Another “dark horse” SUV on the joint venture, 1.3T exploded 165 horsepower, fuel consumption is 6.5L, the lowest is 120,000

For the joint venture SUV, I believe that many people stay in Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan Jinke, Chevrolet Chuangku and other models, and I believe it is no stranger to Buick’s SUV, but for Buick Okla GX, I believe few people know. Because this is a small SUV that Buick just launched, with 9AT+165 horsepower, and the high -profile model is also equipped with a four -wheel drive system, with a minimum of 120,000. It can be seen that the cost performance is still relatively high! Let’s take a look together!

In the front face part, Buickobora GX uses Buick’s new family style design, hexagonal mid -net shape, with a sharp LED headlights, it looks domineering! The bottom air grille at the bottom and the fog light shape look more exquisite!

On the side of the body, the suspended roof shape, with the three -dimensional smooth body contour, looks dynamic! The 19 -inch car wheel at the bottom also reflects the positioning of Angora GX!

In terms of tail shape, the overall stability is mainly stable, the split headlight shape, with the angular body contour, the bottom of the bottom of the bottom reflects the off -road feeling of the car! The bilateral single -sided exhaust pipe shape on the bottom also reflects the strong motivation of the car!

2. Interior

As soon as you enter the interior, it is a large area of ​​soft wrap, with silver chrome panel, which looks more delicate! In terms of configuration, it is equipped with one -click startup, reversing image, three -sized steering wheel, and ESP. It can be seen that the configuration is relatively rich!

In terms of rear row, the overall is comfortable, and the overall wrapping has a good performance! But it is more regrettable that in the low -profile models, there is no air -conditioning air outlet and USB interface, which greatly reduces the practicality of passengers! In terms of space, the length and width are: 4463mm, 1813mm, 1642mm, and the wheelbase of 2640mm. For small SUVs, this space performance is quite ample, and it is more than enough to meet the daily family!

3. Dynamics

In terms of power, Aungla GX is equipped with the eighth -generation 1.3T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 165 horsepower. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 6 -speed manual/9 -speed automatic transmission. This is also the model of this model. A big highlight! And in the high -profile models, a four -wheel drive system is also equipped with a fuel consumption of about 6.9L per 100 kilometers. It can be seen that the cost performance is still very high!



In terms of appearance and power, this Aung Kora GX has a good performance, especially in terms of power, which is relatively strong! In terms of fuel consumption and material texture, it needs to be improved!

Let’s listen to the hot comments from netizens:

1. Cross -border models that integrate SUV and MPV -style

2. The three -cylinder is cool! X1 is an example

3. Please add air -conditioned air outlets and charging sockets in the rear row

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