Understand the principle of the relay and apply, avoid setting up a thunder area that sets the relay mode

Communication, also known as “relay communication”, is a way to extend the communication distance. When the distance between the two terminals exceeds the distance, the signal attenuation is fast and the quality cannot be guaranteed. If a number of relay stations are set between the two terminal stations, the relay station will transfers the signal sent by the front station after being amplified, plastic, and loaded, and then forward it to the next stop to extend the communication distance and maintain a better communication quality.


How is relay realized?


First -class relay

Node 1 is the same as the address of node two, and then the address of node 1 and node 2 forms the address of the relay node (at this time the network ID of the relay node does not work, it will be OK directly), at this time node one and node two 2 You can transmit data through Jiezhong 1.

Multi -level relay

The high address of the relay second is the lowest position of the relay one, and the low address of the relay second is the network ID of the node three. Trinity with nodes, as well as vice versa.


In the relay mode, all our modules must be in the same channel, otherwise they cannot communicate. E22 upper machine configuration relay mode page is as follows:

Application of relay function

E22 of Yibaite E22 is a powerful LoRa serial transmission module. It has the ability to work in multiple frequency bands. LORA modulation method makes it have a better transmission performance, supporting multiple configuration parameters, low data delay, airspace speed, airspace speed, aerial speed, air speed, airspace speed, aerial velocity It can be as high as 62.5K, supports automatic data subcontracting, and the subcontracting length can be matched. Support workers to reduce its power consumption,

Support relay network


You can double the network range.


The relay function is generally used for long -distance transmission, or the transmission environment is complicated. For example, the monitoring of large underground tunnels requires modules with strong ejaculation, long -distance transmission, and relay network transmission in such an environment.

Tunnel scene application

There are many facilities such as ventilation, lighting, fire settings, sensor probes, etc. each set of machines is far away, and the general console is outside the tunnel. At this time, a single module cannot be completed. At this time, the data transmission module needs to have a relay function. As shown in Figure 1, we can put the above figure into Figure 1 at this time, which perfectly solves the data transmission problem.

Figure 1

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