Strike, kneeling, urine pants, can the new version of “Tianlong Babu” be more disgusting?

Hello everyone, I am Alaska, wearing glasses and a microphone.

Just a few days ago, another remake of the drama fans appeared.

Tianlong Babu

After the first eight episodes, I couldn’t calm my heart for a long time. I just wanted to change a more appropriate name for this drama-


(This is Duan Yu)


The plot of “Tianlong Babu” must have been like a few treasures.


The original novel is based on the era of Song Zhezong,

Through the martial arts grievances and national contradictions between Song, Liao, Dali, Xixia, Tubo and other kingdoms, they examined and described life and society, showing a magnificent picture of life.

On the plot,


The legendary experience of Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, and Xuzhu as the main line,

The brothers who are angry, and the touching love affair, and there is no shortage of the feelings of the “big man, the country and the people”, and spread a magnificent picture of the rivers and lakes.

Since the birth of the novel, it has been remake and adapted into film and television dramas many times. Among them, the most popular and audience recognition is the 97th and 03 editions.


With these two mountains and jade, the new version of “Tianlong Babu”, which is a younger generation, must be doubled!

Then, then it pulled completely.

Martial arts drama, paying attention to a first -mover, playing the soul of the martial arts drama,


If you want to retain the audience, the first play is the key.

Let’s take a look at the opening of the 97th and 03 version of “Tianlong Babu”:

The 97th edition started from Qiao Feng’s liao Ying Camp alone. The four wicked men and Nan Murong were fighting alone!

The 03 version boldly released Qiao Feng’s life in advance.


These two versions used a long and wonderful drama to firmly grasp the attention of all the audience.

What about the new version?

Look! Qiao Feng took off!

He is still flying! Intersection


Qiao Feng finally moved!

Qiao Feng … He flew away!

Qiao Gang, you honestly explain, do you hide the drone in the crotch?

And he was rubbing on the ground, just a group of Liao Bingjia, Bing Ding of Liao Bing, who did not have names …

discouraged? But addicted? Don’t worry, then Qiao Feng’s battle Murong Fu.

You read it right,


Under the arrangement of the ghost screenwriter, Nantu Rong and Bei Qiaofeng, who had almost no positive confrontation in the original book, started facing the decisive decision in the Shauri Mountain at the beginning!

Regardless of 5 seconds, cut 10 times to the thin shots, how much vomiting;

Regardless of whether Murong resulted in the eighteen palms of the dragon, is it a natural copper tendon and iron bone;


Just say that Murong Fu beckoned playfully, hey! Just shot a shot and slid from Qiao Feng’s armpit.


Do you understand?

I understand, this is called bionics!


Murong repeatedly used the method of simulated male birds to seek puppets, and euphemistically expressed his cherishment for Qiao Feng!

Qiao Feng is also fully got. I don’t believe you, how happy he laughed!

The peak of the strongest combat power is this level. What are you expecting the rest of the remaining?

Qiao Feng’s eighteen palms of dragons, softness and weakness, like children’s drama, could not tell whether they were fighting or numbness.


Mu Rongfu’s fighting star movement, plagiarizing the Xiaoyao faction Ling Bo’s micro -step, saying good about the other way?


And Ling Bo’s micro -step has become a ghost dance …


The play is not good. As long as the casting is through, I can bear it.


Unexpectedly, Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, Xuzhu, the three main characters, were one pull.

Choosing Yang Youning as Qiao Feng is definitely one of the biggest defeats in the play.


The image of the three princes is still vivid. The “ancient style and ugly man” of the blind and blind people comes again.

Dedicated the most greasy Qiao Feng in history.

He did not have the domineering of the Hu Jun version, nor the righteousness of the Huang Rihua version.


On the contrary, there was an unstoppable bandit and anger, and I would like to call his Qiao Feng as “ditch oil”.

Both oil and dirty!

Look at his small movement of bangs, and smiled coldly when fighting, it was creepy and restless.


The key is the new version of Qiao Feng, not even the sound! Intersection


Can Qiao Feng, who has no BGM, can still call Qiao Feng?


The actor Yang Youning himself is extremely clear about his own cognition and positioning. He is a typical “martyr’s appearance, nuns”.

Playing a warm heart wolf dog in “It’s Out”, isn’t the response good?


In this wave, the capital, the casting and the director have to carry the pot!

If this Qiao Feng is still in your tolerance,


Then the next Duan Yu will fall below your lower limit.

In the “Genting Tiangong”, the second lack of Kirin blood, Wu Xie, he is here again!

Thick bangs, smoky makeup, bleeding white hooligan.

The acting skills are extremely hard, and every muscle on the face has its own ideas.

The lines are extremely strenuous, and the tone is comparable to the “emotional reading text”, not even straightening the tongue.


I only hate the video of the liver, otherwise I have to cut you a paragraph of the lines of the lines, and I ca n’t be deaf alone!

The two seniors, Chen Haomin and Lin Zhiying, are in the front. If you play this way, you should thank the people across the country!


