What are the policies of indirect financing support for small and medium -sized enterprises? One article understands!

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The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to relieving expensive financing of small and medium -sized enterprises. They have deployed a series of policies and measures to guide financial institutions to expand their first loans, renewal loans, credit loans, medium and long -term loans, and increase the small and medium -sized in key areas and difficult industries. Enterprise support has promoted the steady and healthy development of small and medium -sized enterprises.

1. Intelligence policies


1. Include small and micro -enterprise loan delay support tools converted to inclusive micro -loan support tools. Financial institutions and enterprises have independently negotiated loans to repay their principal and interest in accordance with the principles of marketization. From the end of 2022 to the end of June 2023, the People’s Bank of China provided funds at 1%of the increase in the balance of inclusive small and micro loans of local legal person banks, and operated on a quarterly operation to encourage continuously increasing inclusive small and micro loans.

2. Include small and micro -enterprise credit loan support plan parallel to the agricultural branch small re -loan management, 400 billion yuan of re -loan quota rolling, if necessary, you can further increase the amount of re -loan. Eligible local legal person banks issue inclusive small and WeChat loans, and can apply to the People’s Bank of China to apply for support for the support of small re -loan loans for agricultural support.

3. Support financial institutions to deepen the use of technical means such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, improve credit approval and risk management models, and continue to increase the scale and intensity of small and micro enterprises’ first loans, renewal loans, credit loans, and medium- and long -term loans. Standardize the development of supply chain inventory, warehouse bills and order financing, encourage insurance institutions to develop supply chain insurance business, and improve the level of digitalization of supply chain finance.

4.2021-2023, continue to implement the policy reduction policy for small and micro enterprises’ financing guarantee business. The central government has rewarded the provinces with strong policy guidance such as the scale of the financing guarantee business of small and micro enterprises and the reduction of small and micro enterprises’ financing guarantee rates. The provinces that are supported by the award -to -funded funds play the incentive role of award -replenishment funds, and promote financing guarantee institutions (including re -guarantee institutions) to expand the financing guarantee business of small and micro enterprises, especially single -household loans, through direct subsidy and performance rewards. The scale of guarantee, first loan guarantee, and medium- and long -term loan guarantee business will be reduced to reduce the financing guarantee rate of small and micro enterprises. Encourage local guidance of financing guarantee agencies to actively expand the guarantee business of innovative small and micro enterprises.

2. Support policies for small and medium -sized enterprises in key areas and difficult industries

1. Promote large -scale state -owned banks to optimize economic capital distribution, tilt towards manufacturing enterprises, and promote the continued growth of medium- and long -term loans in the manufacturing industry.

2. Encourage banking financial institutions to tailor financial service solutions around the needs of SMEs of “specialized in specialty”, create exclusive credit products, increase credit support, and optimize related services. Encourage the development of banks to provide financial support for the technical transformation and transformation and upgrading of SMEs that meet the conditions within the business scope.

3. For small and micro enterprises that have seriously affected the influence of new crown pneumonia, flood disasters, and rising raw material prices, we will strengthen support for mobile fund loans.

4. Encourage financial institutions to handle the market entities that meet the conditions of renewal conditions.

5. Guide financial institutions to strengthen information sharing with the competent authorities of catering, retail and other industries, and use data such as transaction flow of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, operating housing leasing, and credit information controlled by relevant departments to improve risk pricing capabilities. More capabilities, more Issue credit loans. Encourage insurance institutions to optimize products and services, expand the coverage of business interruption insurance due to epidemic conditions, improve the efficiency of claims, and improve the guarantee of catering companies. Encourage government financing guarantee institutions to provide support for financing and credit increase support for eligible catering industry, retail small and micro enterprises, and timely implementation of compensation responsibilities in accordance with the law to help the epidemic affect the renewal of the company.

6. Small and medium -sized enterprises in the fields of travel agencies, tourism performers, and other small and medium -sized enterprises that meet qualified and expected to increase inclusive financial support. Encourage banking financial institutions to categorize small loan support for individual industrial and commercial households such as tourism -related startups, small and medium -sized enterprises, and theme homestays.

3. Promote the financial system to reduce the cost

Implement the downturn of the loan market quotation interest rate (LPR), the small re -loan interest rate of the agricultural branch, the promotion of the actual loan interest rate will continue to decline on the basis of the early stage, supervise and guide the reduction of bank account service charges, RMB transfer remittance fees, bank card credit card card credit card Fee fee.

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