Comes with filters, chicpine -water muscle beauty BB cream

Do you dare to send circles without P?

Is it beautiful and dare to expose?

With this water muscle cushion BB cream -throwing off the phone and coming with filters, you can go out of the street!

Trying a variety of water muscle products, girlfriends have become small fans of water muscle beauty. The new air cushion BB cream is put on the shelves. Be sure to get started as soon as possible.

Not to mention, this packaging is simply tall, with the filter worth paying for money.

Exquisite small box packaging


The moment I took it -wow, it looks so good.


Hand -sized air cushion box

And it seems that what kind of craft is done, the lid can be discolored in light, it really looks like a filter that is endless, just like tender skin.

The opening of the box is

One -key pressing open


You can open the strength of your boyfriend to twist the mineral water.

Open the lid, the top is a piece

Drop -type powder puff

, Imported fabrics, skin -friendly, and not eating powder. The water drop design can easily cope with the details of the nose, mouth, and eye around the face, so that the flutter can be more uniform.

Pick up the powder, below the storage warehouse of the powder. You can see that the upper slots are opened to open the lid to see the powder.

Three -layer gas cushion sponge


Fix the foundation foundation, the pores of the sponge are uniform, the powder is delicate, and the performance of the powder absorption is fresh. This powder box is also


Tank -type fresh -keeping

, Double -layer design at the interface.


You can see the material body very


Delicate and light,


This can hide the facial flaws such as pores, spots, and other skin flaws, and it is very skinny. It can easily loosen the makeup on the face.

Make -up lasting, not easy to remove makeup




This water muscle beauty BB cream also contains

Sunscreen certification

, SPF50+/PA +++


Isolation UV

, One makeup on the face, no need to apply a layer of sun protection, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide physical sunscreen, breathable and skin care.


BB cream is rich in snail secretion filtrate, aloe vera, and glycyrrhizes, so that the face after makeup

Do not dry dry, moist skin nourishment

The concealer effect is even more visible.

After using the water cushion BB cream, I couldn’t go back anymore, and I decided to repurchase it as soon as I opened the box!

With her, mobile phone filter? No! I have a filter on my face, without hiding behind the circle of friends, I am real!


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