Romantic and intimate, the Changsha Marriage Registration Office sends the newcomer to the newcomer to make a custom mask

Our newspaper Changsha News On August 13th, there was one day before the “Tanabata” festival. On the same day, Gong Chen and his lover received the “Qixi” festival gift at the marriage registration service center of the Tianxin District Civil Affairs Bureau of Changsha City. – Custom mask. It is understood that this is the theme of “Qixi · Love in Changsha” organized by the Propaganda Department of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee. The mask is red and blue, the blue is dedicated to men, the pink is dedicated to the lady. The words of the holiday · Qixi “and” love in Changsha “are beautiful and atmospheric. After each newcomer has received the certificate, he will dress up and talk about the blessings of his Qixi Festival. He also signed the signature wall on the wall of “saving frugality and advocating civilization, moving the customs and trees and new winds”, identifying and advocating a new style of marriage.


In marriage registration in Tianxin District, Changsha, and Yuelu District, new people who come to apply for marriage registration are wearing this custom mask.


“Because it is close to the Qixi Festival, today Tianxin District has registered more than 40 pairs, and the average workload is usually more than 30 pairs.” Li Feiyan, the marriage registration service center of the Tianxin District Civil Affairs Bureau, said, “In order to fully show the romance of the” Internet celebrity Changsha “, the” cultural city ‘The thickness of the “Happy City”. According to the actual situation of the current epidemic, it advocates the new fashion of moving customs and customs. On August 13, we will distribute a custom mask on the marriage registration office of the Government Affairs Hall of Tianxin District. Printing information such as “Our Festival · Qixi” in Changsha ‘. “


The newcomers and couples present were very happy. The staff and volunteers all sent sincere blessings.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Qin intern Liu Youming

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