Moroccan Harley entered the electric car. After the product was exposed, netizens: Too similar to the 28th bicycle

Moroccan Harley entered the electric car. After the product was exposed, netizens: Too similar to the 28th bicycle

“Electricity” is now one of the main new energy sources. In addition to electric vehicles, two -wheeled electric vehicles also have a pivotal status on travel tools. In my country alone, electric vehicles have more than 350 million preservation, and more and more, more and more The country began to attach importance to environmental protection. It is also slowly using fuel -driven mobility tools to guide the mobility driven by electricity. For the electric vehicle market, the future is quite available. In this market, electric vehicles are launched, but there are some different appearances, which are voiced by netizens: too much like a two -eight bicycle;

As an old motorcycle company, Harley can be said to be unknown in the field of motorcycles and no one knows, but few people know that Harley also started making electric vehicles. To be said to be an electric car history, Harley is just starting to start. At the stage, it became an electric bicycle project department last year. Recently, the first electric bicycle was released, named Serial 1, and planned to be listed in March 2021;


The price, battery life, etc. of this electric vehicle have not been announced for the time being. It only announced the product map, but the design of this product, to be honest, does not conform to the aesthetics of the Chinese people. Many netizens said that they can’t see the sense of design, but feel like the 28 bicycles of the households decades ago;


Of course, the reason why Harley designed this is mainly because people who buy such electric vehicles abroad are not simple mobility. Unlike our domestic, electric vehicles, as very mainstream travel tools, bear the main travel needs of ordinary people. In Europe and the United States, the mobility is mainly based on cars and motorcycles. Electric vehicles are relatively choice for niche people. Harley’s electric vehicles obviously want to catch the niche people in the niche;

Of course, Harley may be forced to be helpless to make such a niche electric car, because Europe and the United States need the market share of electric vehicles, which have been occupied by domestic electric vehicle companies. my country ’s cheap electric bicycles are sold crazy in European countries. , Local manufacturers are basically no business to do;

However, Chinese car companies are mainly low -end routes. In the past two years, brand car companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes -Benz have begun to get involved in electric vehicles. They are aimed at the high -end market for electric bicycles. I believe that in the near future, we can see it. BMW and Mercedes -Benz are electric bicycles, but in the mainstream markets in China, I believe these brands cannot be shaken;

What do you think of this, welcome comments and exchange. Pay attention to small experts of electric vehicles and share electric vehicle -related information and views every day.

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