Coach Jessaly’s thick bottom character drags $ 39.99

Novice must look at Haitao Raiders

COACH 蔻驰 Jessalyn 厚底人字拖 $39.99转运攻略

With the continuous value -added of the renminbi, the domestic product quality inspection level has frequently occurred. The news of the safety of consumers purchased in China hurts consumers’ life safety. These phenomena form the fuse of foreign “Haitao” …

COACH 蔻驰 Jessalyn 厚底人字拖 $39.99paypal注册流程

PayPal registration process

PayPal, a Internet service provider headquartered in San Jose, California, is allowed to transfer funds between users who use emails to identify identity, avoiding traditional mailing checks or remittances …


The transfer company provides a address to collect foreign online purchase of goods for those who shop directly on foreign websites (commonly known as Haitao tribe), and then transfer the goods back to China …

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