Who said that suit pants can only be worn seriously, and in summer suit pants can be worn like this



Many people have a misunderstanding of suit pants. I mistakenly use the suit pants as a class clothes for work. I do n’t want to have a relationship with the trousers. In fact, the suit pants are also very fashionable. How to wear a “rigid” suit pants out of fashion? This is the interesting place of today’s topic. As long as it is simple, the shirt is replaced with a T -shirt, shirt, a sense of style and overall feeling, will have a 360 -degree change. There is no exaggeration. Look at the demonstration.

Maybe in your impression, suit pants are like this. Although it is very formal, it lacks a sense of fashion, and there is a sense of vision worn by veterans in the 1990s.


Compared with the present, the current business installation is very different. From the loose pants shape of the straight tube to the nine -point straight, the pants lines are more trimmed, the dress is more high, and the jacket suit jacket has more waist effects. The overall presentation is presented. A mental state.

Throughout the current popularity, from the fictional TV drama characters to the realistic performing arts circle male star dress, and then to the fashion industry, the image of suit pants has changed greatly, turning traditional wear into casual wear And more suitable for the general public. If you return the time to 10 years ago, the trousers and shoes may be a joke; the pants that expose the ankle appear poor and backward.

Feng Shui turns turns, and the street mixing wind has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A seemingly flat suit pants. By matching with your own way, the scope of the limited model of leather shoes will be expanded to break through the taboos of dressing. The pattern has become a form of expression.

Under normal circumstances, the simplest and direct way we can think of is “vegetarian T with suit pants”, and shoes can choose general casual shoes. The texture of the details is very important. The thin models and trousers can be rolled for 2 laps, exposing ankle, wearing a leisure into the pants, it is even more profitable. Of course, what I just mentioned is some daily leisure matching. Look down to you.

# Basic shirt+suit pants


There are many options for work without clothing requirements, such as trousers+T -shirts, and what to do is to make trousers+T -shirts more decent.

It should be like going to work at work. Ordinary casual oblique bags can be replaced by hand -held briefcases;

▲ The length of the pants requires nine points, exposing the ankle’s proportion of height. At the same time, you can also bring a lot of gentlemen.


Casual shoes can be replaced with casual leather shoes. Leather shoes are the key at this moment. The addition of leather shoes will bring more formal sense to the whole. In the end, the overall color is also critical. It can determine whether you are on vacation or work. Generally, conservative matching, black and white, all black, are the most reflected color that is the most serious and safest color.

▲ In addition, a small and poor proportion of men should pay attention. The five or five bodies are really troubled. You can use high -waisted design+tie skills to make the overall proportion show the visual effect of long legs and short body.


If your matching skills are deep enough, you can try the POLO contrasting color matching, which is also a combination of business sense.


Except for T -shirts and POLO, don’t miss the shirts. White shirts and striped shirts are the best choices. The shirt seems to be formal, but through some details, it can wear a very casual feeling. Starting from the color, you can get rid of the sense of formality; the white shirt’s sleeves roll up, and the leisions are tied into the pants to create a capable male charm.


The material of the suit pants is not limited to ordinary suit fabrics. In summer, it needs to be breathable. Cotton and linen are ventilated and ventilated. With the same material striped shirt, the summer suit pants look can also be worn very cool. Of course, of course, the light and light fabric shoes cannot be equipped with leather shoes, and it is the best choice with cool straw shoes.

The shape level is a bit prominent. You can add a black bottoming T to blend, and the appearance is not worse than the print.

If you want to find some freshness on you, you can make articles on the trousers, such as changing to wide west pants, the overall style tends to be leisure, the stripes also have a retro feeling, with the tens of0 % of the tens of0 % of the wide pants. Retro shape.


# Print pattern+suit pants


The above -mentioned introduction starts with the foundation, but there are men who pay attention to the trend of the trend. They will find that the printing pattern is hot. If it is paired with suit pants, it will feel different. The style of the trousers is not limited to the traditional style. The wide pants are very popular in the past two years. The style designed into a trousers can wear a gentleman and street style.

The same top is full of printed blossoms, and it is not bad with straight nine -point trousers, because the printed pattern on the upper body is full of vision, and it attracts the attention everywhere. Essence


Therefore, when you encounter a complicated top, the lower body’s pants and shoes are OK as long as the basic models are paired. By the way, pay attention to the color matching. If you don’t know what color is used to match the lower dress, the color of the deepest color in the print is accurate.


And there is no printed vegetarian T with Western wide pants, less elegant gentleman feelings, and one point of casualness. However, this style is not that everyone can control it. Although there is no waistline, the hidden proportion is comfortable to wear, it is easy to wear a sense of sloppyness.

The more individual Style failed to hold it, taking the brand route so that the small brand logo was presented in a minimalist dress, and it was not a way to make the shape stand out. Don’t underestimate this logo. In fact, there is a powerful design concept behind the logo. Adding brand stories and design concepts will make this T more valuable. It is also the most interesting and most interesting place for the whole shape.

# 条 条 条

In addition to ordinary trousers, you can also consider printing, checkered, and striped trousers, which are very easy. As long as you use a T -shirt, you can press the complicated stripes, plaids, and prints of the trousers. There will be different styles.


With striped pants as the highlight of the shape, the top and shoes are mainly solid colors. You can remind men who are fat in the lower body as a editor. Although the vertical stripes have the visual effect of extending, they can be unhappy with the fat -type man in the lower body. It is even fat, so the fat man should choose the costumes of the visual focus on the lower body.

Those with deep skills can try the stripes and stripes, but the color must be controlled in the complicated stripes. It is best to control the same color system of the upper and lower body, and the thickness of the thickness of the upper body stripes and the lower body stripes. Finally, the shoes are embellished with simple white shoes. The same is true for accessories. Pure -colored items will not be “chaotic” to the shape.


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