The old man questioned the leather shoes non -leather “Spider -King” shop owner anger consumers

Jiangnan Metropolis Daily News Fu Zhenzhen, all media reporter Wang Ping Photography report: On the morning of November 6, Uncle Zhang, 72, reported to reporters that he bought a pair of men’s shoes at the “Spider King” shoe shop at the four -pier, but he I suspect that these men’s shoes are not leather shoes, but fake and shoddy products.

老大爷质疑皮鞋非真皮 “蜘蛛王”店主怒怼消费者

On the morning of November 3rd, Uncle Zhang’s daughter -in -law spent 180 yuan for him to buy a pair of discounted leather shoes on the “Spider -King” shoe store in the Fourth Pier Pedestrian street. In the evening, the daughter -in -law came back with the shoes and asked Uncle Zhang to test the shoes. Uncle Zhang put on the shoes and found that the size of the shoes was small, and the skin of the shoes was not right. He wanted his daughter -in -law to retreat the shoes.

Uncle Zhang told reporters that at 20 pm, Uncle Zhang and his daughter -in -law came to the “Spider -King” shoe store. The staff told them that the shoes of the shop could only be replaced and could not be returned. The staff found another pair of the same shoes for Uncle Zhang, and the size was still inappropriate. Therefore, the staff went to the warehouse to find another black leather shoes with a price of 280 yuan for Uncle Zhang to try on, and the size was right.

But Uncle Zhang didn’t want this pair of shoes. He felt that this pair of shoes were not like leather shoes: “This shoe is so frizzy, how can the authentic shoes be like this. After turning the skin, it is like a artificial leather. The first floor dropped. The authentic leather is not like this. “After competing with the clerk a few words, Uncle Zhang hurriedly left the shoe shop.

Although the father -in -law didn’t want it, the daughter -in -law still made up the price of 100 yuan and bought these leather shoes to respect Uncle Zhang. Uncle Zhang came to the store and wanted to retreat his shoes, but was rejected.

On the morning of the 6th, the reporter accompanied Uncle Zhang to the “Spider King” shoe store again. The staff in the store said that the shoes were not bought in their hands and could not be a master of retreating shoes. But they said that they were direct -operated stores in Nanchang’s “Spider King”, and their shoes were definitely leather.

老大爷质疑皮鞋非真皮 “蜘蛛王”店主怒怼消费者

The reporter hoped that the person in charge of the store could come forward to communicate the matter. After repeated requirements, the clerk called the manager’s call. After more than ten minutes, the manager Shan Shan arrived. After explaining the intention, the manager accused Uncle Zhang and reporters harshly. “I didn’t go to work, why would I come over? If I was far away, would I come here? For this little thing, the customer agreed to buy shoes. If you buy it. If it is not a leather, go to 315 complaints and make a list of 315! “

Seeing that the emotions of the two sides were a little tense, the reporter took Uncle Zhang to the Gan Tang Branch of the Puyang District Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau. To explain the intention, the person in charge of a surname of Mei told reporters that if the size is not suitable for return, the consumer rights protection law is not supported. If it is due to the quality of the shoes or faked fakes, consumers can advocate He has your own rights and interests, but this needs to be sent to the relevant departments for inspection.

According to the staff, the test cost requires hundreds of yuan. If the leather shoes are fake and shoddy products, the detection cost is issued by the merchant. If the test is the leather, it needs to be paid by Uncle Zhang. After the interpretation was clear, Uncle Zhang said that he needed to consider it before performing the procedure of the next step.

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