Inventory of Princess Kate in 2019, gorgeous dress dress, perfect matching shows elegance

Extremely elegant and elegant beautiful dresses are not only royal fans, but also women all over the world.

British royal family Princess Kate


Take a look at her gorgeous dress in 2019!

February 10, 2019

The two husbands and wives appeared at the British Oscar Awards Ceremony Red Capeling, exuding the qi that was dwarfed with actresses. The shoulder dress that sets off the beauty of Demkolt is “Alexander McQueen”. With the pearl earrings loved by the former Princess Diana, the perfect match is elegant.


February 13, 2019

On the charity Jiara held in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the smoky pink and gray combinations were wearing elegant “ancient” dresses. On the tight velvet ribbon, holding the “Prada” satin handbag.

February 27, 2019

On the day when I visited Bellston, Northern Ireland, I wore “Misony” at the evening recruitment at the evening.

Mint color

Ramant gown. With nude fluffy high heels, it is exquisite and elegant.

March 12, 2019


The Gala party attended the Portrait Gallery of the London National Gallery and served as a sponsor. The romantic dresses of the black background lined with a white bouquet pattern are the “Alexander McQueen” renovation dress wearing the 2017 Oscar Awards Ceremony in Britain in 2017. Change the design from the off -shoulder to a cap sleeve, and change the hairstyle from top to bottom, which has changed the image greatly.

May 14, 2019

The retro Polka dot dot dress, in the portrait of Prince Charles’s 70th birthday, also wore the favorite clothes. The color of the dresses and the fluffy high heels, which is also “Amy London” in Hivelo.

May 20, 2019

“Adm “‘s fancy dress with” custom “Espadley’s feminine dress, participated in the preview of the” Chelsea Flower Show “. The earrings of the flower pattern selected according to the location and the design of the dress are “Kassandra Gord”.

June 3, 2019

This is a scene of President Trump’s dinner in Buckingham Palace. In conjunction with “Alexander McQueen” Tiad dress is the “Robs Nortarra” that Princess Diana loves. The oblique blue royal belt given by Queen Elizabeth is one of the most women in the Royal Victoria Medal as the highest Dam Grackros.

June 12, 2019


At a charity meeting, wearing a “Barbara Casarora” white off -the -shoulder dress, with “Wilber & Ancient West” handbags and “Jimmyqiu” Grete high -heeled shoes, gave people a kind of Calked outfit. In fact, this knitted dress also wore a dress three years ago.

June 18, 2019

The blue dress of “Ali Saab” swaying on the neck’s ribbon in the wind was paired with the “Philip Tryz” evening dress. Princess Kate was also particularly beautiful in the royal Askot. Silver bags, light mouth shoes and blue have very good coordination and unity.


July 2, 2019

At the Wembledon Tennis Championships, the general seats of the outdoor court were surprised to appear, becoming the focus of attention. The white dress from “Susana” from London, plus the white clothing of the leather belt of “Alexander McQueen” is very beautiful. The ribbon -shaped appearance of “Alexander McQueen” is equipped with elegance.

July 10, 2019

When this scene was watching the game of Prince William, he hugged Prince Louis and felt her as a mother. On the printed dress of the favorite brand “LK Benit”, with the “customized” accessories, it shows the elegant travel style of early summer.


September 10, 2019


Attacking a public event held in the Botanical Garden of the Westlie Emperor’s Hills Association. The Bell Ted dresses that love the brand “Emilia Wickest” are inlaid with pink flowers, retro and romantic designs in Perk blue land. Of course, this dress was sold out in a blink of an eye! Go to the king ~~


October 15, 2019

The Pakistani flag and green dresses visited in the Royal Journey to pay tribute to the other country. It has an absolutely elegant Gelite dress that is suitable for a dinner. The wedding line is also a very popular “Jenny Parkham” clothes.

November 18, 2019


The “Royal Variety Performance” attended the charity concert with Prince William. The elegant “Alexander McQueen” lace dress, coupled with the “Jimmyqiu” black handbag, shows the dress suitable for autumn Sawale. The ears shook on the ears to add gorgeous.


The elegant temperament brings the taste of dressing, and the image of the beautiful princess should be like this!




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