Chen Haomin’s version of Duan Yukai is very simple, but the actor’s every move, all of which are scrolling with a book;


Not to mention the Lin Zhiying edition, the comprehensive upgrade of the road is the harm of Lin Zhiying’s face and animals. He does not laugh. With a smile, Duan Yu in the book is alive!

Looking at the Baiyao version, it is not like a worldwide nerd, but it is like a hometown.


(I also wear an earrings, soil is not soil or ocean)

Against his background, Lin Zhiying was like a film emperor.

Among the three major protagonists, the original book is ugly and nostrils are facing the sky, which has become the face value of the three.

But it is really false.

The protagonists are already terrible, and the supporting role is even more unattractive.

Gao Taiyu’s version of Murong Fu has contributed to the topic of “AI Acting Awards”.

He was paralyzed, and he couldn’t be paralyzed by Weiya.


Where did Murong Fu say that Murong Fu is a facial paralysis?


Look at these aunts who are hunting Mu Wanqing, is it the four big beauties who manage Master Luo’s sedan for the time to manage the time?

If I do n’t say, who can you guess that he is the old monster Ding Chunqiu, instead of the turkey that is forgiven by Chuanbao to be fine?


Wang Yuyan, played by Wen Yongshan, is really beautiful without blowing or black.


But compared to Li Ruotong and Liu Yifei, there are more grievances, and the immortality is insufficient.

Maybe her immortality was absorbed by her cousin’s yin.

However, Mu Wanqing, played by Liu Meitong, made me shine.

The Liu Meitong version is really beautiful, and there is a trace of willfulness.

But comparing the original work, after all, it worsened a little bit–

The appearance of Mu Wanqing in the original book is:


Such as the new moon Qinghui, such as flowers and trees, a beautiful face.


The most perfect Mu Wanqing in my mind has to be Jiang Xin of the 03 version.

Moreover, no matter how beautiful the actors can’t hold the Apple front camera -style filter, the glowing of the underworld and the full cracks!

Ask Director Rongguang, let the later plus layer filters. Even if you want to pursue truth and retro, you don’t have to let the actor’s blackheads have the slightest?

Even if Wen Yongshan’s face can be so beautiful, he can’t hold the dark circles and big oil faces!


As for the light, I even suspected that the crew had no light bulbs. The characters were either dark or full of contrast. The saturation was zero. In the face of the actor’s face, he tuned him a red orange, yellow, green, blue, blue purple.

Is this a high -end movie? I’m afraid.

In addition to the coloring and lighting of the yin, there are bizarre gangs.


After all, Teacher Yu Rongguang was old and could not see the lunter rod that was mistaken in the camera in the monitor.

But this shot is dirty like this, anyway, wipe it, right?

Can’t help but be curious, did the crew not pay the later salary of the drama?


Not only do the audience wearing gangs, but also the aesthetic clothing.


Director Yu Rongguang may invite the inventory of “Dance Legend” and “Mufu Fengyun” a few years ago.


Regardless of Qiao Feng’s exotic bib, and Duan Yu’s white -bottom Phnom Penh’s shoulder.

I asked Mu Wanqing on the top of her head to wear a hollow saddle to cover the wind and rain or the art of behavior?


Don’t you like the vertical version? It’s okay, and the white horizontal saddle of Dao Baifeng.


Mu Wanqing’s veil also wore a loneliness and saw it clearly. It didn’t make sense to increase interest.

What is Wang Yuyan’s head wearing? Is the net used for gold fish?

There is also Murong Fu’s appearance. You are a hammer Murong Fu. I am afraid that it ’s not that Gusu Yanziwu Yinyang Shi Shi Qingming.

Not only clothing, I suspect that even the makeup of this drama is all in Teacher Yu Rongguang.


Wouldn’t it be cleaned by the eyebrow stubble?

Duan Yu is also added as a tiger against the same kidney deficiency makeup, which is more virtual than the virtual bamboo.


Put on the cloak of Lingbi Palace, and take off a vampire who has been hungry for hundreds of years and suddenly exposed to the sun for hundreds of years.


The props are even more laughing,


Everyone see, this is the treasure of the beggar town, the dog stick:


The description of the dog stick in the original book is:

The texture is flexible, the body is green, and it is about one foot longer than the single sword, so it has the reputation of “green jade stick”.

What is your black cricket, what is the thing that can’t be buried? Does the beggar gang the Lord’s stirring sticks from generation to generation?

However, there is one to say that the new version of “Tianlong Babu” also has advantages. Almost all scenes are shot in real scenes.

But real scene shooting does not make you special effects!


Duan Yu fell under Wuliang Mountain and looked up: Wow! Fall!



Do you care about this stuff called waterfall?

My TM is soaked in urine than its water!

As we all know, I have a high tolerance for bad films.

If a drama is a cast, perfunctory, and the whole way of taking the road is completely cracked, as long as the plot is still speaking, I can also close my eyes and listen to it.

To the main framework of the story, a line of a small character, the new version of “Tianlong Babu” is painted according to the gourd, and almost follows the original work.


Say it is good to restore the original book, and it is unpleasant to copy without brain copying.

If the remake of film and television dramas is so simple, what else do I need to screen?

