Wei Ya in the Big Age


In the fall of 2009, I was in charge of the planning department in a clothing company in Dongguan. The company decided to try to make e -commerce at that time, but no one knew it.

I told the vice president, I am interested, let me come.

Then I opened a Taobao shop (because there was no Tmall that year), recruited a little girl to start, opened for a month or two, and could sell seven or eight pieces of clothes every day. As long as the annual clothing company invited a spokesperson and held two order meetings, the money rolled up. The deputy president did not understand the poor sales of our Taobao store, and he doubted our prospects.

I said firmly at the time: No, e -commerce is the future!

In the fall of 2009, Huang Wei, a three -year -old Lujiang, who was three years old, had done a year of clothing wholesale business in Xi’an. She went to Beijing at the age of 18 and met her boyfriend Dong Haifeng. Mi’s women’s clothing store maintains a living.

For calculating, I am almost the same as Huang Wei, and I was a clothing circle.

At the age of 20, Huang Wei participated in the “Super Idol” draft show and won the championship to become the lead singer of the hip -hop group T.H.P. Dong Haifeng was also mixed in the entertainment industry. It is said that:

“Hip -hop dance is good, and I have done Lin Yilun’s dance.”

After two or three years in the entertainment industry, it seems that there is no in the early days. In 2008, the two mouths went to Xi’an to continue to do clothing business, but this time they were not a little trouble. Seven stores.

In the fall of 2009, Huang Wei was already in the clothing circle, and I was still a bitter worker. I remember the general agent of the brand Henan Province that year. The sister saw my shabby dress, which made her fat. His fingers touched the collar I rolled up and looked at me with disdainful eyes:

Are you the planning manager of our brand? Are you wearing this?


In the fall of 2009, Taobao just established the sixth anniversary. They defeated the arrogance of Easy Fun three years ago, won the first domestic e -commerce company, and continued to explore how to operate this C2C website well. “Picture Door”.

In order to force various stores not to reuse the official pictures provided by the manufacturers or suppliers, more than 30 products in a shop are sealed. This kind of regulations that seem to be taken for granted today are noisy.

Every small reform will cause huge pain.

I still remember that Taobao was still playing gold coins and time -limited spikes, and it was still the next year.

In 2009, Ma Yun was full of ambition. He said in a speech in Silicon Valley:

2009 is undoubtedly a good years.

At that time, Ma Yun was full of energy, and was the god of entrepreneurship in the minds of young people. When Double Eleven every year, his portrait would be worshiped. The young man in his twenties stayed in front of the computer and burn incense and worshiped.

At this time, it was 11 years since the image of his popular image collapsed, from “Dad Ma” to “Capitalist”.

After so many years, I looked back. In 2009, it was indeed the rise of Taobao. Because of the global financial crisis in 2008, China ’s foreign trade -based companies have transformed domestic sales. The only channel they can rely on is Taobao. Essence

The three -driving carriage that promotes economic growth is investment, consumption, and exports. In 2008, China was a country that mainly foreign trade. -70%, at that time, foreign trade was the lifeblood of China, so we had to rescue US finance.

But today is different. Foreign trade only accounts for 30%of China’s GDP in 2020. Our largest foreign trade partner has changed from the United States to ASEAN, so we can attack the United States today.

The financial crisis in 2008 turned a large number of foreign trade capacity to domestic, and countless manufacturers began to supply Taobao.

Taobao’s glory is based on China’s powerful manufacturing.

It was the rise of Taobao, it was the peak of Ma Yun, and it was also the live broadcast career of Huang Wei.


In 2009, I didn’t understand what the tide of the times was.

Huang Wei may not understand.

Huang Wei understood that when e -commerce is the future, it was 2012.

Her business in Xi’an’s clothing store is getting worse and worse. Someone has not bought clothes in her shop. Then I search for the same model online. Huang Wei realized that the era of e -commerce is coming. With all her home as Guangzhou, she quickly formed a 30 -person operation team. She was responsible for developing design and her husband responsible for production management.

When engaging in e -commerce entrepreneurship in 2012, a team of 30 people in Guangzhou can be established, indicating that Huang Wei has completed the accumulation of capital at this time, but is waiting for the transformation of capital.

My personal experience is that from 2010 to 2015, it is the most golden and most prosperous five years in Taobao. I and many senior crickets of the same age are constantly wandering in the wholesale market in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Sorting rules, saying that it was a golden period at that time, not that everyone was rich at that time, but that everyone was full and upward at that time. Some people counterattacked to make a lot of money in minutes. The coil around me.

When I was writing “The Iron Throne in the North”, I talked about the most extreme northern people, and it was full of feelings for Kim Il Sung. That was because the Korean people did not understand that the happy life of the Kim Richeng era was built in the Soviet period. Based on the mutual meeting, it was promoted by the Great Age.

In fact, put Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong -un in that era, they would also do well, and the Great Age decided to be a person’s height.

Similarly, after the 1980-90s, young people in China had the opportunity to turn around from Taobao at all times, and they were very grateful to Ma Yun. In essence, this was the same as the North Korean feelings about Kim Il Sung. Understanding the overall view of China’s manufacturing industry from foreign trade to domestic sales, it will use a simple world view to express love and hate.

By 2021, no one has bathed the bonus of the year at the age of 21, so when they were angry with the capitalist, there would be no emotional burden when they were angry with the capitalist.

In 2015, when Taobao walked its golden years, Huang Wei felt happiness in Double Eleven.

In 2014, Huang Wei Double Eleven was sold well, but because of the quality of the outsourcing factory, she caused her to have a lot of winter inventory. In order to make more money, Huang Wei operated her own business while operating her own business. She made tens of thousands of shoes and skirts of her models. Huang Wei was famous on the Taobao model circle and became a well -known Amoy Girl.

