good news! You can watch the performance for free in the mall.

good news! You can watch the performance for free in the mall, and the “Shanghai Art Commercial District” was announced in October.

(The show performance is subject to the actual situation of the day)

Huangpu District

Hong Kong Plaza

Northern seat

Address: No. 282 Huaihai Middle Road

Transportation: Metro Line 1; Bus 109, 911, 920


Participate in many performances, such as the New Year’s Eve Concert in Shanghai Jinqiao Biyun District, the Shanghai Tennis Center Jazz Music Exchange Performance, Ningbo Resort Philips New Product Conference, Shanghai Jinshan Christmas Carnival Performance, etc.

Thunder shock

, Well -known Guitar Performance Artists, Playing Singer, Three Craftsman Studio long -term cooperative musicians. He has participated in dozens of performances of various types of music festivals. Many famous music bars in Beijing and Shanghai have performed for a long time.


, Shanghai Music Circle veteran -level musicians have rich experience and solid technology. He has studied classical piano since childhood and has been active on the popular jazz music stage for 10 years.

Guo Mingjie

, Teacher Zhang Taicai, Vice President of the Shanghai Musicians Association, and Japanese classical music master Maeda Tamagi, studied classical SAX, and later studied in New York to follow the jazz musician Loren Stillman to study jazz Sax.

Jing’an District

Crystal Shopping Center

LG2 QPQ Little Free Library

Address: No. 68, Yugoyu Road

Transportation: Metro Line 2, 7; bus 20, 37, and 21st roads

Note: The above handmade courses need to be approved to participate. For details, see the Crystalgalleria (Crystalgalleria) of Crystal Shopping Center







1. Creative grain paste painting

——The saying that people use food as the sky, grain grains as raw materials, and stick to the shape of food, and use magnetic stickers behind them as refrigerator stickers. The food is not the same as eating without two dishes, which is called frugal diet. This course is preached to the food culture, and the second to admire the frugal attitude, and feel the power of food through the contact with the grains with both hands and grains.

2. No woven hand work

——The woven fabric is different from our common woven fabrics and needle woven fabrics. The woven fabrics and needle weaving must first spin the fiber into a thread, and then the thread is woven or weaved or weaves or weaves.

The cylindrical knitting is finally made into cloth. Use them to create a painting, and follow the teacher to start your handwork!

3. Paper Painting Experience

——Time shuttle, come to the paper art world. Yan paper is a simple and practical life art. It mainly uses the combination of rolls, pinching, and collage. The art of paper art is also called rolling paper decoration technology. This small “part” is created with different styles and different shapes with different styles.

4. Dream wool scarf cream down theme

——Matis’s creative philosophy and boldly created by Mattis’s creative philosophy, using pure natural wool to experience the touch of hand -tole wool. When wool and silk scarf meet, when encountering soap and water felt, what kind of adventure will it be created?

5. Halloween theme of pumpkin lamp production

——The combination of pumpkin and candles in this course. Everyone can make a special Halloween pumpkin lamp by sculpting, or horrible, cute, or warm. Intersection Hold your pumpkin lamp to please candy!

Daning Music Plaza

Address: No. 777 Wanrong Road

Transportation: Metro Line 1; Bus 210, 767, 79 Road

1. “Star Cross -Border Combination”

It is composed of young musicians active around the world. The combination is combined with the traditional Chinese traditional musical instrument flute, Erhu, Pipa, Mongolian Matou piano, and cello and classical guitar in Western instruments. Different music background allows them to have a unique style in the creation and interpretation of music, and the strong rhythm of the percussion music, their music is more worthy of everyone’s expectations.

2. Old Shanghai classic golden song concert

“Mao Rain” sung by Liminghui in 1927, as the first original popular song in China, walked across the Shanghai Beach, which created this historical period of this new music trend in China. A group of talented musicians came into being, and many songs with different themes and different styles have been sung and popular in the country.

3. Classic song concert

The show is mainly on -site concerts, including original music works with representative, singing, and mass foundation in the Mainland in the past 30 years. The entire concert summarized and sorted out some classic movie theme songs, film and television episodes, classic red songs, folk songs, etc. before and after reform and opening up.

4. Oscar Golden Songs Audiovisual

, Every movie won the Oscar Golden Award is an eternal art work, and the music of each award -winning film echoed permanently in the hearts of the fans like the god of the divine music, or like a war song, or the drizzle brisk and melodious It is also like a relationship.

6. “Broadway Music Drama”

It is combined by the classic fragments of the famous musical “Cat”, “The Phantom of the Theater”, “Burning Floor”, and “Happy Family”. Its content is wonderful, with classic plots, familiar songs, wonderful character shapes, and cheerful dances to create beautifully.