It really takes the original work to shoot. Could it be that the first 20 episodes only shot Duan Yu, the middle 20 episodes only shot Xuzhu, and the last 20 episodes were left to Qiao Feng?


The screenwriter patted his head, hey! Let’s open a group portrait!


So you sing and make me appear, and look at flowers.

The three main lines led by the three POV characters are mixed with inexplicable Wang Yuyan and Murong Fu branch.

The connection is hard, and the turning point is abrupt,

“Two flowers bloom in the flowers, each of which each shows one branch” is better.

The timeline between each other is not right: the previous second was still trapped in the middle of the night, and the next second was cut to the sunny beggar conference.

It was first debuted in Chapter 31 of the original book. Gusu Murong Fu, who was close to the end of the end, was inexplicable with Qiao Feng at the beginning.

“Sister Fairy” Wang Yuyan also appeared inexplicably, as if worried that the audience would not persist in her appearance.

Is this restoring the original book?


The key is that the new version of “Tianlong Babu” has not even copied it!

Since the marketing caliber is “fit the original”, and even licking his face and pulling his predecessors, he said that he is the “most fitted original” version.


Then my film is more true to you today,

I scolded you clearly in the original book!

First, the biggest controversy.

Let’s look at the original book first. The white paper was clearly written, and Duan Yu was pushed away by Zhong Ling.

In the play, Zhong Ling seemed to be lost in martial arts, and was hit by a weak chicken that would not martial arts.

What, the classic IP needs this kind of wicked bridge segment to attract traffic?


This is not over, Mu Wanqing’s injuries have fainted, and Duan Yu in the play not only hugs by the crisis of people, but refuses to let it go.


There is no such a paragraph in the original book, don’t play yourself!


The most outrageous thing is that Duan Yu first met Wang Yuyan in the play. Intersection


That’s right, he really peeed, and he urinated all the way!

In just a few details of the magic reform, let a naive and kind noble son become a mentally handicapped apprentice who loves a stool incontinence.


(This gesture …)


Not only can I copy it, but the reading understanding of the screenwriter is also very problematic.

The original book Zhongnanhai Crocodile Shenyue’s third child blocked Duan Yu and Mu Wanqing, but he was unwilling to bully the injured woman, so he said the following sentence:

In just a word, showing the true temperament and preaching of Yue.

But in the play, it became like this:

Living is a dead pervert that loves the murderer.

This kind of magic reform, as well as Wang Jian’s transformed into an elderly men’s group, laughed at himself for many years, and should have made Xian.

Indeed, it is recommended that you go to “Brother who is cut in thorns”.

Gan Bao’s phrase, “How about his father’s body”, is not giving Duan Yu: Is there something wrong? Where do I know your dad’s health?


In the words of Lu Wen, the duck classmate next door, the behavior of the screenwriter is called:

Go to its essence and create their own dross.

Mr. Jin Yong knows under the spring, and he must jump up and give the screenwriter two slap each!

I was bored. The director of this play, Teacher Yu Rongguang, once made good works such as “Legend of Dance” and “Mufu Fengyun”.


Why is it so pulled now?

As soon as I checked the staff table, I suddenly understood:

“Dance Legend” and “Mufu Fengyun” have a high reputation, and to some extent, they are attributed to the big boss who is good at turning rotten into magic.

The adaptation of the original work of “Qing Yu Nian” not only satisfied the original fans, but also made the new audience read directly.

As for the screenwriter of the new version of “Tianlong Babu” …


Indeed, people are as famous as their names, bleak the original book, and then sew it to make up for the new version of “Tianlong Babu” that can not be done.


The score of 3.4 deserves its name.

Zhang Yishan’s “Lu Ding Ji”, who “Monkey Ling Monkey” last year, to “Tianlong Babu” that has been confused this year

I don’t know when we have no expectations for remake of Jin Yong’s drama.

Once upon a time, Jin Yong drama was only qualified to play in the big name, and there was no dare to get started without sky -high investment.

Now, Jin Yong’s drama has become a tool for saving money to make money.

There is the original book, the screenwriter saves trouble;

With Jin Yong’s golden signboard, the actor’s requirements are also low;


Jin Yong’s own traffic is saved by propaganda.

The management has to sigh: Jin Yong is so good!

Based on excellence, a new attitude remakes can also be produced.

But the new version of “Tianlong Babu” talked about today is clearer and more rough.

You want to say how good the 2003 version of the service chemical road is, and you do n’t necessarily do it. Do n’t believe you see the three -person group of Xingsu Pai:

But whether a drama has an attentive at a glance, it is clear at a glance.

It is not a martial arts drama, let alone young people who do not love martial arts. It is said that Batman and Iron Man, aren’t Batman and Iron Man?

Instead, people who filmed martial arts have changed their motivation and their hearts are incorrect.

The demon crooked, can you shoot martial arts?

It really doesn’t work, let the chivalry live in the predecessor’s masterpiece.

At least for the sake of money, step on the tomb of the predecessors, and then step on the soil of the predecessors and spit.

Speaking of this today, I went to relive the 2003 Hu Jun’s “Tianlong Babu” to wash your eyes.


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