Oaks Cold Fan Evaluation: Far remote control, sending cold wind, understanding you like a robot

It is summer. What do you think of these four words? hot! And this summer, there are more differences. We not only continue to drink beer and lobster, but also have four years of the World Cup! Considering that each person’s constitution is different and the needs are different, today we will introduce a product that can help you safe and comfortable to exceed the midsummer.

It is not a common air conditioner, nor is it ordinary fan. Its name is Oak’s single-cold remote-controlled cold fan with a model of FLS-120BR16JD. In order to “prepare for” the World Cup and summer, I brought it home. Let me show you the style and strength through the measured way. Let’s first have a detail map to have eye -catching addiction:

1. Open the box

When you receive the package, you can see that it is not a big guy. I tried to move it myself. Although I haven’t seen the true face of Lushan, it is also determined that it is not a heavy guy. Like many home appliances, we don’t have to worry about packaging, and everything is intact.


What are the things in the box, which is the focus of our attention. You can understand what they are called through the two real pictures below. For specific internal details and functions, we will introduce in detail later.

1.1 The front map of the cold fan out of the box


1.2 Cold fan -related spare parts chart

2. Detail introduction and corresponding functions

2.1 Cold fan control panel

If you want to quickly understand the function of an electrical product, look at the control panel first is definitely a good choice. The control panel of this Oaks cold fan, except for a display in the middle, has four control buttons on each side of the left and right sides, namely: the key to control the switch; the cold air key to start the cool wind; switch the three wind speed speeds of the wind speed; Wind speed keys; 12 -hour timing timing key; wind direction can swing left and right to swing left and right; wind direction can swing up and down winding bonds on the upper and lower swinging; including normal wind, natural wind, and sleeping wind wind key; Release the negative ion key of the negative ion.

2.2 Cold fan outlet and water level line window

It can be seen literally that the air outlet is where it gives us a place, whether it is automatically swinging pages up, down, left and right, or wide -angle sending wind, it must be achieved through it. In the case of power -on work, it is like this:

The water level window is another “display area” of our cold fan. Because it is a cold fan, we use this water level window. Add water to the water tank in the body to make the blowing wind more cooling. How much should I add to the water in this process? We can control the “MAX” (maximum) indicator scale and “min” (minimum) indicator scale of the water level line for control. After adding water, it is like this:


2.3 The air filter and wet curtain paper on the back of the cold fan


Just as the configuration of most electrical appliances is hidden in the dark, the space where the back of this cold fan is locked by the screw is also vital to exist. For example, the air filter can effectively filter the dust particles sent to the indoor air, and the effect of wet curtain paper, cooling, humidifying, and filtering. It is worth mentioning that the air filter and wet curtain paper, after a long period of use, in order to avoid the effects of pollutants such as dust and the effect of the air volume and dust removal, we recommend it to clean and replace it in time.


2.4 Cold fan full pump water tank

As a cold fan, the biggest difference from ordinary fans is its cold wind function, which is inseparable from water. The machine uses the water pump to pump the cold water in the water tank to the top of the body and flow under the wet curtain paper, and then blow out the cold air around the wet curtain paper from the rotating wind wheel to achieve the cooling and humidity function.


3. Use experience


3.1 Because the bottom of this cold fan is equipped with four universal wheels, and it is light and clever, the top of the cold fan is also designed with easy -to -raising hands. Therefore, whether it is in the living room, study, or bedroom, it can be easily moved.


3.2 This cold fan has a three -speed wind speed. As far as my personal experience is concerned, when one person uses, it is sufficient to use a low -end wind speed. Because it adopts high -quality copper wire motor, it can run for a long time, and its horsepower is strong. Moreover, the design of the outlet is also comprehensive enough, so don’t worry about only local cooling. In addition, it also thoughtfully designed the wind of sleep wind. At night when the weather was hot, it was accompanied by it, cool and not afraid of being cold. For example, when turning on low -grade wind speed and normal wind, it will be displayed on the control panel:

3.3 Since it is a cold fan, of course, try its cold wind function. When I turn on the cold wind keys, I can clearly hear the sound of water flowing in the wet curtain. After a while, you can obviously feel that the wind blowing out is more cool, and it can be used for a long time to add water for a long time. You don’t need to consider the troubles that need to be added frequently. In addition, we can also turn on its negative ion function, enjoy the cool summer, and bring fresh air to the home.

3.4 Before we introduced the ice crystal box, during the use, we can put it in the water tank according to the reminder on the ice crystal box.

Fourth, advantages and inferiority two evaluations


Anyway, it is difficult to have something to be perfect, and the same is true for this Oaks cold fan. Let me talk about what advantages it has and what are the places that need to be improved from a more discerning perspective.


First of all, advantages:

4.1 High cost performance. Judging from the effect of my experience, its 300 yuan price is absolutely cost -effective, and it is not an electrical appliance for one person. In a certain space, it can make the entire room cool.

4.2 Symbly and convenient. Whether it is a universal wheel, a grip, or its own shape and weight, these aspects show its convenience in use.


4.3 The effect of wind is good, and the cold wind effect is good. Even if it is not a cold fan, it will be a good electric fan. The air volume is large, the wind is continuously effective, and it does not need to blow to people like an electric fan.

4.4 Remote remote control convenience. In addition to the keys on the control panel, it also supports the remote control remote control, lying on the sofa, no longer need to sit up, walk over, and press it gently to let it understand you like a robot.


4.5 Energy -saving power saving. Since it is an electrical appliance, everyone will definitely pay attention to whether it saves energy. In fact, it only needs 75W power when it blows the cold wind, and it only costs 0.75 degrees of electricity for 10 hours, so you don’t have to worry about it will reduce your wallet.


There are many advantages such as such, so we will not list them one by one. Let’s see what it needs to be improved:


4.6 The button lighting problem of the control panel. Personally, if you use a key on the control panel, each press is pressed, the button can be brightened as a prompt, which may be better in the experience of the use experience. Of course, it has a corresponding prompt on the display.


4.7 Because there are any other sizes, let’s talk about the design of the size of the cold fan first, and facilitate the selection of people with different needs.

5. Evaluation summary

In general, this 300 -dollar Oaks single -cold remote -controlled cold fan has a small electrical appliance for people to prepare for summer. Taking remote control as an example, it is a convenient electrical appliance; taking cold air as an example, it is a multiple electrical appliances. In the wave of the World Cup, why not use it with us, welcome the top competitions, and welcome the passionate summer!

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