This is too similar, but unfortunately it can’t be used to eat

It is said that desserts are the source of happiness and can also give people a sense of happiness. Therefore, some designers have created a series of dessert -style furniture. I hope these super creative furniture can bring you endless sweetness and happiness.


Cream Cang, Author: Diego Maria GuglierMetto


Macaron stool, author: Kensington Design

Cup -shaped cake stool, author: boggy chan


Let’s sit on the cake together, author: dejana kabiljo

New type of futon, authors: Diego Maria GuglierMetto

Pine cake cushion, author: Matteo Bianchi

Chocolate sofa, author: Diego Maria GuglierMetto

Biscuit table, author: boggy chan

Cream puff futon, author: Diego Maria GuglierMetto


Imagine that you will feel great when you sit on the “dessert” furniture, right?

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