After the rain

This is

Da Yao Xiaohu





Walk slowly along the moss along the way


Bird Mingyou

Passing through the ward building

Walk through Fangcao

Water dripping on the vacancy of the river embankment

Looking back at emergency buildings

My eyes dripping rain

Those lives that cannot be retained

The scene, the scene

In front of my eyes, reflect

Camphor leaves

Falling in the river embankment, falling in the vacancy

Where does time come from

Where is life going

Who can give me strength

Who passed me in the depths of Xinglin

A sound, wake me up

Sometimes it is cure

Often help

Always comfort

——Chen Chen “After the Rain”


Editor’s message:

Doctors are the most devout walkers in the blue sky. They are the most affectionate knights on the world. In the world, the most affectionate entrustment is life and death. How many times, thrilling; how many times, life and death game; how many times, Liu Diaoping; how many times, the peak circuit turns. Such as the abyss, such as lean ice, walking on the edge of life and death, I am so strong, so fragile, so happy, so sad. A doctor’s order, a line of tears, every life is precious. As a doctor, he has a deep understanding of life and death, so the doctor has the temperament of poets and philosophers. I am willing to share everything in my life with poetry as a carrier.




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Spring’s reverie


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After the rain

After the rain

Walk slowly along the moss along the way

Bird Mingyou


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