The popular Internet celebrity storage Dafa on the entire network, I learned the third one, I collapsed

Storage is an eternal difficulty at home. I have seen many storage methods on the Internet. I want to try. Whoever does not want to be neat and well in the family!

But most people should be like me. When they see the storage method, they are habitually collected. They really want to practice but are too lazy to move. They are not sure whether the online celebrity storage method is really effective.

Just catch up with the fast change season, try to see the attitude, want to experience it in person, see if those Internet celebrity storage methods are really suitable for us

Busy and lazy

Workers. (There is no wide full text, read with confidence ~)

The online celebrity storage methods that have been collected in those years


Regardless of Xiaohongshu, station B or Douyin, and fast hands, the storage methods of major platforms are strange.


“100 kinds of storage skills”, “3 stacks of socks”, “wardrobe ash storage”, and “lazy storage method”


Every time I see the title is amazing, decisive

Praise the collection of attention

Sanlian ~, after reading the blogger’s operation, I feel that I can do it, and I even feel that I have packed it again.

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu


Verify whether it is feasible

I made a screening before practice,

Combined with the specific situation of most people’s homes,

Find a few methods that are suitable for different home spaces, namely:


Twenty -eight separation storage

Stereo integrated storage

Realize zero to a storage

Rainbow Storage Method

Unified storage method

The method is selected. Next, choose a family that can verify the storage method.

The reason is as follows:

1. Her family

There are enough clothes,

There is a cloakroom of about 2 square meters.


The space is complete,

The porch cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet, and bookcase are all available. Each space meets the conditions for trying storage.

3. She also storage of her cloakroom, kitchen, etc.

There are some of their own design methods, there are many storage tools such as storage boxes and shelves,

No need to buy new ones, save a sum of funds.

To form a comparison

Leave a picture before the storage

(Guaranteed to mess up the room intentionally ~)

This time the storage is about the whole process

Take 5 hours

There are space for storage

Cloakroom, porch cabinet, living room, kitchen and bathroom


after verification,

For ordinary families,

There are advantages and disadvantages of the above 6 storage methods,


Some are suitable for different spaces, and some are not suitable.



Principles of Break

Believe everyone right


No stranger, that is

Promote subtraction for life,

Throw away everything around

“No need, unsuitable, uncomfortable”

s things,

After advanced



I figure out what I want,

Make life simple and refreshing.

The storage break is left to talk about it or throw things first,

Leave it according to demand, throw rationally!

During the storage process, I found a secret,

What are the things that are reluctant to throw away the ultimate break?

Leave a small suspense, the answer is revealed at the end of the article, everyone reads patiently!

Take the cloakroom as an example

I first put the items in the cloakroom with sleeping bags first

Move all out in the living room

After the wardrobe is cleared

It’s much refreshing instantly

Start throw throw ~

Remembering a lot of past things while disconnected

High school sports pants

University T -shirt

Wave tears to win


Get reason:

Because it is usually sorting out some things that are damaged or useless, so

The principle of disconnection is basically suitable for all families, all items.

Especially small apartment,

I really can’t accommodate a little extra debris.

In addition to the abandonment of the items in the home, the disconnection is a kind of organic emotion. Therefore, you can refer to the following issues when you do disconnection:


How long does I use this item?

Will it affect my life without it?

Items with similar functions, which is more suitable for my home


Pay attention to it,

Family living with the old man

To take care of the emotions of the elderly and do break

Communicate in advance.

28 -separated storage method

28 -point separation method


It is a rule of soft furnishing design, and it is mentioned in “The greater the small family lives”.

The so -called two -eight principle is to put away the 80%chaos to show 20%beauty.

The real shot of “Xiaojia more live and bigger” is shot

If you want to achieve this method better, first of all

The planning and design stage must be considered.

Sleeping bags can apply this method well.

Her TV cabinet, porch cabinet, storage cabinet, etc.

Part of the open or glass cabinet door, and the other hidden type

the design of.

So reality

Single up and save a lot of time and energy

After disconnection, place it according to the use of the items one by one.

Receive it

Should not stay here and find it belonging to it

Classify the debris on the table

Receive the drawer

The storage cabinet and the mirror cabinet of the bathroom cabinet at the table,


Originally neat and clean.


Do not change the habit of use



The items have not changed

If you want to be more beautiful

The upper space is okay

Reduce the display of some items

Gate of the mirror cabinet

It’s OK to sort out the table

If your home

Has been stepped on

I did more


Open cabinet, or the whole house glass cabinet door.

This “congenital defect” can pass the day after tomorrow

Buy some storage boxes to remedy



As for everyone

Worried that the storage box and drawer are still messy

There are many separate storage methods for drawers.


