Choose the right straw hat that suits you to save the whole summer boring dress

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In the season when you can fly freely, in addition to the concave shape, the functionality of the straw hat shading sunscreen should not be underestimated. And not just a holiday on the beach, but usually a suitable straw hat for daily travel. Hats have always been favored by fashionistas. Any simple dress, with a hat embellishment, can present a different fashion. And the plus part of the hat is on the head, which is more important.


Just like Wang Luodan’s hat that seems to be unable to see the brim, the pull -up shape shows a lazy and casual tone. In fact, this kind of straw hat inherits the shape of the fisherman’s hat. It is a more popular style this year. With casual jeans and simple long -sleeved T -shirts, minimalism is just right.

But there are some girls who love their hates and hate their hates. They like the fashion of the hat, but they are suffering from being unable to control it. I always feel that I have a big head, a big face, a hat -looking, and it looks awkward. Any type of hat is always timid and wanted to try, but in the end, he lost in front of Ao Jiao’s hat.

We want to control any item, we need to understand it correctly and objectively, and face it, and then we can use it to avoid the use of themselves. Just like what tactics are tactical, we can know the other ways.

So today, let’s talk about the straw hat and see the essence of the straw hat clearly. From the shape of the straw hat, how to choose, and match a series of questions to make the “hat beauty” into reality.

First: The shape of the straw hat and how to choose

1. The shape of the hat:

The composition of the hat is generally:

Hats, hats, and decorations.


For straw hats, hats are woven from waterweed, crooked grass, wheat straw, bamboo cricket, or brown rope. The brims are relatively wide, but this year’s narrow straw hat. In terms of functionality, it can be used to cover the rain, shade, and put the clothes in a hat during rest to prevent the dust from being covered. But from a popular perspective, the fashionability of straw hats is greater than its functional.

▲ For the straw hat, the height and low of the hat crown, the lines of straight and the curved, and the width and narrowness of the brim, the changes in the lines of straight and the curvature, and the changes in the lines of the decoration will affect the character’s style. Usually, we choose not to the hat that suits us, often ignores the changes in straight lines, and the impact of small details on the overall style. As long as you choose a hat suitable for your style, you will not make mistakes.


▲ From the above figure, the difference between the height and low of the hat crown will affect the length and shortness of the face shape. If your face is very long, you must choose a hat with a high hat. If the face shape is short, you can choose a hat with a high hat crown, which can extend the effect of the face.


Crown Crown: It seems that the line shape is straight, giving people feel tough.


Hat crown: The lines are soft.

The straight song of the hat crown is better to understand. We have said about the concept of straight and songs. The straight and songs are the development of lines, and everything has the difference between straight and curvature, including our character style. Understanding the straight song is to better match the style of people and things, which is very important in image design.

In addition to the straight song of the hat crown, there is also the straight tune of the brim,


As shown in the figure above, the lines of the brim are divided into straight lines and curves. The definition of a hat event with a straight curved depends on the total effect of the hat and the brim lines, and the overall curve feels obvious. Then the hat is finally biased, and vice versa. The straight and song of the hat correspond to the relationship between the characters,

The overall style is more suitable for the hat of the curve; the overall style of the straight line is suitable for a straight hat.

There is also a factor that can affect the straight song of the hat, that is, the style of the accessories, such as the decoration of bow and lace, which also leads to the direction of style.

2. The choice of the hat:

Speaking of the choice of hat,

Based on the two points and styles of our face, the hat of the hat and hat of the hat appeared is the choice of the height of the hat and the hat of the hat.


We know that if we want to wear a hat, it has a lot to do with the head shape and face shape, especially the face shape.

▲ Different faces in the figure above basically cover the face shape seen in daily life. Some people are composite for two kinds of face shapes. They must be based on the most obvious facial shape characteristics. The different faces above are classified as the classification of straight and songs:

Curve face: round face, heart -shaped face, triangular face is also called pear -shaped face, goose egg face

Straight face: rectangular face, square face, diamond face is also called diamond face, inverted triangle face

Judging what the face is from the length and width, the three courts and five eyes start, judging from the outline of the outline, if you are not sure of your face, you can talk about Luowei privately.

After understanding your face shape, the choice of straw hat is relatively simple.

Generally, you can choose from the height of the hat of the straw hat, and the line of straight and curvature of the hat.

If the face shape is long, you must choose a short or short hat crown in the choice of the hat crown to widen the width of the hat from the horizontal direction, so as to modify the long face.


▲ In actual life, wearing a hat is not good -looking because the head or width of the face is wide. After wearing an inappropriate hat, you can’t modify the face shape, but the face shape is greater.


Therefore, when choosing a large head and width of the face, consider the width of the hat crown. The width of the hat crown should be greater than the width of the face. The width of the brim cannot be greater than the width of the shoulder. As long as you have the two principles to choose a hat, the probability of errors will be relatively small.

The changes in the style of direct coats in different hats need to be matched with the style of the character of the character. This one is relatively flexible, and the style of the straw hat has different forms of changes. We can choose the corresponding hat style according to our own style. As long as you master this basic rule, use it flexibly.

Second: color matching of straw hat


For summer straw hats, it is nothing more than white, white, khaki, brown, etc., which are relatively good in matching clothes. A problem that needs to be noted is the color choice of the straw hat. However, the prosperity of makeup techniques is of little significance.

If the skin tone is warm and dark, the dark brown color is not suitable, you can choose a light khaki with warmth. If you choose the cold rice white, it will set off the skin darker.

If the skin tone is cold, then the white white will be more suitable, and it will look better. However, because the color is almost or more, it will affect the performance effect, and the specific choice is also subject to the suitable trial.

▲ In addition to the common neutral color straw hat, there are also bright colors. When choosing a bright -colored straw hat, in addition to consistent with the skin color, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony of the color of clothing. Except for clothing,

The color of the hair also affects the color of the hat.




Selection of straw hat color first depends on the warmth of skin tone; the second choice is harmonious with the hair; the third must be matched with the overall clothing. There are also many world knowledge points in color. We will use a lot of space to explain the color of our skin tone and clothing. Today, the color of the straw hat only lists the basic rules, mastering the basic principles, and other knowledge points are slowly supplemented.

The straw hat wants to wear good -looking, good -looking, and the style you want to present will not be ignored. Usually what style we want to express, or what kind of occasion we want to go, we choose the corresponding style hat. We understand the basic knowledge points above, just to better shape our most beautiful style.

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life. If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!


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