The story of Qian Qian, the sales deputy director of Hengkun Clothing Co., Ltd.

In the beautiful and rich Tongxiang City, there are such groups. In the tide of the market economy, they stand up and forge ahead, and in the process of economic development, they are bravely burdened. The advantage of +”to interpret the moving story of entrepreneurial innovation has become the main force of economic development, and has made outstanding contributions to Tongxiang’s economic and social development. They have a common name- “Tongxiang E -commerce”, and the Deputy Director of Hengkun Clothing Co., Ltd. and the new -generation Internet+new retail leaders have strengthened the money, which is one of the best.

Qian strengthening: Deputy Director of Sales of Zhejiang Hengkun Clothing Co., Ltd.

“I said ashamed, I am still young, and now I still study, hone, and work hard in the company founded by my father. It is currently the company’s deputy director of sales. Compared with my father’s generation of entrepreneurs, I have not felt moving. Story, if you want to tell some stories, I have to tell the story of my father, brand, and marketing around Hengkun’s clothing, tell some difficulties we have faced, break through the market bottleneck, and the future development vision. ” After a pot of tea, the capable and free new generation of money strengthened, and opened his box …

My father’s spirit accompanied me with my growth

Qian strengthened to reporters that his father was ordinary and great. His biggest feature is that he is good at capturing business opportunities in the rapidly changing market tide and grasping market trends. He is diligent, down -to -earth, and enthusiastic about public welfare. In corporate operations, he is very good at learning and constantly improves business philosophy, but he will never take risks easily. He has long insisted on doing the sweater industry and has always insisted on it for many years. He is a well -known entrepreneur in his hometown.

His father had a great influence on the strengthening of money. He has always regarded his father’s words as his own motto: “It is like being a person to operate. If a person is not even operating well, it is difficult to operate a company. Good reputation can win the respect and recognition of others, and can reflect its value in society and in the Shanghai. “

“As a new generation, I have a lot of deficiencies compared with my father. After all, they are two people of different times. The biggest difference between my father and my father is tradition and modernity. Sometimes he and he sometimes on the business management, product research and development, marketing, marketing等问题,也会发生一些争吵和辩论,在经营管理上,父辈还是有阅历优势的,父辈建立在长期积累的经验基础上的市场敏感和直觉,在关键的时候,会大大降低市场冲击可能造成Risk. “Qian strengthened.

Qian’s strengthening father is a “public relations expert”. He is an unable to stay idle. In addition to the company’s management, he is also a representative of the Tongxiang Municipal People’s Congress and the president of the Tongxiang Electronic Commerce Industry Association. He always actively participated in various social activities, participated in public welfare charity activities, participated in industry association activities, and expanded the company’s popularity and influence through these activities, bringing good social and economic benefits to the company.

As a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, the strengthening of Qian Qian’s father closely focused on the central work of the municipal party committee and municipal government, actively participated in politics and discussing, fulfilling its functions, and committed suggestions. As the chairman of the company, the earliest Dingkun Company, which he founded, established the “Dingkun Foundation” at the beginning of its establishment to help those employees who encounter emergencies or difficulties.

In order to enrich the amateur and cultural life of employees, the company has set up basketball courts, karaoke halls, badminton, table tennis tables, billiard tables, billiards and other events, and often holds employee calligraphy and painting, karaoke, company Friendship and other competitions and activities. The cultural atmosphere.

“Dark current surging” and opportunities to appear

At the beginning, the company operated a more traditional wool sweater. In the past few years, the “dark current surging” and opportunities of the clothing market coexisted. The company has also encountered a serious market crisis, but they have persisted.


“Creating a card has the positioning of trading, and the OEM has a well -OEM market. To make the OEM into a brand is a long -distance running instead of a 100 -meter column.” Segmentation is the company’s positioning subdivision on the value chain, and the company’s subdivision is product positioning. OEM must find product positioning, pay attention to product research and development, strengthen product quality, ensure corporate reputation, shape corporate image, strengthen corporate social responsibility construction This is also the best interpretation of “OEM is also a brand”.


It turns out that the “OEM Theory” at that time was wise and a practical response strategy. Because at that time, the domestic sweater industry, the domestic sweater industry, had low technical content, low entry thresholds, serious product homogeneity, and lack of brands. There are few funds, lack of machines, fewer employees, serious homogeneity, scarce brands, bidding prices to reduce the output of the enterprise, and decline in profit. What’s more, the new woolen sweater is imitated by others, which has impacted other companies and affected the overall reputation of the industry.

Transformation and upgrading: Internet+new retail model

In the face of the impact of the market crisis at the time, where should the company go? The industry that really has “antibodies” will appear in its advantages and turns. For the sweater market, this opportunity should be used to make a new road in market transformation and upgrading, market function innovation, taking the road of brand development, forming characteristic scale, and developing e -commerce. Basic requirements.

After a long -term judgment, the company’s decisive transformation and upgrading has embarked on the development of the development of e -commerce platforms.