You can buy such a drawer storage box,

Then classify the items (it can be placed erected erected).

easy to use

It is suitable for the collation of various cabinets at home,

You can learn with confidence.

Items that need to be put away

——The low -frequency use, seasonal use, chaotic daily necessities, debris, and items that are not beautiful.

The items that can be displayed

——It high -frequency use, displayed decorations, collectibles, etc.

Stereo integrated storage method

Wall crack recommendation!

The area of ​​our home is limited, should

The horizontal space is not enough

We can still

Use layer high to expand vertical space

Just like the Japanese housewife will choose to do

Kitchen cabinet

, To store most of the small appliances and pots of the kitchen, using

Three -dimensional integration principle


The main thing is that as long as you need it, this principle

Can be applied anywhere at home.

Here I have to praise the sleeping bag cat classmates. It happens to be her application of the three -dimensional integration principle, so that our storage work can be lazy again ~

Her kitchen has several frames,

The small appliances and food in the kitchen are integrated.

Kitchen tool

Either go to the wall or hang up,

The space above the sink is also fully used, giving her a lot of praise!

Two cloakrooms

Layered storage basket

The storage needs to be stacked.

The bathroom has a IKEA’s Ronca


, Used to store baths and clean supplies,

It is very convenient to use it.

In order to be more neat,

The bottom

The water basin is replaced with different colors of the same paragraph, or the same color and different sizes

Let’s distinguish it.



The storage box and the storage rack are moderate prices

There is no arrangement at home ~

Because the storage supplies are sufficient, in this part, what we need to do is to clean the storage rack and organize items.

Suitable for storage kitchen

Small appliances, seasoning bottles, tableware and kitchenware,



Bathing and cleaning supplies.

Folding clothes are storage, and the drawers and layers of the wardrobe are the same reason.


Place medium -sized items independently

Too small things are not applicable.

Pay attention to moderate expansion,

Excessive vertical expansion can make the space look very depressed.

Realize to the entire storage method

Turn zero to whole,


Small things are concentrated and classified and classified.

For example, small cosmetics samples, jewelry, small clothes, children’s snack toys, and even socks that are lost everywhere ~

Turn zero to whole

Need auxiliary storage tools

For example, such a storage box

Storage Box

Look at the effect ~

Food in the refrigerator

Baby’s building block table

Small objects of porch

Various scarves

Small cosmetics on the bathroom counter

Small and complicated

East and west crooked everywhere

Shi Zero to a whole part

It looks much more refreshing

If you add another cosmetics storage rack here

It’s better


The storage of small items, this method is very good,

After the concentrated storage, there was no messy feeling, and it was much refreshing instantly.

Do not over -store high -frequency use,


Concentrate in a position that is easy to find.



This kind of storage method is

First classify the items based on the color,

Then according to ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, blue, purple)

Rainbow spectrum arrangement

It is said that people have a natural identification ability for the rainbow model. This method can help us naturally identify the location of items.


So tall


It looks like when I first saw a blogger recommended

I am really admiring



Wardrobe after storage

But after the actual operation, I found out

Ideal and reality


Hanging clothes according to the Rainbow Storage method

Comparison before and after


Not obvious!

Mainly because:


Not everyone will buy the entire chromatography clothes home

Not all clothes are pure colors

Not all clothes are similar in style, thin and uniform, the same length

Similar clothes hang together,

The visual effect is really good, but it is more laborious to find clothes.


There is also a real problem,

The clothes we washed and dry were originally hung up. It only needed a brain to hang from the balcony to hang it into the wardrobe.

The doors of wardrobes and cloakrooms are usually closed. Who cares about the internal visual effects beautiful?

The effect of the clothes is not obvious, try the child’s toys


The storage, however, try it decisively after trying it.

There are very few white and yellow building blocks

There are not so many boxes

It is a waste of space in the color

So decide

Put the color similar to a box


The well -combined building block

Also disassembled the color

Will be dismantled to doubt life


Reasons to give up:

Children’s toys are many and various,

Small building block toys

, All of them are put on,

It is impossible to disassemble the color classification.

Increased the amount of labor for yourself, and it was meaningless for your child to buy it without buying it.

Small toys are still recommended to be zero -to -complete,

Large toys are okay

Put the color, but the child will play at any time,

It is not easy to maintain.

· Not all children are

He may have his own ideas in accordance with the way of storage of rainbow.

