Inventory of the important keys in Harry Potter! They can both unlock and have special significance

Many magical keys appeared in “Harry Potter”, from “the keys with wings” in “Magic Stone” to opening the keys to the ancient Lingge vault … The puzzle of the wizard world.

Today, let’s take a look at the keys with strong sense of existence in Harry Potter.

1. The key with wings

The first time the key played an important role in the novel, when the Harry, Ron and Hermione broke through the barrier to protect the magic stone.


In order to prevent someone from stealing the magic stone, Hogwarts’s professors set up a heavy level and grabbed the key with wings.


In the key flying around, only one can open the door to the next room. Fortunately, Harry happened to be a very talented finder. This level was like tailor -made for him.

2. The key of Gulingge

Guling Pavilion is the safest place in the magic world. If you want to get money from this bank, you don’t even need to be present, but you must issue a key.

When Harry went to Gu Lingge for the first time with Hagrid, he had not stepped into the magic world for 11 years, and he could open the Porter’s vault with a key. Seeing the pile of Kim Garon, Harry can no longer rely on the care of the family.

It can be said that the key of this Gu Lingge helped Harry truly enter the wizard’s society.

3. Gate key

The door key is like a key that can open the door of the space to send you from one place to another place. Therefore, he is also one of the common transportation methods commonly used by wizards.

Harry Potter has experienced the door keys many times, but it seems that every time is not very good. Especially at the time of the top three hegemony, the championship trophy was made into a door key, sending him and Cedric to the cemetery of Ridel. There, Harry witnessed Sedric’s murder.

4. Open the key to imprisonment of Moody’s box

“Crazy Eye” Moody’s, the strongest Auro in the world, is not easy to imprison him. In order to prevent him from escaping his plan, Bucty Crouch held him at the bottom of 7 lock boxes and carried these 7 keys to prevent it in case.

It seems that only Dumbledore knows the secret of opening the box. The 7 keys correspond to one lock one by one, and it needs to be opened layer by layer.

5. The key of Hogwarts


In addition to the guard of the hunting ground, Ruber Herge has a position in Hogwarts, that is, the key administrator. There is always a string key in his pocket.


Although we did not see any door to Hagrid with these keys. After all, the wizards can open most of the locks with “Alaho Cave”. However, the key guarantee is a profession that Western has been in the West, especially in the old castle. Only the owner’s most trusted person can “responsible for this task.”


Hayge’s key guarantor’s position seems to be implying that he is the most trusted person at Dumbledore.

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