Besides, the stone countertop is pure natural, but it will be laughed at big teeth.

Besides, the stone countertop is pure natural, but it will be laughed at big teeth.

Because of the texture of natural marble, the texture of the quartz stone has practical functions such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and anti -penetration. However, most people do not know about quartz stone countertops, and even some professional cabinets have misunderstandings when introducing products to the owners, such as: pure natural, seamless stitching, hotness, and so on.

Let me introduce the knowledge of the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the product, use area, purchase notes, maintenance, maintenance and other knowledge.

1/What is a quartz stone countertop?

First of all, the quartz stone countertop is artificial. Its production process is to shatter natural quartz sand, and secondly purify (this process eliminates metal impurities to avoid radioactivity of the product).


After mixing the raw materials, the quartz stone crystals (90%-94%), resin (6%), and trace pigments are made under the vacuum conditions, and the surface is made of more than 30 processes on the surface Practic.

2/Product’s advantages and disadvantages



Abrasion -resistant, scratch -resistant

The hardness of quartz stone Mohli reaches 7.5 degrees (3 degrees of marble and 6.5 degrees granite), which can be scraped to a certain extent.

It is not easy to penetrate, resistant to sexual strong

The surface is dense and non -perforated, and the water absorption rate is only 0.02%. Generally, the pH, and other acid -alkali substances such as coffee, oil, and sauce cannot penetrate.

Non -radiation non -toxic


Quartz stone is a natural stone crystal mineral, which is one of the inorganic materials. In the production process, it is purified that the harmful substances are basically excluded. The dense and non -perforated material structure makes the bacteria hide in every place, so it is safe and non -toxic.

Speaking of the radiation of materials, many readers are a little worried. We also wrote a “rumor sticker” before: Will the “radiation” of natural marble affect our health?


Can’t be seamless stitching


Because of its high hardness, it cannot be seamlessly stitched like acrylic. Some cabinet companies will polish the stitching seams in order to meet the requirements of seamless stitching customers. After artificial destruction, polish cannot be done, and it is prone to penetration and other phenomena in the later period.


High process requirements

High requirements for collecting inch, processing, and installation are very high, and problems in one of them will affect the beauty and use of the table. So choose a good brand company.


Because the particularity of its products is the most important thing in the kitchen field. It can be matched with different countertop colors and different processing processes according to the style of the cabinet. Therefore, the professionalism of cabinet designers is very important. There is a number in my heart.

The larger the kitchen area, the more it can highlight the style and shape of the table, especially the open kitchen. Through the professional design, the artistic nature of the quartz stone countertop is fully displayed, making the kitchen more integrated and the focus of visual. What kind of kitchen style determines the style of the countertop. For example, the modern style can be selected from the countertop style with clean color and simple shape. The European or American style can be used to use imitation marble, granite patterns and complex edges.

The integrated design of the kitchen is one of the current trends of the kitchen design. Through the professional designer design of the cabinet, it can achieve the perfect combination of dining tables and countertops. Some small details need to be paid attention to. It is recommended to choose the platform as much as possible like the sink, which is more integrated. Essence

Sanitary ware:

Because of its material anti -penetration, antibacterial, and convenient cleaning, can also replace marble and tiles in the bathroom. This may need to communicate with your home improvement designer in advance, because the design, construction technology and kitchen table are available on the table. difference.

卫 The table of the washing room is an important area of ​​the bathroom. For some families, the frequency of use is estimated to be higher than the kitchen countertop because it will place chemical items such as cosmetics, which is different from traditional marble. It is very convenient to clean up.

In foreign countries, many designers will use quartz stone countertops to make the overall washing room basin. The shape is savvy, the lines are smooth, and they are very quality, but they have high requirements for the processing process and the same cost.


Different from the trivial tiles, and the problems between the seams and the seams will become difficult to clean up, the quartz stone laying walls and the ground will be more integrated. Those who like atmosphere can be tried. Methods, the walls need to be linked to technologies, and communicate with the construction team.

More areas:

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom rooms, it can be used in the public areas and grounds in some homes, as well as bay window sills, window frames, dining tables, desks, workbenches, etc. Design, in addition, the materials that are opened on the kitchen table can be paid at the window sill and other positions.

Now some top -level table companies have taken into account the needs of the wall. It is different from the style of the kitchen countertop in terms of style. It will make some bumps. The artwork also has both the practicality of quartz stone such as non -slip, antibacterial, and good cleaning.

When applying on the ground, it can also be paved with tiles and other alternately. This is beautiful and has a certain safety, which can be non -slip. In foreign quartz stone countertops and professional furniture companies, they have designed furniture such as coffee tables and desks. There are fewer domestic in China. If you want to do it, it is a custom product. The price is high, and there are more materials such as stainless steel.

Different from other stone loose problems such as breakthroughs, quartz stone can also do some processing processes such as transparent carvings because of its denseness. It is like exhibits with lighting at home. Of course, it has high requirements for processing machines and craftsmanship and high cost.



Don’t put the hot pot directly or on the table for a long time.

Avoid cutting meat and other products directly on the table, especially the seams to prevent cracking.

You can usually clean it with water. After a long time, you can use toothpaste regularly.

Purchase Notes:

Buying channels: To buy from a regular brand cabinet company, you want to buy imported brands to import cabinet companies to choose a relatively many points.

Identification skills: Whether it is imported and domestic brands, there are factory back code recognition on the back of the official quartz stone table products, and the import counters also include customs declaration forms.

Buying suggestions: The thickness of the quartz stone on the market is 1.2cm, 2cm, etc. In terms of safety, it is better to choose 2cm thickness.

Price range: Imported brands are generally 2000 yuan-3000 yuan/Yanmi (Yanmi is 1M*0.6m), and domestic brands are 800-1500 yuan/Yanmi. It is difficult to guarantee cheap quality.

Price calculation: Generally, cabinet companies are quoted according to standard Yanmi (1M*0.6M), which must be charged separately than the standards. There are also some special processes. Each table company is slightly different.

Edit Message:

The above generally introduced some basic knowledge and use points of quartz stone countertops. The editor finally suggested that the kitchen area is better to choose the quartz stone countertop, especially the kitchen with Zhongdao. High and cost.


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