Paper static electricity solution

Paper static electricity solution

Static electricity is a common problem in the printing industry.When the paper is printed, it will be electrostatic.When the same paper was sent back from the printing machine, there were a lot of static electricity on the paper to stick the paper to each to solve this problem?Whenever one object is separated from the surface of the other object, the charges of the two objects are imbalanced and the electrostatic field is generated.

Industrial ionization is one of the ways to solve this problem.It is to use the ion beam to approach the surface of the object, so that the surface of the object is surrounded by a large number of positive and negative ions.In essence, this process only neutralize the charge on the surface of the object, thereby reducing the inductive charge.Use ion beam on both sides of the paper can minimize static electricity.Generally speaking, ion bundles should be applied to objects after contact and separation.In a particularly serious static electrostatic place, ionic treatment must be performed first.


It is a very effective tool to eliminate printing paper static electricity.


Static elimination device

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