Is the living room installed on the ceiling light? The lamps are right, your living room has a face value rising

In the decoration of the living room, lamps are important parts. In addition to providing lighting, lamps can also create a good atmosphere. As a mature lamp style, is it suitable for living room space?

1. Is the living room installation of ceiling lights?

The living room is a common choice and has great advantages, but there are also some flaws.

1. The advantages of the living room to install ceiling lights


save space:

The style of the ceiling light is simple and hangs directly on the ceiling without taking up too much space, nor does it affect the space layout.

Bright light:

The ceiling light uses a bright LED light source, which can illuminate the entire space and make the living room look bright and generous.

Easy to take care of:

Compared with chandeliers, ceiling lights are adsorbed directly on the ceiling. There is no sanitary dead corner, and it is easier to clean and take care of it.

High cost performance:

Among the many lamp styles, the top lamp is cost -effective, and the installation wiring is relatively simple.

2. The disadvantage of the ceiling lamp in the living room

Poor style tone:


Although the ceiling lights are diverse, the installation method is simple, usually without the effect of “eye -catching”, which is not suitable for living rooms with strong style tone.

Single light source:

The top lighting source is relatively single, and other auxiliary lighting design is required, and the light cannot be adjusted according to different living scenes.

Second, how to buy the ceiling light in the living room?

Buying top lamps in the living room usually takes into account the following factors.

1. Size

The size of the top light can be selected according to the area, and it must be measured accurately, and it will look more coordinated as a whole.

2. Style

There are many types of ceiling lamps, which are mainly selected according to the decoration style. If the style is not matched, it is easy to cause abrupt sense.


3. Color

The living room is used to meet the guests. The color of the ceiling light should be bright and a sense of time, so that the overall effect will be better.

4. Type

The ceiling light can be divided into incandescent ceiling lights and fluorescent ceiling light according to the light source. The living room is generally selected to suck the ceiling light, which is better for lighting.


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