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Northeast Network June 25th News

(Wang Yuziu reporter Bao Hai -Duo) “Black Ka, top!” With a order, in the direction of the right hand of the police dog trainer, “Black Ka” was like the arrow of Li Xian, and accurately bit the “suspect” The arm and poured it down, and then ran back to the training guide like a child, spitting his tongue, waiting to receive the reward, and then started training after taking a nap. Such cooperation training was in different scenarios and different modes. Hundreds of thousands of times have been done.

Black Ka is a Dongde Shepherd. The specialty is patrol guard. In January 2019, it was less than one year old. He was selected by the trainer Niu Yue at the preliminary training class of the Harbin Police Dog Training Base. After 3 months of training, it was brought to Back to Shuangyashan Border Management Detachment, embarked on the road of police dogs.

In daily training, the training of each subject in Hei Kaka requires countless repetitions, so that the police dogs keep in mind the working mode. The training and use of police dogs is the process of trusting and cooperating between the trainers and the police dogs. In the eyes of the trainer Niu Yan, the police dog is his intimate comrades. As long as you pay sincerely, it will communicate with you sincerely. The trainer not only be the instructor and comrade of the police dog, but also when the police dog is sick, but he also needs to be sick. When their medical care and nanny. Once, “Black Kaka” was cut by the iron wire when the right front leg was patrolling in the wild. After the doctor handled the wound, he gave it a bit. Niu Yue accompanied it every day, fearing that it licked the wound and bitten the drip. Niu Yan said, “In order to supplement it for nutrition, I buy a pot and cook the pork liver for it. It can feel my kindness.”

“A police dog, from the beginning of training to passing, and then used to actual combat, you need to repeat the boring and tedious training every day for about a year.” Niu Yue, who was a three -year trainer, said that every morning, you can clean up the Black Kaka first. In a dog, check whether the physical health and mental state of the police dog are normal, and then train.

During the 2 years of participating in the work, Black Kaki participated in the patrol of more than 6,000 kilometers on the front line of the border, and has participated in various medium and large security security duty more than 70 times, and cooperated with the police station to participate in the border investigation activities more than 120 times.

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