E -commerce enterprise in the sea: the top 25 e -commerce platforms and self -employed malls in the Middle East

As the blue ocean of cross -border e -commerce, the Middle East market is favored by more and more Chinese cross -border e -commerce sellers. For a while, registered companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other places, and people who develop e -commerce business are endless. But many people actually have only one vague concept for the Middle East market.

Compared with the overall situation of European e -commerce, the rise of e -commerce in Southeast Asia and Indian, the Middle East, as a “potential stock” that is being regarded as being developed. From the current speed of development in the Middle East, I believe it will stir the global span in the world soon. If you want to share a share, it is very important to seize the opportunity.

Cross -border e -commerce overseas Nuggets, missed Europe and the United States, missed Russia, and never miss the Middle East. In the past ten years, the sales volume of e -commerce in the Middle East has increased by 1500%, which is one of the fastest development of e -commerce in the world. It is expected that in the next few years, the Middle East e -commerce market will still maintain a growth rate of about 20%per year. In the face of this necessary place, how can cross -border e -commerce beings be the Nuggets? Shen Nuo Interactive will bring you “insight in the Middle East e -commerce market”.

The Middle East is now the fastest growing center of e -commerce retail. Buy GUCCI, Versace, LV and other luxury goods and purchase SUVs and supercars, such as Lamborghini, Bugatti or Ferrari. Now just click on the order to pay, someone will deliver the goods to find home. As early as 2019, the e -commerce industry established a new benchmark in the Middle East, and online sales in the Middle East jumped to the US $ 16 billion mark, which greatly exceeded expectations. However, this happened, but almost everyone contributed very small among the 4.44 million shoppers in the area.

Express 100API business team has prepared a list of 25 online shopping websites commonly used in the UAE and the Middle East. These websites are the largest platform on the Middle East line. If you have the needs of cross -border e -commerce, you must not miss the Middle East. These e -commerce platforms, e -commerce business in the Middle East is still in the dividend period.

1. Souq.com

Souq.com is undoubtedly one of the best online stores in the Middle East e -commerce industry. Everyone in the Middle East likes to shop from this website, because the store actually includes all products from electronic products, small tools, cosmetics, medical care, interior, furniture, fashion accessories and even car parts. Found in a shopping portal.


OUNASS.AE is one of the most important shopping websites in the Middle East. It specializes in clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry. OUNASS’s uniqueness is that they provide international luxury brands such as GUCCI, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Kiehl’s, etc. In addition, they also provide 2 hours of free delivery services. However, one of OUNASS’s disadvantages is that they only provide women’s clothing series.

3. Amazon

With a large number of authorized dealers, on time and rapid logistics services and high market competitiveness, Amazon is a huge online sales giant that cannot be ignored. Middle East shoppers have become members of the website because Amazon can provide a variety of products and user -friendly services.

4. Groupon.ae

Groupon is an e -commerce company in the United States. It provides activities, tourism, goods and services for 15 countries/regions including the UAE. In this way, local consumers are associated with merchants to promote price information exchange between the two parties. Groupon is headquartered in Chicago, established in Chicago in November 2008, and was established in Boston, New York and Toronto shortly later. The company is known for its crazy discount.

5. basharacare.com

Basharacare.com is a very special e -commerce website and a platform supported by Middle East dermatologists. It not only has the most health care, skin care, body care cosmetics and medicines, but also provides fast delivery, after -sales support, and a variety of products for its Middle East customers.

6. Letstango.com

Letstango was founded by “Dikran Tchablakian” in 2013 and is one of the fastest growing online trading markets in the UAE. With their excellent services and free delivery of more than 100AED orders, they won a large number of customers. They provide almost all products such as wearable equipment and daily consumer products. And their user interface is also one of the best in the market.

7. Sharafdg.com

Founded in 2005, Sharafdg is one of the most famous and reliable online electronic product stores in the UAE. Sharafdg also has 33 stores in the UAE. They provide almost all international brands of more than 25,000 electronic products. Due to its excellent service, Sharafdg has won many awards.

8. Brandsbay.com

Brandsbay.com will become online cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and watches and other items into almost the same experience as shopping centers. Brandsbay.com is known for its low -cost transactions and provides Hugo (Hugo Hugo BOSS), Gucci, Bill Blas (Bill Blass) and other brand discount discounts. Ducati, Calvin Klein and Guess are also included.

9. Shopia.com

As the largest omni -channel retailer in the Middle East, Shopia.com not only sells computers, clothing and other important consumer products, but also timely delivery, but also provides a worry -free service service. These services have won the respect of customers. The Dubai e -commerce specialty store has such excellent quality, and even competitors will refer to its strategy and policies. In addition, they also provide online shopping services in KSA and Kuwait.