Jing’an Darong City

Address: Shanghai Tai Road 1111

Transportation: Metro Line 7; Bus 206, 951, 845 Road

1. The Freedom Band,

For more than ten years, he has participated in major music festivals, music festivals and various performances. Different performance occasions make the band have rich live performance experience, which can easily control all kinds of styles such as pop, jazz, rock and other styles.

2. Grammy,

This concert will carefully select the “best of the year” golden songs from the “Golden Speak Machine” music trolley, including popular songs and music such as popularity, Latin, Jazz, and villages, and Leads you to feel the most primitive power of music at the scene with the last ease and rhythm.

3. Children’s drama,

“Brother’s Children’s Troupe” has more than 20 self -operated dramas, and its category covers “traditional doll dramas”, “children’s family drama”, “children’s musical drama”, “experience interactive drama”, “hand drama”, “shadow drama” and so on. Suitable for various forms and venue performances.

4. Clown performance,

Interactive performances in a long time, with various contents, covering acrobatics, magic, bubble shows, drilling balls, stilts crystal balls, etc., use the combination of fixed -point performances and parade, plus colorful color matching and lively The performance style, rich performance details, diverse types, the atmosphere at the scene is extremely enthusiastic, with affinity and infectious power.

5. Anda band,

Anda is an outstanding Argentine singer, songwriter, actor and international TV host. Anda’s mother tongue is Spanish and is proficient in English and Chinese. Anda’s wonderful performance on the television station made her support and love all Chinese social media platforms and tens of millions of fans.

6. Oscar Golden Melody Audiovisual Concert,

The classic movie clips up the familiar melody to arouse our memories of the past. It is said that the drama is like life, and the eternal love theme in movies and life also echoed the beam through these twenty prizes, letting people who look forward to the beautiful love spend this beautiful night with the Academy Golden Song.

Xuhui District

Hundred Brain Hui

Address: No. 339 Caoxi North Road

Transportation: Metro Line 1, Line 9; Bus 167, 198 Road

Note: The above handmade courses need to be approved to participate. For details, please refer to the Bailihui WeChat public account (Buynow-SH)

“Eight Sounds” is divided into eight categories of á (páo), soil, germ, wood, stone, gold, silk, and bamboo. These eight raw materials can be said to be able to make all the instruments. This is the definition of both image but also full of color. That is to say, this box includes the sound of all musical instruments, including the sound of all music, including the sound of all music expression forms.

Huijin Department Store

Address: No. 1000 Zhaojiabang Road

Transportation: Metro Line 9, Line 11; Bus 44, 50

Note: The above handmade courses need to be approved to participate. For details, please refer to Huijin Department Store WeChat public account (SH_HUIJINBAIHUO)

Changning District

King88 Address: No. 88 Changning Road

Transportation: Metro Line 11; Bus 923, 62

There is a saying, big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp. The teacher will lead the little friends to understand the food chain of the sea floor and be familiar with these rules in fishing games. It turned out that in addition to the big fish and small fish, because of the bad habit of throwing garbage in humans, the pollution of the bottom of the water became more and more serious. Teachers will lead the children to carry out a large -scale garbage competition.

Putuo District

189 Commercial Plaza Address: No. 189, Changshou Road

Transportation: Metro Line 13; Bus 36 and 837

Changfeng Dayue City

Address: No. 178, Daduhe Road

Transportation: Metro Line 13, Line 2; Bus 44, 808 Road

Hongkou District

Dream of Kaidelong

Block B Floor

Address: No. 388 Xijiangwan Road

Transportation: Metro Line 8; Bus 597 and 21

The Shanghai Art Business Circle joined forces with the dream of Hongkou Dragons to launch a new work -the art exhibition of “things” to build a journey. This year’s Dragon Dream Art Exhibition is based on the “things” and the theme of the creation. Inspiration comes from the words of Zhuangzi: “Floating is the ancestor of all things, things are not things.” All things in the world are coexisting with the “I”, thereby causing three realms. That is, the exhibition area of ​​”Magic Lights”, “growing all things” and “half acres of flower fields”, which represents, “dreaming”, “floating world Vientiane” and “natural leisure”. The journey of life is the landscape, creating different realms through works, re -thinking about the relationship between “material” and people.

Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay

Address: No. 188 Ruihong Road

Transportation: Metro Line 10; Bus 597, 220

(L2 retail area performance point)

(L1 January Land Garden)

(L October Broadcasting Field)

Hi -fried Tango show, acrobats clown, Funk band, Latin band, percussion show … Where can I go to National Day in October? Of course, follow the art business circle for a wave ~

Yangpu District

Central Plains City Plaza

Outdoor square

Address: No. 701, Guohe Road

Transportation: Metro Line 8; Bus 55 and 966

1. Bubble show

It is the art of nature and professional bubble show artists. It will create interesting colored bubbles on the scene. When countless bubbles fly to the sky, the atmosphere and audience emotions at the scene will be pleasant and sublimated together.

2. Double player singing

Mainly: singers+accompaniment musicians; player+accompaniment musicians; player+percussion player and other forms.

3.Shakeep strike band

Established in 2014, the name was combined by Shake and Keep 2, which means the rhythm of maintaining a swing. Each member has a very high enthusiasm for rhythm and passing happiness to the audience during the performance.

4. Each clown

They all have their unique performance skills. When they integrate together, they can perform cooperation with each other. When they are separated, each one is a fun master who can be alone.

5. Uncle Lisha

Taiwanese who have lived in Shanghai for 15 years have graduated from Taiwan National Transportation University. Playing guitar blowing the piano to play African drums, lyrics and impromptu performances, and also an interesting cartoonist.

Shanghai Youfang Shopping Center

L2 stage

Address: No. 1388 Yinxing Road

Transportation: Metro Line 10

World dance

: The Katez Song and Dance Troupe is a dance troupe that focuses on the various types of dance art in the world. Mr. Andre, the Gold Award winner of the International Dance Contest, and Mr. KITE, who has been artistic in the UK for many years, was jointly created in 1998.

Junxin Times Square

1L atrium

Address: No. 761, Shuangliao Road

Transportation: Metro Line 8; Bus 14, 220

Alibaba and Forty Thief Children’s Drama,

Alibaba is a kind child. One day he went to perform magic to the poor. On the way back, he met forty thieves to hide treasure in the sesame cave. Alibaba silently remembered the secret words “Sesame opened the door” and took a bag of gold coins home …

Shanghai International Fashion Center

Outdoor square

Address: No. 2866 Yangshu Road Road (Near Neijiang Road)

Transportation: Free special vehicle for Metro Line 4, Line 12; Route 135, 577

1. New Blue Cao Band

Blending the style of new blue grass music and world music. The style of this band is based on blue grass music, while absorbing the music characteristics of each band member’s hometown, combining American blue grass music style, Mongolian folk songs and traditional Chinese music, and to varying degrees of jazz, rock and contemporary contemporary Elements of popular music.

2. The Formula Band from Colombia

Good at all kinds of Latin styles such as Chashi and Salsa. They have been active for more than 10 years on the major stages of Asia. The band’s enthusiastic scene and superb skills have made them gain countless fans.


With the influence of various genres, OLAM created music that tells stories and caused emotions. OLAM was established in 2015, because of the music and promise of love. Olam has a fresh voice, and the musicians are full of passion and soul. In Shanghai, China, they swayed the audience with an innovative voice.

4.The tribes of asaph

Will use your thoughts and souls with the most simple music and the original sound guitar. Their singing feels that if you pass through the Time Tunnel, go to the world’s largest city to capture the waves, experience the purest happiness and happiness, and enjoy the most suitable music history of music outdoors in the beautiful summer.

5.anuar kaldekhan

(Annivol Halhan), independent musicians, good at the performance of guitar and various Kazakh national instruments and unique sound innovation. His music creation is rooted in the traditional philosophy “Küy” of Kazakhs, and expresses modern music with contemporary sounds. His scene often brings a strong sense of visual picture through the full creation of psychedelic sound fields and improvisation of emotions and environment.

Minhang District

Hongqiao Tiandi

Address: No. 688 Shenchang Road

Transportation: Line 2, 10, 17; Bus 173

1. “Children’s Enlightenment Music” Erika Irene

, Ph.D. in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the artistic director, conductor of the “Voice of the World” Choir of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the command of the Wind Bell Choir in the Shanghai Music Association Music Music Training, and the command of the Beijing Vienna Child Choir.

2. “Music Planet”

The story tells a magical country “Music Wonderland”. Tell people that music exists in everyone’s hearts through the form of fairy tales, and even if the copper is broken, it can also perform wonderful music!

3. “Misterioso Y”

With their common music ideals, they strive to interpret pure music into the ultimate charm. Based on this, modern elements are combined, inheritance of traditional art, and let more friends who love music deeply understand the extreme of Chinese traditional art and western classical music impacts. charm.

