience is not too OK, because it is a flexible pullover, so a slightly plump girl will be a bit difficult to wear and take off.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

Lorna Jane Recommended Index: 4 Half Star

Their family also loves it very much. The back is good to see the explosion, and it is very shocking.

· Appearance: The front is very basic, and it really looks good behind it.

· Edition: The vest, high comfort, although the shoulder strap is thin, but the structure is suitable and does not press the shoulder. (PS: European code is too large, so remember to pay attention to the size if you buy it)

· Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption effect is very good, the C -cup runs ok ~

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Fabric touch: The fabric is a touch of water washing and grinding. It is soft, but it is easy to stick ash and hair.

· Back elasticity: The fabric elasticity is medium, the rebound force is average, and it is basically not deformed after penetrating.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Moisturizing and breathability: The breathability is average, because it is grinding, so it will be a bit sultry to wear.

· Constitution: convenience is OK, back buckle, easy to wear.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

Andma recommendation index: 3 stars and 4 half stars

I bought two models in their house, one friendly, and one I didn’t think it was good.

This one is not: fixed cup type, em, too much like underwear, the shock absorption effect is really not good, do not follow the chest, the action is too risky.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

This strong Amway: I wore this most times. Double back of the back straps, very nice, high vest parcels, good hygroscopic effects, wet underwear after each exercise. The shock absorption effect is good, and it is basically okay to run and jump. To say that the disadvantage is that there is insufficient elasticity, there will be a feeling of pressing the chest and courage, and the comfort is average.

DarlingPie Recommended Index: 4 Stars

It turned out that I wanted to give 5 stars because the price / performance ratio was really high, the quality was high, and the price was appropriate. But it is a new brand, which is not well -known, so keep 1 star to be determined.

· Appearance: The element design of the point and the line, the fabric is very high -level soft light, the color texture is also very good, and it generally does not contrast.

· Version: vest, high parcel, no light, high comfort.

· Shock absorption effect: high parcel, high fabric elasticity, running below C cup is basically no problem (but this depends on the style, there are big breasts above the C cup)

· Fabric touch: No


亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

The home is good, but it is also silk texture, soft and comfortable, and smooth feel.

· Back elasticity (the efficiency of recovery after the fabric is stretched): This is good, up to 92%of the elasticity, durability!

· Moisturizing and breathability: The fabric is well hygroscopic, and then an enhanced breathable design is made under the head of Yhan’s front.

· Constitution: Basically not the front zipper or the back buckle, the convenience of penetration and taking off is good ~

VFU recommendation index: 3 half stars


· Appearance: Basic version plus logo, similar to Adi Nike.

· Edition: Word vest, comfortable comfort, but the shoulder strap is a bit loose (you look at that proportion, the shoulder strap is really long, but it may also be my personal problem.)

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption effect is average. It may still be because the shoulder straps are loose.

· Fabric touch: The fabric feels average, soft and moderate, it may be that I have touched too much, so this one is very basic and there is no stunning feeling.

· Back elasticity: The fabric elasticity is good, and it is basically not deformed after penetrating.

· Moisturizing and breathability: This is a bit boring because I didn’t do experiments.

Maiaactive Recommended Index: 3 Stars

I really want to say that the neckline is too sexy. ~ Then, because the neckline is really low, the package is not very good, so the shock absorption effect is average. However, there are still highlights on the back, beautiful back. This, seeing wisdom, if you want sexy, you can try it ~

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

Decathlon recommendation index: 3 half stars

There are many styles of Decathlon’s family, so we can’t be comprehensive, but this one, em … can be for everyone. The shock -proof effect is really not good (that is, that is the kind, the chest moves the cup, not follow the chest).

The other styles of the Di family also bought their home when they were preparing to move. They were cost -effective and there were many things. Every time I shopping, I was like shopping in the supermarket. The dehumroba effect of the vest circumference is good, so don’t think about comfort. The fabric is very hard, the fabric is very hard, and after a long period of time, it is harder …

Youyou & Kings (they are a family) recommendation index:? Intersection Intersection

Low price and cost -effective brand. How to say, I bought their sports underwear, and the coasters were a bit problematic. Like the cushion of a swimsuit, the chest was expanded when wearing the chest, and the coaster was very hard and the comfort was not high.

However, their fabrics are highly cost -effective in this price. They are soft and breathable may be slightly insufficient. Their pants can be seen, that is, the waist is loose. It is recommended to buy a draw.

Almost these are the brand models that have been made in sports underwear. If you still have questions about sports underwear or brand that need to be evaluated, you can leave a message in the comment area.

亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下


亲测 | 想买运动内衣?这些专业品牌可以参考一下

· Constitution: convenience is OK, back buckle, easy to wear.

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