JD 618 Ultimate Battle Report: Jingdong Supermarket’s “New” strategy drives the growth of fast consumption categories

At 24:00 on June 18, the 2021 JD 618-18 anniversary ended perfectly. Behind the overall turnover of 343.8 billion yuan, consumers’ extreme pursuit and infinite love for high-quality life. During 618 this year, consumers performed obvious demand for refined consumption in daily life. With the blessing of new strategies and marketing capabilities in JD.com, the overall turnover of Jingdong Supermarket increased by more than 10 times year -on -year on June 18. Many brand merchants provide consumers with a convenient shopping experience.

Daily necessities

Exquisite trend


In recent years, under the trend of quality consumption, consumers’ demand for the improvement of quality of life has been increasing, and more high -end and refined products and experiences are also chased on daily fast -moving consumer goods.

According to JD Supermarket data, from June 1st to 18th, the turnover of organic food increased by 315%year -on -year, the turnover of high -end grain and oil increased by 288%year -on -year, and the turnover of organic miscellaneous grains increased by 471%year -on -year. %, In October, the transaction turnover of rice fields increased by 105%year -on -year; the transaction amount of high -end diaper of maternal and infants increased by 130%year -on -year; the sales results of mid -to -high -end liquor brands during the 618 period of Jingdong Supermarket were also very eye -catching. Wang Mao’s turnover increased by 240%year -on -year, and was willing to increase by 5 times year -on -year.

As more and more post -90s change characters have become parents, they have presented more refined features in parenting concepts and parenting methods. For example, various types of early education puzzle toys and interesting toys have become the first choice for young parents in the post -90s. During the 618 period of JD, the turnover of the Blind Blind Blinds of JD.com increased by 6 times year -on -year, and the turnover of the trendy toys increased by 550%year -on -year. Essence In terms of brands, Brook’s turnover increased by 280%year -on -year, 52TOYS turnover increased by 780%year -on -year, the turnover of the Pearl River piano increased by 300%year -on -year, and the transaction of Xinghai increased by 400%year -on -year.

During this year, during the 618 of this year, the growth of the refined trend of traditional daily necessities in traditional categories became increasingly increasing. In terms of protection, the trend of exquisite oral and exquisite nursing is driven by young consumers. The dental sticker turnover increased by 300%year -on -year, the turnover of mouthwash increased by 200%year -on -year, and the turnover of black brands increased by 100%year -on -year. “Driving the outbreak of washing, protection, dyeing, and hair care products, the transaction turnover of imported shampoo increased by 280%year -on -year, the turnover of the hair mask increased by 330%year -on -year, the turnover of hair dyeing products increased by 300%year -on -year, the Lux brand 1L shower gel set transaction transaction The amount increased by 10 times year -on -year, Pan Ting’s three -minute miracle hair film transaction increased by 250%year -on -year, and the turnover of the 0 -second hairstyle increased by 300%year -on -year.

In addition, Jiaqing’s refined consumption drives the rapid growth of subdivided categories and subdivided products. During JD 618, the turnover of cream paper increased by 120%year -on -year, and the transaction of underwear washing solution increased by 200%year -on -year. In terms of brand, the transaction turnover increased by 400%year -on -year, the vitality of 28 transactions increased by 400%year -on -year, the turnover of the blue moonlight soft and smooth agent increased by 7 times year -on -year, the turnover of the high -end laundry liquid increased by 300%year -on -year, the turnover of the lion king hand lotion, It was 300%of the same period.

New brand


New product

Concentrated outbreak,

Obvious growth rate

Generation Z has become the main force of consumption. They pursue personalized and diversified consumer products and experiences. Through the continuous pursuit of new trends, new brands and new products to meet their deeper psychological needs, they have promoted ” Chasing more “the emergence of the economy. In pursuit of more economical, the pace of consumer iteration is continuing to accelerate, and there are endless new concepts, new categories, and new brands.

During the 618 period of this year, over 30,000 new brands/new stores appeared at JD Supermarket 618, nearly 2.44 million new products were launched in Jingdong Supermarket, including a large number of new Ruixuki brands such as vitality forests, Li Ziyi, Guanyun, San Don, and half a half. The brands with good source of industries have opened official flagship stores in Jingdong Supermarket.

During the 618 period, the emerging brand of Jingdong Supermarket, the new trend of the trend broke out: June 1-18, the turnover of plant protein drinks increased by more than 100 times year-on-year, and the transaction turnover of Yili plant increased by more than 100 times year-on-year. The turnover of the brand increased by 206%year -on -year; the turnover of the meal replacement increased by 182%year -on -year; the Western -style fast food turnover increased by 5 times year -on -year, and the air -engraved brand turnover increased by 352%month -on -month. 80 transactions in half -barrels increased by 372%month -on -month; Vitamin bubble lemon tea turnover increased by 8 times month -on -month; vitality forest summer black grape flavor increased by 300%month -on -month.

Maternal and infant emerging brands grow rapidly: From June 1st to 18th, the transaction value of the Mao Cat brand increased 15 times year -on -year. The transaction value of the little deer blue brand increased by 10 times year -on -year. Pigeon double LL pacifier became one of the explosive products, an increase of more than 100 times year -on -year; the transaction turnover of small -skinned rice noodles increased by 160%year -on -year.