4. Magic Vocal Piano Concerta Group

(Magic of Harmonic) was established at the end of 2012. It is the leading group of Chinese youth harmonica. It is also the only harmonica reignor group that has long been active in the classical music circle for a long time.

Pudong New District

Sources of Expo

Address: No. 168 Shangnan Road

Transportation: Metro Line 7, 8; Bus 82, 981

Jiading District

Taipei Fengyi Street

Address: Baiyin Road 288.

Transportation: Metro Line 11; Bus Jiading 9th Road

1. Cartoon doll drama

From different perspectives, the play reveals the characteristics of Sanmao’s unyielding, helplessness, poverty, not worrying, selfless and kindness and other character characteristics. In terms of form, the play pays great attention to vivid and lively, lively and cute. By watching the show, children can understand the hardships of their ancestors in the process of curiosity and satisfaction, and how happy they are now …

2. Magic Bubble Show

It has been separated from the simplicity of traditional children’s dramas. Through some special settings, it emphasizes the interaction between children and children, children and parents, and children. Give your child the potential imagination to stimulate your child.

Darong City

Address: Baoan Highway No. 3386

Transportation: 811 Road, Jiading 15th Road, Malu 1 Road


Address: No. 220, Hongde Road

Transportation: Jiading 9

Jiading Baolong Plaza

Address: No. 1099, Aksu Road

Transportation: Jiading 4, Jiading 18th Road Inner Circle

1. Bubble

Let the child’s heart insert the wings, and the bubble show rationally uses the child’s expression desire to stimulate the child’s creativity. Give full play to the imagination of children to make simple small soap bubbles into a dreamy world of fantasy. Bubbles can actually cause children to think so much. Baba Ma Ma can just take the opportunity to give them a science class!

2. “Little Symbol”

A well -known classic nursery rhyme after the 80s and 90s. I hope to make children a good habit of love through children’s dramas. The content of the story is grounded, and the childlike and humorous character dialogue setting makes this play more suitable for parents and children to play with them.

3. “Green Wild Fairy”

Adapted from the American children’s reading “Wonderful Oz Witch”, the American rural style music interspersed drama looks unique. In addition, add multiple magic performances in the performance. force.

4. Puppet

It is one of the manifestations of modern beylum puppets in the world. The puppet image of the American “Sesame Street” is deeply rooted in the heart of the children. Creative puppet production classroom invites the actor of “Sesame Street” to let the children use the items around them to exert it to exert it. His imagination creates his own unique creative puppet.

Jinshan District

Bailian Shopping Center

Address: No. 188 Weiqing West Road

Transportation: Kingsoft 1 Road Outer Circle, Kingsoft 8 Road

亲子音乐剧《欢乐一家》,是一部根据百老汇音乐剧《音乐之声》改编的,他所讲述的故事在中国早已经是家喻户晓,它以有趣的故事,悦耳的歌曲,活泼的孩子,温馨的Human sentiment, re -created in Chinese dubbing version.

Wanda square

Address: No. 1088 Longhao Road

Transportation: Bus Jinshan 8 Road, Shangshi Line

Jazz (Jazz) originated from the United States in the late 19th century and was born in the southern port city of New Orleans. Jazz is improvised, based on the rhythm of SHUFFLE with the characteristics of swaying, is a combination of African black culture and white European culture.

This time, what kind of live performances will the handsome Jazz Sir, the Jun Men and Beautiful Board of Male?

Fengxian District

Bailian Southqiao Shopping Center

Address: No. 288 Baiqi Road

Transportation: Metro Line 8, Line 1; Bus Nanshen Line

Daniela Bessia is more well -known in China. The stage name is Anda. He is an excellent Argentine singer, songwriter, actor and international TV host. Anda’s mother tongue is Spanish and is proficient in English and Chinese. Anda’s wonderful performance on the television station made her support and love all Chinese social media platforms and tens of millions of fans.

Baolong Plaza

Address: No. 5639, Hangnan Highway, Nanqiao Town

Transportation: Hongqiao Hub No. 5 Fenghai Line Xinhai Special Line

The dull donkey and hip -hop monkeys met the Husky and flower hens abandoned by the owner. They decided to go to the small town of Blame, known for their freedom. On the way, they met the robbers -the gang of wild boars! It turned out that Blame is not as big as before, and not so many people have gone, and the gang of wild boars will leave there to become robbers. Can a dull donkey full of positive energy rescue your friends with the help of children?

This wave of wonderful Amway

Are you satisfied? ~

Come, right! ~

Finally, Shanghai art business district also wished you everyone

Happy National day! Intersection

Beautiful long vacation is waiting for everyone! Intersection

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