The members of the Zhang Yingying case jury will be made public if they choose the evidence of the abduction of death.

The members of the Zhang Yingying case jury will be made public if they choose the evidence of the abduction of death.

China Overseas Network, June 12th. According to the United States “World Daily”, after six days of screening, the “Zhang Yingying University of Champagne Elino University, the University of Champagne University of Champagne Elino” jury by seven men and five women. The list on the 11th on the 11th was determined that they would decide whether the defendant Brendt Christensen was guilty. Once the crime was achieved, the jury must also decide whether to judge Christensen’s death in the sentencing stage; the court also selected four other men on the same day. With two women as the alternate jurors.

章莹颖案陪审团成员选出 涉嫌绑架致死证据将公开

The case will be held on the 12th local time in the federal Pioia Court. Except for the jury on the 11th, the defendant T.B. (coded) who helped the FBI recorded the key testimony of the FBI. Mobilization stated that the woman received many psychotherapy many times, and her mental illness directly affected her testimony, credibility and reliability.

The defense lawyer filed a motion on the 9th local time, saying that the prosecutor’s important witness T.B. The mental illness affects testimony. (Screenshot of the Court of Files)

Since Zhang Yingying has not been found so far, the prosecutor holds Kristensen on the forum named “Abduction” on the FETLIFE of Special Sexuality Website, and also read the title “Perfect Abduction Fantasy”, “How to How about” The evidence of the abduction of “posts such as” posts such as T.B. is directly and powerful. Relatively speaking, T.B. is very important to prosecutors.

The motion proposed on the 9th pointed out that t.b. Be the defendant’s girlfriend before and after Zhang Yingying’s case. The two often met and communicated with telephone and text messages. After the two parties knew, t.b. The so -called lifestyle combined with “restraint and discipline (BD), dominance and obedience (DS), abuse and abuse (SM) is something that the defendant has never been familiar with before and does not show any interest.

Christensen’s defense lawyer stated in the motion that T.B. It is likely that in the trial, to provide the jury with a highly incredible testimony of the relationship between her relationship with Christensen and interaction. However, strong signs show that t.b. Itself is an extremely unstable individual. Essence

According to the prosecutor’s information, on June 29, 2017, Christensen and his girlfriend T.B. appeared on the UIUC campus to participate in the students’ “praying for Zhang Yingying to pray for music and parade”. Wearing a recording device and recorded Christensen’s conversation, Christensen also picked out potential victims from the crowd.

章莹颖案陪审团成员选出 涉嫌绑架致死证据将公开

On June 29, 2017, he accompanied Christensen to participate in T.B., which was “praying for Zhang Yingying’s blessing music and parade”, and was an important witness of the prosecutor. (Video screenshot)

Before that, T.B. From the time of the two people’s telephone, text messages and meetings, multiple paragraphs related to the case, including the Christensen description of how he was brought back to the apartment by his willingness and fighting with him in the process.

The new motion of the defense requested the history of psychiatric T.B., and said that her mental illness affected her testimony and also affected her credibility and reliability.

The defense said that T.B. I sent a text message to her another boyfriend and asked him to help pay for the cost of spiritual treatment, and said, “I think I need to see a psychologist. My anxiety, irritability and depression are completely out of control. I am scared. “

T.B. On the same day, I also sent a text message to Christensen, “I completely forgot everything about last night. I have a short -term memory problem. For safety reasons, I need to solve my irritability.” She also said, “This is already already already It hasn’t happened for a long time, I’m still very rational, but I’m a little scared. “

T.B. On June 29, 2017 with Christensen, a recording of a period of time with Christensen also showed that the woman told the defendant that she had Stockholm’s syndrome, and she was worried that it would affect the brain.

The post -group group of Stockholm is also known as human quality complex and hostage syndrome. It is a psychological phenomenon. It refers to the victims of the crime to have emotions and sympathy for the victims. A complex of helping the victim.

The motion also mentioned that the government refused to disclose an important evidence of paying the cost of psychological health treatment for T.B.. The consultation cost of the second psychologist and the service fee of the two physicians also paid 586.86 yuan (USD) prescription drug costs.

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