Russian experts revealed that Germany’s secrets could not copy the T-34 tank: no seamless casting turret technology

According to Russian media news, the Dean of Alexeon Ole Sinea, the Dean of the Russian Federal National Provence Central Structural Materials Research Institute, recently revealed the secret of Germany during World War II. technology.

T-34 tank combat information chart during World War II


Russia’s satellite news agency reported on September 13 that in an interview with Red Star Television, Oresko said: “The German tanks are welded. Based on this, the corners of the armor are rectangular. All the fields of operations are completely leading. “

It is reported that Orgentianke said that the turret of the Soviet tank is stronger and easier to “install”. Therefore, the advantage is not only the durability of armored vehicles, but also the assembly time.

He explained: “The casting turret is a ready -made product. The thin slice above (the excess materials remaining on the part after processing) are removed and installed on the tank immediately. I think the Germans do not have enough wisdom to do this. I have no doubt about this. “

It is reported that the T-34 tank was a Soviet medium tank during the Patriotic War and began mass production in 1940. The T-34 tank had a significant impact on the results of the war. It is considered to be the best tank during World War II.

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