What brand of lighting lamp tube is good TCL lighting tube price

When it comes to lighting lights, everyone is most familiar with. It is a source of light to everyone, enriching everyone’s life, improving everyone’s quality of life, and bringing infinite fun to everyone. There are many brands and many types of lighting lights, but each has its unique place, each unique light. Today, let Xiaobian take you to find out what brand of lighting tube is good with TCL lighting pipes with TCL lighting tube Price.

What brand of lighting tube is good

1. Philips Philips

Philips is a big brand and is quite famous. I believe most people know the Philips brand. Philips is very wide. In addition to dominating the flocks in the lamp industry, it still occupies a large market in other electronics industries. Philips is the world’s 100 valuable valuable value Brand is trustworthy.

2. Opple OPPLE

Op is a well -known trademark in China and a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province. Compared with Feipation, Op may be slightly less than that of the sales network, but this does not affect the quality of OP products. Zhongshan Opi Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting product manufacturer , Professional production, professional quality, very popular.

3. Dancel Lighting

Noses Lighting is a listed company, and the company’s strength is very strong. Renxi Lighting is one of the competitive brands in the Chinese lighting industry. From its establishment to the present, Tinses Lighting has not spent too long to become the leading brand in the industry. The speed of development is amazing.

4. Panasonic Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese brand. In the electronics industry, there are many big brands in Japan. It is founded in Japan in 1918. It is a global top 500 companies, global brands, large multinational companies, market competitiveness and product competitiveness. Very strong.

照明灯管什么牌子好 TCL照明灯管价格

5. Foshan Lighting FSL

Foshan Lighting is affiliated with Foshan Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd., Foshan Lighting is located in Guangdong. It is in the coast. It not only develops good development conditions, but also has a very large market. From 1958 to this day, Foshan Lighting has spent many spring and autumn. The experience has made Foshan Lighting understand how to do products and how to operate.

6. Osram Osram

Ou Surong was founded in Germany in 1906 and is one of the two major light sources in the world. It can be regarded as a behemoth in the lighting industry and one of the lighting companies with innovative capabilities in the world. Oslang has developed a complete product research and development and production system for many years. The annual output is huge.

照明灯管什么牌子好 TCL照明灯管价格

7. Nippu NPU

照明灯管什么牌子好 TCL照明灯管价格

Changzhou Nigip Lighting Electrical Electric Co., Ltd. is an international group enterprise of a diversified industry and is also the leading domestic lighting solution provider. It has a uncomfortable position in the domestic lighting industry; Op Lighting has formed a complete marketing system and market sales network. Its products cover a large share of the lighting market.

照明灯管什么牌子好 TCL照明灯管价格

TCL lighting pipe price

TCL energy -saving lamp TCL lighting 2U11W energy -saving lamp three -base color fluorescent lamp white yellow light E27 snail port 8.18 yuan

TCL lighting ring tube electronic ballast circular lamp tube rectifier 55W40W32W22w double -sided pins, 13.90 yuan

TCL lighting TCL ring lamp tube 32W on both sides of the two sides and two -pin ceiling lamp tube T5 ring lamp tube round 18.50 yuan

TCL energy -saving lamp TCL lighting 2U11W energy -saving lamp three -base color fluorescent lamp white yellow light E27 snail port 8.00 yuan

After reading this article about the lighting of the lighting pipe with the price of the TCL lighting pipe, I hope to bring some help to your work and learning.

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