10. Next.com

“Next.com” is also one of the most successful e -commerce platforms in the Middle East. NEXT is popular with its fashionable clothing and accessories. It has achieved very good sales performance in the Middle East, and this trend will continue to remain with as the number of online buyers increases.

11. namshi.com

For young people who like to pursue brand atmosphere, Namshi is their best choice. From clothes to shoes to accessories, almost all clothing and accessories such as bags are available in southern history. Namshi was founded in 2011 and was welcomed by young people for its unique urban aesthetics and street clothing style. Namshi provides channels for all international brands to contact UAE customers, and provides 24 -hour delivery and 15 -day refund guarantee. In addition, they also have a large number of children’s clothing and accessories.

12. Cobone.com

If you want to look for food restaurants in Dubai, beauty services and fitness places, then Cobone.com will be the ideal choice of people in the Middle East. In the UAE, users can enjoy the best discounts of 70 % of the discounts every day, which can be used for eating, drinking, and fun. Founded in 2010, Cobone has become one of the largest O2O trading venues on the UAE and KSA.

13. CarreFouruae.com

Carrefouruae.com provides various products, including health and beauty, home, telecommunications, cameras, laptops and IT devices, leisure travel products, sports supplies, and other categories of daily necessities. There are many types and products on the website, and the design of the website is very humane and dynamic, and it can always provide users with the latest products and promotional information.

14. Faces.com

Faces Beauty, one of the most trusted skin care and perfume chains in the UAE, has now created a perfect online shopping portal. Faces.com shows how to get each product comfortably at home without crowded ranks or crowded parking lots. High -quality brand -name perfumes and luxury skin care products are available on this website.

15. Noon.com

Noon is a comprehensive e -commerce platform for all categories. Middle East shoppers can buy some first -hand, second -hand or refurbished products on it. Fortunately, this website can autonomously manage their own stores, products, transactions and other series of services related to orders.

16. IKEA

The furniture industry giant IKEA also opened an online store in Dubai. If the Middle East customers need to buy a comfortable sofa and do not want to go to the shopping mall or hate paying additional transportation parking fees, they can sit at home comfortably and place an order from the IKEA.AE on anywhere in the Middle East. Essence

17. Buyondubai.com

Buyondubai provides 100 % genuine and free delivery services, so it is considered to be the preferred online shopping malls for East Shopper. They currently only provide electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and household appliances. Next time you plan to sell consumer electronics in the Middle East, please consider Buyondubai first.

18. Gadgetby.com

GadgetBy focuses on the sales of mobile phones, cameras, gaming machines-and other small electronic tools. GadgetBY only sells the best -selling and trendy e -products, and provides the most favorable price that competitors cannot provide. You can easily save a lot of costs on each small tool you purchased on the website.

19. Gear-up.me

Founded in the Middle East in 2012, Gear-UP is an e-commerce website. It is the first website to sell games and computer components in similar websites. Gear-UP was originally established in Europe, but soon realized its potential to sell computer games and graphic components in the Middle East, and expanded from its root to other Arabic markets.

20. ASET- Uae.com

ASET- Uae.com is another high-end e-commerce website of Dubai (UAE). It provides a wide range of products and also provides warranty services. Consumers can buy mobile phones, laptops, perfumes and cosmetic products, electronic products, grocery and toys on their portal. The website also allows other sellers to create their own online stores and sell products on their portals without paying any handling fees and platform fees.


OURSHOPEE is an emerging and rapidly developing online shopping store in the UAE. He provides highly attractive discounts and the most transparent price of commodity prices in the region. They collected various products on their portal. Whether it is grocery, drinks, beauty products, shoes, mobile phones, accessories, watches or toys, OURSHOPEE is sold.

22. dubizzle.com

Whether it is to buy a house construction land or a used car to buy, Dubizzle can help the buyers and sellers connect. As an OLX company, it has developed its own market in more than 50 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

23. sivvi.com

Sivvi was established in 2014. Because it provides fresh and fashionable marketing methods, it has caused huge user response. SIVVI also tried to develop a very smooth online application for its stores. They provide products from international brands such as Nike and Quiz to State8 and Hindam’s own internal brands.

24. Branddose.com


Branddose specializes in fragrance, watches, glasses and other luxury products, providing all well -known brands at a very competitive price. Founded in 2017, Branddose is a new player in the market, but due to its excellent and unique product range, it has won the trust of many customers.

25. Supermart.ae

Supermart.ae is the best in Dubai, and is also one of the first comprehensive online supermarkets to provide almost all products. With its excellent user interface and highly responding design, Supermart.ae seems to have reached a perfect state since its establishment in 2011. The courier services they provide can be sent to any corner of Dubai. In addition, Supermart was selected by the MEED Bay Capital Award in 2013-2014 as the top 5 of the annual “innovation business” and “online business”.

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