Official announcement Double 11 starts in advance, see how businesses are playing!

What is Double 11 in the world?

Straight teach people to be blocked and crazy!

Full 300 minus 40

50 % off at the audience

Energy melon is divided into 1 billion red envelopes

Group buying, brand group, second killing bargain


Various businesses hit the price war, so they were blocked on the Internet, the express delivery was blocked, the brains were blocked, and my heart … also blocked!


Sales are easy to be very compassionate

Open the 11.11 channel for everyone early!

During the event from November 7th to November 14th, if you register to apply for a trial sales to sell CRM, you will have the opportunity to get a Kindle!


way of participation

Follow [Sales Easy CRM] Official WeChat, reply number: 11, just ~

Awarding condition



This event is only for sales of new registered users

The registered person must be a business user, and the company name and corporate mailbox are correctly filled in

After the successful registration, you must go to the mailbox to activate the account and try to sell it easy for CRM

Awarding method

According to the effective registration time, select the first, 11, 21, 31 …


Lucky users


﹜ Free shipping home ~ 到

All registered children’s boots can be obtained

Sales easy CRM for free trial for 30 days

, Experience new features in the first time ~


Announcement date

: Monday, November 19th


What are you waiting for? Come and participate!



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