Martin boots are already rotten! Naked boots are the “darling” this year, so it is fashionable and temperamental

We ushered in the decline in temperature, we took another step away from the autumn and winter seasons. As autumn came, everyone began to put on boots. In spring and summer, popular Martin boots often appeared in everyone’s sight, but this year, it is even more popular. Naked boots.

The reason why nude boots have become the darling of this year is because it is simple in style. It looks like wearing naked feet. It is fashionable and high to help us modify our figures. The little man can also wear it.

1. How to choose nude boots?

1. Boot head

Boot heads are divided into square heads, round heads and pointed heads, because the autumn and winter seasons are thicker

Therefore, the matching naked boots should be based on the pointed and square head, and it looks very refreshing to use this sense of contour to reduce the thickness.

If your legs are short, the naked boots that are trying to design pointed design are the most suitable. If your feet are large,

The width of the foot is the design of the square, which does not have a squeezing feeling for the toes, and the fashion is very fashionable.

2, boots

Short boots:

Short boots, as the name suggests, are short boots,


The length of this short boots is basically basically

Just near the ankle

, So if you try this ankle boots, you still have easy control, and you will feel lightweight when you wear it.

Suitable for small people, when the temperature is low, most girls will also be the main boots.


Boots are usually near the knee or on the knee


This kind of long boots have certain requirements for body and height,

Suitable for girls with thin legs and long legs, if your legs are short or the calf is thick


It is not suitable for long boots.

Second, the correct wear of naked boots

【1】 Top

If you want Get to wear correctly, you need to know how to match it. We have a matching principle about tops,


That is the top must be short

Essence Use

The short top with boots will not feel disobedient,

And this method of wearing will appear more fashionable and refreshing, and can also adjust our proportion.

In the autumn, there are quite a lot of fashionable clothing. Sweaties, suit, and sweaters are all popular clothing this year. They can be matched with naked boots to make your figure modify and adjust your temperament.

look: suit + naked boots

The suit is a very good item. The suit has a strong sense of presence in autumn and winter.

And very good match, such as

If you want to let the boots and suit form a certain comparison,


Then you can refer to the following silhouette suit with nude boots. We can

Choose a suit and boots with the same color shape. This combination is more harmonious and can also be worn with contrasting colors, which will look more bright.

But when choosing a suit with naked boots, you should also pay attention to the unified style.

For example, you can try a suit with a skirt and naked boots when dating, so that you will feel more gentle


When work or commute, choose wide -leg pants,

With suit and naked boots

There will be a gas field.

【2】 Next

LOOK1: Boaled skirt + naked boots

The matching of the next dress is also critical. The lower part is mainly skirts and pants. If it is autumn, the skirt is still indispensable. At this time, you are recommended

You can choose a thin satin or chiffon skirt for yourself, and then you will not feel cumbersome with ankle boots.

And this light -fluttering skirt will feel more gentle on the body.

The bright -colored satin skirt below is paired with simple nude boots, which looks very gentle and fashionable.

There is a collision between the color of the skirt and the boots, and of course, it will feel very fashionable.

look2: wide -leg pants + naked boots

Miss with thick legs can try wide -leg pants, loose wide -leg pants with nude boots,

This shape is more street


And very handsome


Wide -leg pants are also divided into shorts and trousers,

If it is the early autumn season, then

Wide -leg shorts with nude boots

It’s still very good, but remember to reveal your calf, otherwise it is easy to look bloated.

Choosing long wide -leg pants with naked boots is also very chic, and when choosing naked boots,

It can be based on light color system

For example, the following

White naked boots with khaki -colored workers wide -leg pants

It looks lighter.

PS: Pay attention to the length of the next load

When the little man chooses naked boots to match the skirt, you can try

Short skirt, A -line skirt

Because this will have a certain adjustment effect on your lower body, it will look better, and then with simple nude boots, it will still reflect a sense of fashion.

Tall girls can try loose long skirts, even if they cover the ankle

In this way, it will look more aura,

And the combination of long skirts and naked boots will also look very high.

All in all, boots have a strong sense of existence in autumn and winter, so if you want to stand out, you must learn to choose the right dress. I will introduce so many wonderful naked boots. You can try it.

Although the naked boots are fashionable, they cannot be matched casually. Everyone is choosing

Naked boots

Pay attention to

Level and color, as well as the overall style

Don’t choose


Too heavy boots, otherwise it will still look tacky.

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