Is Rihanna a motion product about her underwear brand?

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A year ago, Rihanna and her team tried to complete a ambitious project: a fashion musical that promoted its underwear brand SAVAGE X FENTY, with models, dancers and musical actors as the main character. The audience was filmed in front of the audience on Monday, and it was broadcast on Amazon’s streaming platform 10 days later.

This arrogance is not only because of the influence of Rihanna itself, but also because of the ability of those sexy performers: this performance uses a Victoria’s Secret show, and it is 2020 in 2020 The script was redesigned. Models and dancers are different: some people have huge hips, some people are full of tattoos, some people are facing bald heads, and some people are equipped with fake legs. These are this sexy underwear brand. Visual logo.

These propaganda was rewarded: data from Tribe Dynamics showed that Savage X FENTY’s winning media value was more than five times last month. In the next six months, the brand’s average monthly winning media value is more than three times the first six months of the show.

Last Friday, the second edition of this carefully designed big show will come to Amazon’s Prime platform again, where the audience can buy the works they see directly on the platform. The models and actors participating in the performance include Bad Bunny, Miguel and Rosalia. Musicians Lizzo will also appear as models. Other artists such as Normani, supermodel Bella Hadid, Cara Delevigne and actor Demi Moore even appear.

Rihanna is popular all over the world and has more than 87 million Instagram fans. You may think that people like her can create a clothing brand without much marketing investment -especially her cooperation with LVMH under LVMH in 2017 After launching extremely successful beauty brands.

However, the US $ 13.6 billion American underwear market is a greater opportunity: Victoria’s secret is shrinking, and for the first time, it has created a chance to get a place for the new brand. Many brands are trying, including American Eagle’s Aerie. The company’s annual sales this year is estimated to be close to $ 1 billion. It is also passing a similar but to inclusive information for traditional sexy routes. Global digital brands also seize market share by promising more suitable or sustainable products.

In May 2018, when Savage X Fenty and Techstyle Fashion Group set up joint ventures, most of these brands have begun to prosper. TECHSTYLE FASHION Group is a parent company behind Fabletics and other subscribing digital clothing brands. At that time, the brand had raised $ 70 million in funds, and it was expected to generate $ 150 million in revenue in 2019.

Despite Rihanna’s reputation, in the past two years, her expensive underwear sales are not smooth. A consumer observation group has criticized the brand’s subscription service, saying that they “capture consumers”, and some people have left many bad reviews on their products on the Internet.

But these did not slow the momentum of Savage X FENTY.

According to data from the Onest Research Company, the sales of Savage X FENTY products have continued to increase year -on -year in the past 12 months, and the monthly growth of more than doubled from February to August 2020. (This data does not include Savage X FENTY’s sales in Amazon.)

At the same time, Victoria’s Secret continues to struggle. The brand was forced to close the store during the suspension of the spring and suspended online sales. The worst month of Victoria’s Secret 2020 is exactly the best month of Savage X FENTY: According to the data of Second Measure, in April, the former’s sales fell by 63%, while the latter’s sales increased by 218%.

“We have been focusing on Rihanna’s business. These businesses are very powerful in terms of inclusiveness and diversity,” said Chelsea Gross, director of Gartner For Marketers, said: “They undoubtedly fill the gap that Victoria’s Secret cannot be maintained.” She Said that the company tracked the website of three -quarters of users directly or accessed Savage X FENTY through organic search, which marked the brand’s health reward for consumer marketing costs.

However, the failure of Victoria’s Secrets and the rise of its competitors, not only when the mass culture has changed to diversity and personality values, this underwear giant has not been able to get rid of those thin “angels”. After all, tolerance and diversity are the “sealing” of the current underwear market, just like the founder Heidi Zak, the founder of ThirdLove, told BOF in March this year.