Without the Yellow River, try the storage of the shoe box! Intersection

Red and black shoe boxes are different in size


Cabinet size fixed

In order to install more shoes

Let’s squeeze it in the size of the shoe box

in conclusion:


Hua but not true,

The advantages are not better than the disadvantages, and it is not recommended.

Pass reason:

1. Whether it is clothes, toys, books, shoes and other items, it is not all solid color;

2. It is difficult to distinguish with items of the same color;

3. Sometimes restrictions on storage space;

4. If you have time and patience, I am afraid that there is no such mood;

5. As long as it is cleaned up, it is also good to mix with a variety of colors.

This method is to put some daily necessities or kitchen seasonings, etc.

Remove the original packaging

, Use a uniform specification and color bottle can be tied, label, and achieve

Visual unity


It feels like the reverse routine of the Rainbow Storage method ~

Although it feels unreliable, it is based on the principle of speaking in facts

, Still use practical actions to prove it!

The sleeping bag cat just bought a brand of shampoo and gave a bunch of small bottles for travel.

This is the effect together

The conclusion I get is that if this method is done,

Purely idle ~

Maybe people want to achieve

Is such that


but! Intersection Cold

No life at all


, We live at home, to live, quality, colorful,

Not staying in the hotel!

Isn’t it neat like this?

And which one do you want to use

No need to find a long day

It is not advisable to sort out and store for storage.

1. The packing process is wasteful, more in one way;

2. Uniform colors increases the difficulty of use;

3. Monthly tedious and lack of life;

4. Time and energy.

Take a look at the storage results in 5 hours

Summarize some ideas during storage

1. Do the time arrangement before storage.

It took more than 5 hours to finish the finishing time, which was packed with a part of the space. It is inferred that if you want to do a good job in the whole house for two or three days, it will not be done.

2. Prepare back pain.

Storage must not only move the brain, but also physical work. In the process, it will be accompanied by cleaning, cleaning, wiping, etc. in the process.

3. The general storage step is,

The items are concentrated, disconnected, classified, folded, and classified.

4. 4..

Planning and designing the storage space during decoration, you can do more with less,


Any storage is not as good as the previous design.



Buy storage supplies according to demand,

Do not buy a lot of storage artifacts in advance, and it can’t be used to become new garbage.


Storage is a systematic finishing process,

The storage is also accompanied by the use of home space, not simply stacking clothes and pretending things.


Some spaces at home are sufficient,

However, most people seem to be cramped because they are not inductive classification.

Just like sleeping bag cats, her storage supplies are sufficient, but they seem to be full and chaotic. After finishing, they find out several boxes in empty.


Sleeping bag

You can buy it again when you come out


(Cover your face and laugh)

Suggestions for changing the season in autumn


Summer clothes are completely cleaned

, Put it and stack it in order.



The clothes are prone to folds. Be sure to hold it with a hanger and hang it in the wardrobe.

Put the dust bag.

3. Chemical fiber clothing and unsuitable clothes are placed flat at the bottom or edge of the storage box, underwear, pajamas, etc.

Place in order

, Lightly pants and coats are stacked and placed on the top layer.

The quilt can be stored in a vacuum compressed bag,

Especially suitable for the humid environment in the south, you can also use a Bena box.

Do not use various shoe boxes in shoes

, Transparent shoe box occupies space; opaque shoe boxes are unclear, and labels are also required;

The easiest way is to clean the shoes after drying and drying it.

The storage box is neat and under the cabinet or under the bed.

Autumn wear in advance,

The autumn clothes taken out have a odor to dry it,

Children’s autumn clothes should be cleaned and then wear.


At the end


Many storage of Dafa is really powerful, and it is really neatly packed. But we are not a professional organizer,

Behind these storage work, you have to pay a lot of time and money.

Non -professional

I don’t want to be too much energy

Pay on the storage storage.

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu


The picture comes from Xiaohongshu

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu

The picture comes from Xiaohongshu

Rainbow Storage Method

Unified storage method














Get reason:

Get reason:

Get reason:


















28 -point separation method

in conclusion:

Pass reason:

4. 4..





Busy and lazy ordinary people

What we can do is:

1. After hard work, after the storage,

Good habits to maintain cooperation with the whole family,

It is the only law that keeps home for many years.

2. No matter how rich the storage method is, the fundamental purpose is for

“Make your home look good and make your home more comfortable.”

Storage is a method of finishing, and it is a cultivation of living habits.For us to have a neat and comfortable home,


Let the storage become a daily life attitude,

Why not?

Egg time

Remember the part of the break, I will tell you

Is the ultimate break from leaving what is reluctant to throw away?

The answer is shopping bag

Ha ha!Do you think of it?

If you also have the habit of collecting shopping bags, please click the article


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