The difference between fruit shell activated carbon and bamboo charcoal in daily life

Bamboo charcoal, as the name suggests, is a activated carbon made of bamboo as raw materials. Bamboo charcoal believes that many people know because it has a wide range of effects. Unlike the activated carbon such as fruit shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon, only the water treatment industry knows that bamboo charcoal is applied to life more. Below we follow Guangdong Qikang Chemical to understand what the difference between these two activated carbon is.

The fruit shell activated carbon is fired in high temperature furnaces with fruit shells such as peach shells and apricot shells as raw materials. It is currently applied to the water treatment industry and air treatment. There are also users called the fruit shell water purification activated carbon. Because the material is different from the coal activated carbon, it is used in deep purification of tap water and water quality. It can effectively remove the metal and harmful substances in the water. As long as the harmful substances contained in the activated carbon layer are discharged into the micropore of activated carbon. Water treatment of fruit shell activated carbon uses safety effects, and is widely used by various industries such as industry, power, groundwater, and food sewage. Some exhaust gas treatment also uses fruit shell activated carbon. For example, the air filter element used in our car is the fruit shell activated carbon. To sum up, the fruit shell activated carbon is mainly used in the industry, and there is very little dosage in life.

Fruit shell activated carbon

And bamboo charcoal is now increasingly concerned because it often encounters in life. When we went to the supermarket, there were bamboo charcoal facial cleanser, bamboo charcoal pillow, bamboo charcoal quilt, bamboo charcoal underwear, etc. It can be said that it can be seen everywhere. Bamboo charcoal is also added to the wall paint to remove formaldehyde and harmful substances. Now the manufacturers also have a large number of bamboo charcoal bags, which are exquisite appearance and easy to use. It can be said that bamboo charcoal is a good helper for our lives, but due to the high cost, it is used in the water treatment industry and air treatment since it has the same effect with the fruit shell activated carbon, but the cost is a bit wasteful.

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