Because of the outstanding experience of Tao girl, in June 2016, Huang Wei received a official Taobao call and invited her to settle in the live broadcast platform. Her name on Taobao was called Wei Ya.

In the following plot, you all know that Huang Wei became the first person on the entire network, and the sales of one year reached an amazing 31 billion!

In the Double Eleven of 2015, Huang Wei’s Taobao store sold 10 million sales, and the total sales of a year reached 28 million. However, from the second year, Taobao began to show fatigue, and competitors gradually caught up.

Because in 2015, Pinduoduo came.

In 2016, Douyin also chased.


The story of Taobao’s live broadcast world is not smooth sailing. In 2016, MCN signed hundreds of beauties and did not work. The live broadcast platforms did not make good results from 2017-2018.

Until 2019, the live broadcast broke out on several platforms at the same time. After the live broadcast daily live, Kuaishou reached 100 million. After exploring the potential of the live broadcast, Taobao began to support his personal IP and gave Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast.

Today, everyone goes to the investors behind Weiya Company, and then knows the capital of Lenovo and Ma Yun. The energy of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi has far exceeded the achievements of normal operation. The phenomenon that the platform and the business form will appear on the platform and the business form. It is a robbery for Taobao to face fast -handed, Douyin, and Pinduoduo, because of helpless defense strategies.

The stronger the company’s war, the stronger the company, and the headlines and Douyin eaten the information traffic of Ali and Tencent, and the Douyin box and Fanno began to snatch the domestic sales and foreign trade business of Ali’s and Tencent.

The Internet world in China has begun to form a big pattern of byte beating, Ali and Tencent.

In the pattern of Ali’s exhaustion of defense, the special phenomenon of pouring flow to support Weiya will occur.

If this article is only written here, it is meaningless.

We want to see more macro things, more torrents in the era.

We know that it was a financial crisis that changed the fate of Taobao in 2009. In fact, it is most likely another financial crisis to change the fate of Taobao.

In the last financial crisis, we forced the manufacturing industry to shift from foreign trade to domestic sales and achieved Taobao. In this financial crisis, in order to pass the winter in advance, we took the initiative to pierce the real estate bubble, draw a red line for real estate companies, suppress real estate enterprises Deform development.

Under the premise that real estate companies are afraid to buy land easily, the local governments where land selling land have encountered financial problems and facing a wages of paying wages.

At the same time, in order to keep the manufacturing industry’s profits, it is necessary to suppress Internet profits and collect the debt owed by the Internet.

Only with the recent tax tide of entertainers and live anchors, only the news of Weiya’s tax arrears, and various platforms were blocked.

If you don’t have an accident, e -commerce tax should be formally implemented next year.

I have been doing Taobao for ten years. I heard that e -commerce tax has been heard for ten years, and I finally landed.

What is worse is that the most important advertising revenue of Internet companies has been severely hit by the upstream economic transmission. All companies have lost their layoffs to protect themselves in 2022.

The tailoring of Internet companies such as iQiyi is essentially the reason that Ali and Tencent’s big gold owners behind them have no money. The environment is affected.

The international background behind this is the upcoming global crisis in 2022. We must retain the manufacturing industry. Only the manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country. When the crisis is temporarily, you can produce products. condition.

Taobao and Pinduoduo on Nine Big and Nine Free Shipping. Only China will appear in the world. The same industrial product, in addition to the US dollar hegemony in the United States, the prices bought by most countries are 1.5 times that of China’s price to 1.5 times to the price of China to 1.5 times to the price to 1.5 times to the price of China to 1.5 times to the price to 1.5 times to the price of China Three times, large industries have reduced their survival costs.

With manufacturing, the country has room for survival.


Wei Ya’s tax arrears are just a part of the world’s operation.

In the latest information released by the Federal Reserve, it is expected that there will be three interest rate hikes in 2022, 25 basis points for each interest rate hike, and three more hikes in 2023.

The Fed carefully announced this information, tentatively tentatively reacted the market, and vaguely expressed their determination to maintain the intention of maintaining US stocks.

They mean that interest rate hikes may be added. The economy is like this.

U.S. stocks are the current life of the United States.

However, after interest rate hikes, will it really cause stock disasters, which causes it similar to economic disaster in 2008, even in 1929. No one is easy to say now.

After all, the financial crisis in 2008 has not been resolved at all. In fact, it has been dragged to the present through large water release. After all, the four fuses of US stocks in 2020 were rescued by unlimited QE. What is infinite QE? , Crazy blood transfusion, what inflation is, anyway, the US dollar is a global currency.

Turkish li La has recently depreciated. Although it has some connection with the Sudan’s operations, there are also oppressive factors in the international environment. (I will write a long article later to introduce the ins and outs of this matter)

In addition to inflation, the fiscal crisis of countries around the world is gradually full.

I believe that if the manufacturing center countries feel uncomfortable, they will adjust the growth rate next year to 5.6%. Those countries that cannot produce industrial products will be several times more painful.

In order to welcome the worst plan, we took the initiative to pierce the real estate bubble, actively suppress Internet profits, and actively retain the manufacturing industry.

We also know that we must welcome the change of land finance and make corresponding strategies.

So there was a series of big events, one by one, one by one.

Jack Ma is Ma Yun in the Big Age, and Wei Ya is just Wei Ya in the Big Age. Everyone has the fate of everyone.

Behind these out of reach, the law of things has long been written. That is the strategy made early in order to meet the global crisis. This strategy is actually only eight words:

Take off the reality and wealth.

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