How about the quality of the Pigeon Bottle, how to choose

Pigeon Pigeon is a Japanese maternal and infant products brand. It was founded in 1957. The products under Pigeon include maternal and baby feeding, bottle pacifiers, cup tableware, and so on. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, it has been loved by Chinese people.

Here are the brand of Pigeon

What is the difference between Chinese Pigeon and Japan?

Pigeon’s glass bottle, the bottle is manufactured in Japan and is assembled in China, so the bottle is not much different. The main difference is the price, structure, accessories and pacifiers

The type of Pigeon Bottle

1 Glass Bottle: There is no difference between domestic and Japanese production.


2 Plastic bottle (three types):


PC-polycarbonate: There are no sales in normal domestic channels (except for purchasing); domestic sales are mainly produced by companies in Pigeon Thai and Indonesia, and there are two standard-caliber arc bottle produced in China.

PPSU-polystylene: At present, all of which are sold in Thailand and are assembled in China.

PP-polypropylene bottle: At present, only domestic production (except for the fertility of the breast pump, this bottle is made of Thailand).

Glass bottle Japanese -made Japanese and domestic production is completely different (the bids and wide mouth are the same). Plastic bottle, Pigeon’s plastic raw materials are uniformly purchased worldwide, and products produced overseas must be produced in batches after the uniform standard testing of the Japanese headquarters.

Pigeon bottle price

Divided into breast milk real bottle and ordinary breast bottle.

According to the material, it can be divided into Pigeon glass bottle and Pigeon plastic bottle;

According to the capacity, it is divided into 120ml, 240ml, 300ml bottle;

According to the feeding bottle caliber, it can be divided into standard caliber and wide -mouth caliber.

The specific reference price is as follows (the price refers to the price of a Dongbei personally operating store):

Pigeon Pigeon wide -caliber glass bottle 160ml AA72-119 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon wide -caliber glass bottle 240ml AA70-86.1 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon naturally feel wide -caliber PPSU bottle 240ml with L pacifiers AA93-103.2 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon baby naturally feel wide -caliber glass bottle 160ml AA73-103.2 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon standard caliber baby bottle (glass) 120ml AA87-41 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon newborn standard caliber glass bottle 200ml AA86-44.8 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon Baby Standard Videline Bottle Baby Baby Bottle 240ml AA62 Upgraded Version AA85-45.8 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon wide-caliber PP baby bottle 240ml AA78-69 yuan

Pigeon Pigeon standard caliber PP baby bottle PP200ML AA83-33 yuan

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