Jitai Co., Ltd.: Earlier production capacity+electronic glue+sealing glue

Jitai Co., Ltd.: Earlier production capacity+electronic glue+sealing glue

Pay attention to the reason: Short -term, on October 23rd, Jitai said that “annual production dual -component silicon rubber 15,000 tons and 8,000 tons of ethylene silicon oil” fundraising project and annual output of 28,800 tons of photovoltaic glue production lines were completed and put into operation. Global (including optical gum) related production capacity increased by 6-7 times.

1. New production line

in advance


The project was invested in early 2021 and was put into production in October compared with the expected construction period of the year. The newly completed electronic glue fully automatic production line workshop has a construction area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters. The precision design of vertical three -dimensional production line is constructed in accordance with the standards of Class A workshop. The degree of automation is at the leading level of the industry. Silicon oil.

Design production capacity: 15,000 tons/year of dual -component silicon rubber, including 13,000 tons/year of electronic irrigation and sealing rubber, and 2,000 tons/year thermal gel.

The new production line has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable quality batch, and meet the advantages of customized needs and short order.

The design capacity of the ethylene silicon oil production line is 8,000 tons/year,

A full set of production lines have the advantages of achieving flexible manufacturing and high degree of automation, and the per capita production efficiency can increase by 3 times compared with the traditional method, and the loss of loss is 90%, which greatly shortens the order of order.

2. The company continues to start a business and enter the emerging field.

The company raised nearly 300 million yuan, coupled with its own funds, comprehensively upgraded the production capacity of electronic glue, silicone oil and photovoltaic glue, and entered new energy, electronics, 5G and communication equipment, photovoltaic glue, etc. Emerging areas. In 2019, Jitai acquired 75%of Zhaoshun Technology’s equity to enter the electronic glue product; in 2020, the addition of an addition and sealing rubber can be bonded with the material of the drive power supply. The pain points of the industry; in 2020, Jitai launched the photovoltaic glue system solution, and has reached a cooperation with the photovoltaic leading enterprise Jingke Energy; in the first half of 2021, the company set up a special R & D studio in the field of photovoltaic and electronic glue. Major topics are related.

3. The demand for electronic adhesives is strong.

The dual -component silicon rubber produced by the new production line is widely used in LED -drive power, electronics, 5G and communication electronic equipment. In 2021, 5G and communication electronics, new energy, power batteries, automobiles, rail transit glue and other applications in the fields of applications in the fields of applications in the fields of applications in the fields of applications in the fields of applications areas of approximately 62 billion yuan. In addition, the amount of new energy vehicles is close to 7 times that of ordinary passenger cars, up to 20kg. According to estimates, the market size of power battery glue reaches 1 billion yuan.

The company and Yingfei are a strategic partnership. The smooth supply of key materials has become an important factor in determining whether the LED lighting of the optoelectronic industry can develop in the future.

4. The company’s performance is greatly affected by raw materials.

In the first three quarters, the company’s main business revenue increased by more than 48%year -on -year, and the profit decreased by 69.24%to 75.61%during the same period. It was mainly due to the significant price of the main raw materials of building glue. In terms of glue and other aspects, it is good to see whether the company has the ability to raise the price and the efficiency of the new production line can bring the company’s profit space.

5. The order of the new container atrophy, follow the organic silicon sealing.

The company accounts for about 58%of the company’s confidential sealing business. Because the shipping costs and containers soar in the market, the market generally believes that it is unsustainable.

Take Zhongji Group as an example, mainly in inventory. Therefore, the sales volume of Jitai shares is poor. The production capacity of 200,000 tons of early construction has brought high liabilities and high financial expenses to superimposed sales.

So the stock price has been falling. Since it is 6-7 times that this time it has been completed, it is expected to account for about 36%of the total revenue, but it is still unable to replace the status of sealant. Therefore, the stock price is limited. It mainly focuses on the turning point for container and real estate construction.

(Part of the information comes from snowball, public information on the Internet)

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