The biggest difference between the new generation and the creation generation is the use of Internet thinking. As a new generation, money has strengthened the most contact with the Internet and has the deepest understanding of the Internet. Therefore, the company has once again transformed and upgraded the company’s advantages to build a “Internet+new retail e -commerce platform” model. After the transformation and upgrading, the company has developed rapidly:

In August 2016, Zhejiang Hengkun was lucky enough to become the exclusive online general agent of the FORTEI brand in mainland China.

In September 2016, Zhejiang Hengkun finally obtained the authorized team and strength of Apple (China) Co., Ltd. in the exclusive online network platform AEMAPE brand in mainland China.


In October 2018, Zhejiang Hengkun finally obtained the authorization of Hua Umbrella (Guangdong) Industrial Co., Ltd. with a strong team and strength, and exclusively operated the online platform flower umbrella brand in mainland China.

In March 2019, the Pinduoduo Men’s China Merobes (Tongxiang Station) held a special meeting in the conference room of Zhejiang Hengkun Clothing Co., Ltd.


Earlier this year, the company won two honors of the 2018 service enterprise scale and contribution awards.

At present, Qian strengthens the cooperation of Internet e -commerce platforms such as Vipshop and Tmall. Some brands of agents have exceeded 500 million in sales. This year, it is expected to achieve 8-10 billion yuan.

Now, Hengkun owns international high -end brands such as “Fortei Fortei”, “Caesar Kaiser”, “Rhino Povote”, “Apple AEMAPE” and “Flower Umbrella Arnold Palmer”, focusing on the construction and development of e -commerce platform channels and logistics. The company has an excellent operating team, rich management experience, a strong customer system, and successful operating experience. It combines traditional marketing models with Internet platforms and integrates the new retail innovation model of the Internet+IoT. In the future, Hengkun will use a new retail model to open up a new brand chapter with many customers.

Qian strengthening the principle of “serving customers and making customers first make money”, and fully solve the problem for each customer. “After becoming our partner, you can lightly go into battle without worrying about your worries. Our goal is to allow customers to get service guarantees from Hengkun while sprinting performance. To this end, we always help customers solve the problem in time to solve the problem , Meeting the needs of customers, “Qian strengthened.

Platform advantage. As a channel to carry the brand landing, Qian strengthened Hengkun’s continuous cultivation on various channel platforms, using its own brand advantages and charm, and the unique culture of Hengkun to establish a good cooperative relationship with major e -commerce platforms, especially in particular, especially It is Ali and Jingdong. Hengkun has a certain ability and strength to create more favorable conditions for customers.

brand operation. Over the years, Qian has strengthened its outstanding operating teams to create classic cases that successfully traded multiple brands. They have rich experience in brand operation management and have a strong distribution network. Many customers work together to pass the brand culture and brand heritage to more consumers.

Resource Integration. Qian strengthens the opening of the new retail model, and uses Hengkun’s own advantages to optimize and integrate the resources of the ecological industry chain, middle and lower reaches, and combine the traditional sales model with the Internet platform, so that many traditional enterprises play a significant role on the Hengkun platform. Using brand advantages and resource advantages, the innovative model of the Internet+new retail develops with customers and goes hand in hand.

Some brand products of Zhejiang Hengkun Clothing Co., Ltd.: Baowei Rhino, Fugu, Caesar

Refined management does not relax

Not diligent, there is no career; not integrity, it is difficult to condense people’s hearts. In order to allow the company to develop in a healthier direction, establish a good social image, strengthen the standard management and supervision mechanism, strengthen the construction of integrity culture, and enhance team cohesion.

Qian strengthened meetings, with the theme of “Trees of Tree Clean, Yang Hengkun’s Sail”, and conduct integrity education for company executives, members of various departments, and core personnel of relevant departments. The company’s personnel are required to be honest and self -discipline, do their best, and strictly discipline themselves, and implement the promise of integrity and self -discipline as a code of behavior. The stance of the development and image of all the loss of the company is firm and never tolerate.

Life should not only work, as well as poetry and far away; body and soul must always have one on the road. Qian strengthening that employees must not only work hard, but also learn to enjoy life. They must know how to temporarily let go of work and busy, and be grateful to see it from a distance. In 2018, Qian strengthened a trip to Hunan for outstanding employees and family members, reflecting the company’s cultural concept of “gratitude and feedback”.

Happiness comes out

Looking back at the past and fruitful, looking forward to the future.

In March of this year, Hengkun held the 2019 planning meeting. The meeting explained the “one center, two basic points, three goals, four keywords, and four keywords” to tell you the company’s current development status and development direction; The four keywords have been explained in depth, advocating everyone to focus on development, run fast, and work hard on profit, team building and management goals. Qian strengthened that it will continue to strengthen talent introduction and cultivation, strengthen investment promotion, develop vacancies, increase store audit, and lead marketing centers to make good achievements.

The most happy thing to strengthen money is that in the big family of Hengkun, Zhejiang, a group of kind and lovely family members met. Everyone gathered from the four seas of the world, worked hard for the same dream, helped each other, and grew together.

In the future, don’t forget the original intention, have no fear of time, work together with everyone, and jointly promote the giant wheel of Hengkun, Zhejiang, take the wind and waves, and march into the distance! (Text/Sun Federation))

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