How to choose the kitchen sink faucet?

Many people like to decorate houses now like to choose it by themselves, and decorate accessories. However, because I do n’t understand or do n’t know enough about the materials I bought, it is not appropriate, or it is actually suitable, but the installation master is in order to make a small number of shops to buy things. It is not appropriate to say. This is a waste of time. Here are how to choose the faucet of the right sink with you. You can buy your favorite leaders by yourself.


The sink is generally two styles of single slots and dual grooves.

2. First of all, introduce the place where the double slot is purchased. There are two holes on the dual slot. Under normal circumstances, the hole in the middle is better than the hole next to it. Under normal circumstances in the middle hole is 35mm is a hole in a single hole with a single hole. The hot water faucet), when choosing, you have to ask if you are a single hole cold and hot water. Don’t just pay attention to the style. The single -cold faucet cannot be installed.


There is also a relatively small hole on the dual groove, which is more functional. In the past, the more commonly used functions were soap liquids, and now more are used to drink a direct drinking faucet. This position can also be equipped with a single-cold faucet, a single cold head (the hole installed by the single-cold faucet is the size of the 22-30mm hole in this range.

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Single slot faucet is relatively simple and complicated, with only one hole in the single slot. The size of the holes is 22-30mm in direct measurement. The size of the hole is 32-40mm. If you are not wayward, you must install hot and cold.

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