Homemade computer cooling artifact, big god manually built a whole pure copper back cover,

First, I use this book, MSI GE60 459

I have seen this book, the biggest impact is that the CPU gave an extremely uncoordinated i7 4810!

Nima gives me this U dry! I didn’t take into account that the heat was so big!


Prerequisites, the consequences of the back cover, the CPU radiator is not heat dissipation!




The steel market bought a piece of copper 2mm thick spending 160 oceans. It is too expensive!

Then go home to let the workers cut me in the shape of the original rear cover.

I have forgotten to take pictures so direct process diagram:

In the middle, I have been helping him hit her hand so I forgot to take pictures of 2 hours.


The small pieces of copper plates under the lower left are used to make a link CPU radiator and the rear cover connection. Because I didn’t shoot at the time. Just talk to you. Have such something

Then on the machine

It can be seen that the details are re-cut. Because the workers have a slight difference in the technology of myself. Will be seen.

Because the 1000W lamp in the sky is still not bright enough. So I went home for the next day.

Then the night passed ~~~~ It’s bright, let’s continue


At the beginning, it was actually very good, but because the family’s drill was not so small. I use a pistol to drill the hole too much. In the case of simplicity cutting machine, there are several time to heat with heat dissipation.

I went to the electronic market for 1 hour to find a small screw and other components used by the notebook.

Ok, I finally didn’t grind because it was too tired. A bit rough. However, the heat of the machine is really a lever!

Originally used the Qi Niang test temperature over 90. Now basically in 73, you look at the graph


More than 75 degrees, 4 this 79 degree appeared in the moment of my screenshot. Therefore, he counts an average of 75 degrees.

This board really cools 10 degrees!

Also tried to start the start-up 31 degree online game CF LOL, the highest temperature map 68!

Say goodbye to high temperature cooling shrinking stars also have spring! Count all. The cost is around 220. Is it a spring!

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