Just in 2017, Victoria’s Secret was still investing most of investment budgets into mall stores, and these stores are now closely closed. Therefore, the epidemic has caused great damage to the brand. In the second quarter of this year, the total sales of this year fell by 39% to $ 977.5 million, and this may permanently eat its market share, because consumers will go to other places elsewhere elsewhere Buy underwear. (During this period, Victoria’s Secret’s online sales and directory sales also increased, an increase of 65% year -on -year, accounting for 63% of the sales of the quarter. In 2019, the online and directory parts only account for 33% of total sales.)

GROSS said that Savage X Fenty has expanded online distribution through Amazon, and has become a flexible strategy to deal with the epidemic. But the physical store network is still important. Aerie is chasing online and offline sales at the same time. In the last quarter, its e -commerce sales increased by 142%. During this period, it also opened 14 independent stores, with a total of 160. It also has another 175 stores under the parent brand American Eagle, and American Eagle is one of the only shopping mall brands that are still attracting customers. Today, SAVAGE XFENTY is also trying offline retail through the pop -up model.

The modern marketing method adopted by Savage X Fenty is also important. Market leaders such as Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein are now incorporated into the same information and imagery in terms of body enthusiasm, but even so, Rihanna, as a brand of black female leaders of the brand, still has such stories. More A authentic advantage. This summer, her existence becomes more important, because the “black life is also important” movement is promoting consumers to find the brands created by those blacks and question the support information conveyed by white companies. When Rihanna donated “the life of black people is also important”, or she suspended her three companies on the day of “Blackout Tuesday” to improve people’s understanding of this sport, her approach was better than other brands than other brands. Similar information is more weight.

Also important, the connection between Rihanna and other desire to support her, as well as the tolerance information passed by her brand. Those smaller competitive brands may cost higher costs to get corresponding support. Moreover, she did not use the stars with clichés, but those who had real fans and influence on the Internet, which may not even belong to the typical Hollywood and mainstream music circles. Her spokesperson includes singer Christina Milian (6.4 million fans), YouTube star Carmen Protchett (3.2 million fans), actress Sydney Sweeney (2.3 million fans), and Shenseea (2.8 million fans).

According to Tribe Dynamics, in May this year, when this underwear brand announced the popular rapist Megan Thee Stallion as a “ambassador”, and launched a series of publicity activities and cooperation series of fashion, Savage X FENTY created than it. For the first time, Amazon Fashion Show has won more media value, and it has also created the largest sales growth so far this year.

People’s interest in this performer and her connection with Savage X Fenty also offset the “affecting the entire industry’s decline” in the second quarter of this year. For many brands, this is the most serious affected by the epidemic. Brands have also begun to shift their attention to the cause of social justice.

So, since then, where will Savage X Fenty go? Online competitors like Third Love have declined in sales growth in 2019. Can Savage X Fenty resist this decline?

From many aspects, the strategy that Rihanna has established has been established since 2020, and is now helping it to benefit -digital priority distribution channels, and any Amazon members can watch T, star gathered T. Taiwan show. As long as she still exists in her vision of talents and the keen understanding of the Internet virus spread on the Internet, she will continue to attract everyone’s attention and snatch market share from the female underwear leadership brand.

In addition, the brand now has a brand new market segment that needs to be developed: men’s market. Not long ago, Savage X Fenty released the first boxer and casual suit designed by Christian Combs. In the past six years, this market has been led by five major groups including HANES, Fruit of the LOOM, Jockey, Nike, and PVH. Just like in the field of women’s underwear, in the past ten years, the rise of new digital brands has appeared in the men’s underwear market, such as Mack Weldon and CDLP. Many of them are promoting high -tech fabrics or easy to buy outside department stores. Information.

Savage X Fenty’s men’s underwear has huge trademarks and satin fabrics, which may compete with more sexy underwear brands such as PVH’s Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is a well -operated marketing machine with many mouth -watering star ambassadors and billions of marketing budgets.

But GROSS said: Other leaders in the market, especially like Victoria, are too large, and cannot be transformed quickly in strategic. It takes those practices that make Savage X FENTY stand out.

Now, Rihanna’s brand still has a large market share to snatch. The real question is how fast is and how much is the price.

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