京东618 终极战报:京东超市“打新”策略带动快消品类增长

Focusing on low -degree micro -slugs and Yan Yue people’s wine emerging brands Attached to the results: from June 1st to 18th, the newly -sharp brand turnover in liquor category increased by 20 times year -on -year. Olan’s turnover increased by 200%year -on -year, Meijian’s transaction turnover increased by 8 times year -on -year, the turnover of the white wine brand Guanyun increased by 20 times year -on -year, and the snow Marcum green turnover increased by 137 times year -on -year.

Supply Chain Daizhongtai

And global marketing

Help brand omni -channel growth

During 618 this year, JD.com and Wal -Mart announced that the Beijing -Wo’s new plan with the goal of helping the new product growth of the brand was officially launched. On the same day, the first overall marketing product of Jingwo’s new plan -October Daotian and rural love IP co -branded products, also It was officially launched online and offline in JD.com and Wal -Mart. Simultaneous sale has driven brand sales by more than 200%year -on -year. The systematic integration of Jingdong Supermarket supply chain and the system of marketing and the entire region has enabled the brand to achieve the sales expectations of “new products that are explosives”.

At the same time, Jingdong Supermarket further linkages super convenience stores and brands, and nearly 10,000 offline stores conduct global marketing cooperation, including Qixian, Huaguan, Land, Fangfangzhai, Daoxiang Village, Hamburg King, Zhou Heiya, farmer, farmer, farmer, and farmers Shanquan and other Wanjiashang Chao and Brand Stores opened the 618 -year -old promotion, creating a full -channel carnival atmosphere of Jingdong 618, realizing users to reach more than 100 million people, helping the brand extend more to reach consumers, enhance consumer rights right The brand’s perception and the transformation rate of omni -channel sales. Among them, Procter & Gamble invited celebrities on the day of the superpower day to conduct a special live broadcast in the live broadcast room of Jingxi Fun. The single -day output increased by 20 times from the previous month, driving the number of users nearly 7,000, and users increased by 10 times month -on -month. The increase of 340%, nearly 3,000 transactions stores.

In terms of enterprise business, on June 18th, the business turnover of JD.com’s enterprise business increased by 200%year -on -year, and the total transaction turnover of 50 minutes of sale exceeded the whole day of last year. Among them, the commercial cleaning turnover increased by 400%year -on -year. 310%, casual foods increased by more than 270%year -on -year, clean paper products increased by more than 260%year -on -year, milk and dairy products increased by more than 240%year -on -year, and grain and oil flavia increased by more than 240%year -on -year. During 618 this year, the key KA brands (Procter & Gamble, Lianlihua, Three Squirrels, Yili Kerry, etc.) exceeded the same period last year, of which the transaction value of Yili Kerry increased by nearly 100%year -on -year.

The source of the industry is a trendy “net celebrity”

This year, JD.com 618, while accelerating the new products and new categories of new products and new categories, JD.com also promoted the regional economic development of the industry with “digital intelligence” and “full link” supply chain. In May of this year, Jingdong Supermarket and the seven major industries in China reached a strategic cooperation in the “Star Fire Program” industry with the government to create a bright production area brand and landmark product, forming the “higher quality-the more satisfied the consumer, the more farmers’ income, the more income, the more High-improvement of production-providing more high-quality agricultural products “is forward, allowing Ningxia wolfberry and Wuchang Rice and other star industry to bring products to consumers from all over the country.

During the 618 period of JD, JD.com ’s several industries with several industries exceeded 10 million, and the sales of 5 industrial bands exceeded 100 million. Among them, from June 1-18, the turnover of the Wulhang Rice Industry of Jingdong Supermarket increased by 265%year-on-year, the transaction turnover of the wolfberry industry increased by 125%year-on-year. The increase in the turnover of Guangdong lychee increased by 120%year -on -year, the trading of sweet potatoes in Chengmai Bridge in Hainan increased by 112%year -on -year, the transaction of Dalian cherry increased by 105%year -on -year, Ningxia Yanchi Beach lamb transaction increased by 102%year -on -year, more and more of more and more, increasingly more and more. The source of the industry has been delivered to millions of households through Jingdong Supermarket. In addition, the good thing in Jingdongyuan Hainan Litchi Union Xinhuanet lit the iconic big screen in CBD such as Nanjing, Hefei, Ningbo.

The anniversary of the 618-18 of Jingdong 618-18 has come to an end. Jingdong Supermarket has continuously opened its core capabilities in the field of marketing, omni-channel, intelligent supply chain, and technology to promote the brand value and sales of the fast consumer industry. New products, good source and high -quality domestic products bring consumers to meet consumers’ exquisite, healthy, personality, and diversified consumption needs, and through strategic measures such as omni -channel and industrial belt to help emerging brands grow and hatch more industrial agricultural clusters , Cooperate with the new pattern of the fast -moving consumer industry, with every love!

京东618 终极战报:京东超市“打新”策略带动快消品类增长

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