Massage instrumental product random inspection exceeds 30 % of unqualified leakage fire risks

CCTV News: When a person is very tired, if you can enjoy a massage once, it is of course a very comfortable thing. But how to save time and money, just press and press, the massage electrical appliances came into being. The result of such a product that sounds comfortable, the result of quality spot checks is that we add a lot of worry, and may even endanger consumers’ lives.

The State Administration of Market Supervision recently announced the latest national supervision and random inspections of massage appliances. The results show that the unqualified rate of such products is as high as 31.8%, which is one of the products with a lower qualification rate in the national pumping project in 2018.

Miao Yuchen, Director of the Product Sample Investigation Division of the State Administration of Market Supervision: In 2018, the quality of the massage appliances products supervised the random inspection of 44 batches of products produced by 43 companies produced by 43 enterprises in 5 provinces and cities in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, and Guizhou. There are 14 batches of products unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate is 31.8%. Compared with the national supervision random inspection overall unqualified rate in 2018, 22 percentage points are different, and the product quality level is low.

In recent years, with the continued hot health market, especially under the drive of the sharing economy, massage electrical appliances on the market have quietly sold.

During the survey, the reporter found that these massage electrical appliances not only have a large number of brands, but also endlessly emerge. In addition to electric massage chairs, there are also electric foot baths, massage pillows, massage shawls … all kinds of products are available; the reporter found that in addition to electric massage chairs In addition to more expensive, the prices of other massage small appliances are mostly ranging from more than 100 yuan to hundreds of yuan, and cheap or even tens of yuan can be bought. However, the reporter found that these massage electrical appliances were directly contacted with the human body during use, especially foot bath products, which were both water and electricity, and the safety of their products should not be underestimated.

The reporter noticed that all 14 batches of unqualified products involved in this massage equipment random inspection project were all related to electricity safety.

The legs and foot massage device produced by Lishui Riming Electric Co., Ltd. are one of the most quality problems detected this time. 4 projects have been detected unqualified. Electrical gap, climbing distance and solid insulation, harassment power and harassment voltage.

Among them, the protection detection of the protection parts of the power component is whether the appliance has sufficient insulation protection on the structure and the shell. If the massage appliances are not effectively protected, the power shocking accident may occur when it is triggered by the power -based parts when using it, and the consumption may directly threaten consumption consumption. The life of the person.

Zhou Junjie, the person in charge of Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Home Appliances Center: Through the test just now, we can find that the size of the coupling device is relatively large. You can directly see the internal power components. When it comes to the normal use, if consumers touched the charged parts, because this plug is connected to the Municipal Power 220 volt voltage, it will directly generate an electric shock risk.

In addition to the large opening, the test personnel found that the electrical gap and climbing distance of the inner part of the legs and foot massagers were not qualified. The national standard requires that the insulation of the electrical clearance should be greater than equal to 3.0 mm, and the measured value of this coupler is only about 1.6 mm, which does not have the effect of insulation. In layman’s terms, the location of the metal parts inside the coupler is too shallow to meet the requirements of insulation. When the product connects the power supply, even if the human body cannot touch the internal metal parts, it may shock.

The opening is too large, and the internal charging parts are still very shallow. This design looks too casual no matter how you look at it. In the outsourcing packaging of this product, the reporter saw such a promotional saying “enjoy a healthy life”. Such a massage product could not be guaranteed even if the basic electricity safety of consumers. Woolen cloth? What is worrying is that such irresponsible design is far away in this country.

This double -headed massage stick, tore the product label on the body, a hole of about 2 cm is hidden below, and the test staff’s fingers can directly reach into the internal wires.

Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Security Regulatory Engineer Liang Jiana: There is a test in the standard that this test refers to the basic insulation, because the basic insulation is aging over time, if the insulation on the outside is ineffective, if the aging failure is invalidated, it will be effective. There is a power -based part in it, and if our fingers are encountered, we will directly shock.

After testing, 4 batches of products have failed to protect the protection parts of the touched parts. They are:

Lishui Rifeng Electric Co., Ltd. produced by the leg and foot massage device;

Piyang County Taikang Fitness Equipment Factory produced by the Eight Massage Sticks;

The double -head massage stick produced by Wenzhou Songling Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.;

Hada Massage shawl produced by Shenzhen Lishang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd..

The reporter noticed that in addition to the in -depth understanding of the standards and the design defects, many of the massage electrical appliances have been detected in this time. The hidden leakage hazards have an inevitable connection with the manufacturer’s one -sided reduction in cost.

The nominal product of this health beauty is about 5kg. The inspector told reporters that the mass of the massage appliances exceeds 3kg, and the power cord should use the No. 53 ordinary polyvinyl chloride cover soft line with mechanical strength and insulation thickness, and this sample uses the No. 52 light p -chloride with unsuccessful quality. Soft lines of ethylene cover.

Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Security Regulatory Engineer Liang Jiana: The heavier the appliance, the stronger the stress of the power cord will definitely be stronger, so the specifications of the power cord will be higher. Line 52 is worse than the thickness and mechanical strength of the (insulation) (insulation) (insulation) (insulation), so over time, the longer the time, it may be greater. The wire will be exposed, and the danger of short circuit and electric shock will occur.

The inspector told reporters that compared with the 53 power cord, the insulation performance and mechanical strength of the 52 power cord No. 52 are much worse, but it has certain advantages in cost.

Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group Security Regulatory Engineer Liang Jiana: This may not be in -depth in the understanding of the standards. On the other hand, in order to save costs in terms of cost, it is compared to the cost of Line 53 than the cost in terms of cost. Low some, companies may use low -standard lines to consider cost issues.

After the test, it was found that there were 14 batches of massage equipment unqualified this time. In addition to the protection and power cords that touched the power components, there were 5 batches of electromagnetic compatibility related projects:

Wenzhou Shuangquan Electronics Co., Ltd. produced by multifunctional massage sticks;

The Yikang Footbath Massage produced by Jianye Electric Factory in Cixi City;

Massage produced by Shenzhen Keya Electronics Co., Ltd.;

Guangdong Life Power Massage Equipment Co., Ltd. produces a massage chair;

Multifunctional foot bath produced by Miyu Health Technology Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City.

There are two batches of structural projects that are not qualified:

Wenzhou Yuyue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.’s knead massage shawl;

Shenzhen Beidang Electronics Co., Ltd. produced by multifunctional abdominal massage instruments.

The reporter found through search that in recent years, reports of people’s casualties caused by massage device have continued. During the survey, the reporter learned that with the continuous increase of electricity accidents in massage equipment, regulatory departments in various places have increased their spot checks on such products in recent years. challenge. In this regard, industry experts have called for incorporating such products into the national compulsory product certification directory for management.

Zhu Jun, Secretary -General of the China Family Electric Association: In fact, our association has called for many years, that is, we hope that the entire category of the entire category of (massage equipment) is included in the national 3C certification directory. Especially the foot bath, it has water and electricity, and directly contacts the human body. Safety is still an important problem. From the perspective of the (sales) channel, when it accepts this product, it will not see if you meet this standard, but (forced) certification will be different. If you are included in (compulsory) certification, your product category The directory is very simple. First, it itself is forced certification. As long as you go public, you must be certified. In fact, it means that if the manufacturer does not meet such a standard, it will not be available. I just want to have this certification to sell.

Source: CCTV-News

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