Refuse sweat and lazy people must be necessary, light bottom light -mouth single shoes ~

I was the kind of woman who saw the uncomfortable woman who was uncomfortable in the rumor. Taobao’s new forces had a few pairs of good shoes. This pair of flat shallow -mouth single shoes is the most heart. It’s easy to wear and look good. I didn’t dare to wear single shoes before, because I was sweaty, and I was uncomfortable to wear single shoes in summer. Although these shoes are also sweat, they will not stink. I wipe it with a wet towel for a day, and the maintenance is simple, which is very suitable for lazy people.

Fashionable and pointed, high -end and delicate sheepskin fabrics, durable and breathable. All of the inside use high -grade sheepskin, comfortable low heel flat, not tired of shopping, must be necessary for travel and shopping. The soles of the shoe use a high -quality rubber sole, which is more convenient and convenient than ordinary sole.

Lamskin shallow mouth flat bottom women’s shoes

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The upper is very simple, but it is very atmospheric to show the charm of women. It feels comfortable to wear the heels. It is beautiful whether it is paired with light pants or skirts. Put on the moment to have a strong aura.

Temperament pointed flat single shoes

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Every girl has a dream in Cinderella, with different sizes of rhinestones+blooming glass diamond flowers, shiny upper. It is very beautiful. In the sun, the whole effect is more illusion. The whole style is very fairy and sweet princess.

Diamond flat bottom princess shoes


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Advanced rhinestone buckle, exquisite workmanship, high -quality real silk satin fabric, soft anti -slip beef tendon bottom, exquisite handmade construction. The new simple and fresh flat shoes, simple and easy to match, comfortable and breathable. Having a different atmosphere immediately. Light luxury personality, new interpretation of gorgeous and moving fashion style ~

Light mouth rhinestone flat shoes

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A very popular women’s shoes, the flat bottom is particularly comfortable. Fashionable, super versatile.


Bow’s head shoes

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The exquisite Roman style hollow design makes this pair of shoes more lively. The introduction is not simple. The design of the cross -band belt is more sexy. The shoes are unique and versatile. If you don’t know what shoes go out, then this pair of shoes will be the best choice ~


Retro flat bottom shallow mouth shoes

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