Armani launched the first smart watch, which is powerful and comparable to mobile phones. It only sells 2,000 yuan?

A few days ago in Milan in Italy, the Armani Spring / Summer 2018 show opened away in this city with the best football club in the world. No, even Hu Ge, who has been hot in the past two years, went to watch it.

But in the middle of the way, Armani played a advertising film starring Shawn MenDes, which showed everyone a brand new smart watch. Yes, Armani is going to make smart watches again!

The biggest highlight of the new watch is a comprehensive circular screen. Although the EA Connected model made by Armani before, although it is also smart, the dial is not a LCD screen. Therefore, adding a LCD screen can be regarded as a big step to move closer to intelligence.


In terms of appearance, it basically inherited the line design of the previous generation EA Connect, and the degree of fashion did not do subtraction. In addition to the entire round screen mentioned above, the whole steel case is also quite distinctive. It is integrated with the stainless steel strap displayed in the advertisement. The color matching is a deep gray close to black. The masculinity is even more violent than the EA Connectd of the previous ordinary disk.

Refer to the 43mm diameter of the EA ConneCTD dial, which is a relatively large dial, but from the point of view of the hand map, it seems that the thickness is not as thick as the previous generation.

In addition to this steel strap, Armani also provided 8 different materials and color straps this time, which is richer than the three previous EA Connect. It does make us see sincerity. However, Armani officials said that the 8 types of straps are not out of style, but they are only stainless steel and calfskin in different colors.

The material can refer to EA Connect, the style of the two is close to

In terms of systems and configurations, the Armani new table is equipped with Android Wear 2.0 system, supporting Google Assistant voice assistant, and systems above iOS and Android 4.4.


The processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 to bring 4G memory. It will also use a 1.2 -inch circular AMOLED screen, which can be faked after downloading the disk. But Armani will add a piece to the new table

The customized dial program

, With

Armani Eagle Standard



I still won’t hit the watch when I go out

Essence The deep black bottom+fluorescent green handwriting is very sporty.


In terms of functions, due to the addition of Android Wear 2.0, statistics, records, record motion status, synchronous mobile phone notification messages, and sending and receiving WeChat and other basic functions can be realized. However, Armani positions this watch as a daily record, and it is not clear what the positioning system and heart rate sensor it uses.

In short, we can see through the advertising film that Armani is iron -hearted to design the watch in the direction of intelligence. Do you like the semi -traditional and semi -intelligent watch of EA Connected before, or you will accept the fashion and intelligence of Armani What about the product? Now, Armani has announced that this watch will be launched on September 14th. It is expected to sell for more than $ 300 (about RMB 2,000). The counters of major shops are sold.


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